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Comment Short Version (Score 1) 222

(1) Insert DVD in appropriate drive (no, the other one).

(2) If this is an upgrade edition, make sure you have an official upgrade license with Abraham Lincoln's original signature.

(3) Follow instructions on screen. If there is no screen, contact your hardware vendor.

(4) Don't call us, we'll call you.

(5) Send more money.

Comment Re:speaking of NASA (Score 1) 134

Knowing nothing firsthand about this myself but with my "common sense" I have to ask:

If a particular module were full of smoke and other noxious materials why wouldn't it be possible to seal off that model and then vent its entire atmosphere into space? At that point there would be nothing "airborne" left in that module. Then you would re-pressurize it.

That to me would seem to be more certain than any form of filtering. Of course somewhere in there you would have to make absolutely sure that the source of the noxious materials was eliminated too.

Comment Re:Free software (Score 1) 98

How about a malware writer moding your host file so that when the Adobe warez phones home it gets something quite different?

I know we think of computer users as dumb. But must we have our "trusted vendors" also assume that all users are too dumb to trust with a decision about when and where you want to get your software from?

It's not like Microsoft and Adobe have sterling records for keeping our system secure or anything.

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