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Comment But... It ain't dead (yet) (Score 2) 191

There are still a huge number of sites that just won't work without it. Yes you can fool most of them by tweaking your browser but that isn't the point.
Adobe needs to put an execution date on it ASAP.
That will be the only way if can truly be consigned to the trash can/wastebasket of history.
It needs to die a horrible death.

Comment Re:Boom - I do not think that this name will fly.. (Score 1) 149

'Boom' in this case is what you hear on the ground when an aircraft goes supersonic. The Supersonic Boom.
But yes you may have a point.
I'd fly on it in an instant. I flew on Concorde three times. A Wonderful experience.

The biggest issues with this project are excatly the same that Concorde faced.
1) The high cost of fuel for the trip. Concorde used Re-heat all the time it was supersonic. This may have changed.
2) Nations won't allow it to fly supersonic over land. This has not changed.

Comment Re:Well done USA... (Score 2) 109

Jordan has a large Christian (orthodox) minority.
Compared to Saudi, Jordan is a delight. You can even get a beer. Women do not have to cover up.

Perhaps you might like to get out of your Mom's basement from time to time and experience the real world.
The USA is in many ways a scarier place than Jordan. I've visited both extensively in the past 5 years.

Comment Re:Not that hard IMO (Score 4, Interesting) 151

Some very astute comments.

Apple has seen the light in not charging for OSX. They will make their margins elsewhere.
On the othehand, Microsoft can't even give Windows 8 away so they have a precidence already to not charge for Windows.

If they don't, where is the money (viz income) going to come from in the Operating System space?
They don't seem to have a clue really.
Their focus on the 'cloud' could have a big impact on their bottom line. Can they charge a $200-$1000 license fee for an Instance that may only last a few hours/days/weeks? Nope.

so, once again... Where is the income going to come from?

Satya is IMHO between a rock and a hard place. Balmer has left him up shit creek without a paddle.
IMHO, it will be up to his successor to make or break MS. Satya will fix a few of the more obvious things that are wrong with MS. Then he'll head off to pastures new, a very rich man.

Personally, I think MS is at a crossroads. They might do well to look at the maschinations of DEC in the 1994-1997 timeframe. I see a lot of similarities with MS in 2014.

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