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Ubuntu LTS Experiences Memory Leak 320

MonsterTrimble writes "Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Beta 2 is experiencing a major memory leak due to patches for 'An X.Org Server update that was pushed into the Lucid repository last week has resulted in the system being slower and slower as it is left on, until it reaches a point where the system is no longer usable. ... In order to make the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS deadline, the developers are looking at just reverting three of the patches, which brings the GLX version back to 1.2. Ubuntu developers are now desperate for people willing to test out this updated X.Org Server package so they can determine by this Friday whether to ship it with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS or doing an early SRU (Stable Release Update). Right now this X.Org Server that's being tested is living in the ubuntu-x-swat PPA.'"

Simple CMS For Mixed Mac/Windows Team? 119

Quasar Sera writes "I am looking for a content and/or project management solution for a marketing research team using both Macs and PCs. Ideally it would support document sharing, metadata/tags, search capabilities, revision control, and the ability to share documents easily with people from outside the team without any software installation or login required. It may be tricky to configure (since I will be doing that) but must be dead simple to use for the rest of the team. We rely mostly on Word, Powerpoint, and Excel (all in their native file formats) for our work, so it would be a large number of fairly small files. Any and all advice would be appreciated."

Comment Re:Drivers and system requirements (Score 1) 514

Apple hardware tends to have fewer driver issues because the hardware is fairly consistent even across the Mac mini, iMac, and MacBook lines. You also know what minimum level of CPU, GPU, and RAM to expect from a "2007 Mac" and an end user can understand this.

I don't like the price, but I DO like the compatibility across multiple models. Very appealing.

Comment Re:Bittorrent != Piracy (Score 1) 223

Last time I checked, it was not illegal to download p0rn. Why are you lumping it in with illegal activities?

And yes, there are illegal ways of downloading p0rn (copyrighted or underage). But, regardless of the ethical considerations, there is no law against downloading a video of consenting adults engaged in sexual activities. (At least, no federal law that I know of. I am sure some of the more conservative states have laws against it)

Comment Re:capital letters are redundant (Score 2, Insightful) 306

yes, certain brittle fragile minds can't deal with novel formatting.

Oh please! Nearly everyone tries "novel" forms of writing without capital letters, without punctuation, or of some other kind at least once. Usually when they're teenagers and they usually grow out of it when they realise it's nowhere near as "novel" as they first thought.

Capital letters are not redundant. They are incredibly useful due to the way we read. Once you're reached a certain level of proficiency in reading, you don't read one word at a time. You read whole sentences - sometimes several, or a short paragraph - in one go. You find the beginning, skip to the end, and look over the whole thing finding the meaning. This is a much quicker way of reading than a single word at a time.

Capital letters provide a very useful visual clue that quickly let you find the end of the sentence or block you wish to read and let you read it quickly. When they're absent, it slows you down and makes reading the text much more difficult and frustrating than it needs to be. It's simply poor communication.

Comment Re:Is it me or is he sounding more desperate? (Score 1) 733

So for those people who *are able* to grasp the second meaning, it is art, and for those who can't, it is not ? You just justified Ebert's opinion (for him, it ain't art) and nullified your position (art has an objective definition). We're back again to whatever a person calls art, is art.

No, I didn't say it wasn't art. I wasn't trying to imply that the 'art test' decided what was art. Anything that's created with the intent of multiple meanings, or 'found' and displayed with that intent is art.

Just like any collection of sounds that people make to try to convey a meaning is speech, and any collection of plant and animals prepared with the intent that people eat them is food.

Anything people can't generally figure out the secondary meaning, however, is not worth treating as art. It is speech in a secret language only you can understand, it is food that is it not possible to ingest.

Art without any communication is art that is an utter failure. It is 'art', in the same way that someone speaking nonsense is creating 'speech', or someone who made a 'tree bark salad' is creating 'food', and that should be about the level of attention we pay those artists.

Don't confuse that with bad art, which is art that does not get its intended meaning across well. Even with incredibly bad art, you can figure out what the creator was trying to say, even if they have failed. I.e., it's someone who mumbles and you miss a few words, or it's someone who burned the can figure it out what was supposed to be going on, but they were not up to the task.

Comment Re:UIKit != AppKit (Score 1) 307

If Linux Corp. says it should support both, then it should support both. This is a major corporate operating system. It's not like just anyone can go and put together a Linux distribution. Linux Corp. wouldn't allow that. There would be law suits and drive by shootings and such.

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