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Comment Re:corporations may not collectively bargain (Score 1) 112

Your analogy fails because union members are analogous to shareholders, not the corporations they form. Personally I'd be fine with individuals opting out of a closed shop as long as they also opted out of any wage rises or benefits the union wins on behalf of its members.

Comment Re:Yahoo brand (Score 1) 399

IIRC Yahoo! lost out to google because their search results were stuffed with paid ads. The more they fell behind google the more annoying their ads became. When it was clear they had lost the search engine (and email) race they morphed into a "web partner" for channel seven's advertising department. IMHO, the current CEO only succeed in enhancing the company's "cheap and nasty" smell.

BTW: Older Aussies (such as myself) still commonly use the word "yahoo" in it's original meaning. Also the lead actor in the (brilliant) Aussie comedy "Young Einstein", goes by the stage name "Yahoo Serious".

Comment Re: Uh... Yeah? (Score 4, Interesting) 313

That's right.

If they purely overbook a flight and too many people show up, people getting bumped is known as an involuntary deferment. They used to have to cut you a check for the price of your ticket, up to $400. (And still get you there). Now that's been bumped up by the FAA ($800 or something).

If they have an equipment change that reduces seat count, they don't have to pay out cash. They can instead "compensate" you with credit on their airline that A) may not be spent at all and B) may require that you put more cash in later for an actual purchase. All the while, they get to hang onto the cash that you paid in the first place.

So the scam is that they schedule your flight (last of the day, for instance) on a plane that they *know* needs mechanical work. They don't do the work, and they "swap" planes at the last minute (to the plane that was *always* going to make that flight). Boom. Instant loophole.

I actually had these particulars explained to me by a United employee at the gate. She must have been having a shit day.

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