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Comment Re:Subject (Score 2) 134

You touch upon the problem why it won't work. It requires rigid regional DRM. And that's not a good long term solution.
There's no doubt in my mind that piracy has increased due to regional DRM, both for DVDs and entertainment software. If you can't get what you want legally while others can, that leads to uprising and war. Even if the war is just one person downloading pirated stuff.

Comment Re:Not so innocent after all (Score 3, Interesting) 119

Where the hell did you get that? Yes, there were people driven by religious zeal and whatnot, but for most of the European nobility the crusades were a chance to conquer a land for themselves, for as second born they had no claim to the land the firstborn got.

If you go down the list of noble participants of the various crusades, you will come up with a handful of landed leaders who wanted to ensure that the new "owners" will swear fealty to them and a huge number of landless nobles who wanted some.

Comment Re:Best Asteroid (Score 1) 92

"I know asteroids, I name asteroids the best, only the best. Everyone agrees with me. Wheaton is a loooser and therefore got a loser 'roid. I know smart people who tell me it doesn't even have silver in it. What kind of rock-head would get a roid without silver!? Terrible idea. They should name it 'Wil the Loser' or 'Will the Rock Head'. I like people who don't pick duds."

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