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Comment Re:Not that hard IMO (Score 4, Interesting) 151

Some very astute comments.

Apple has seen the light in not charging for OSX. They will make their margins elsewhere.
On the othehand, Microsoft can't even give Windows 8 away so they have a precidence already to not charge for Windows.

If they don't, where is the money (viz income) going to come from in the Operating System space?
They don't seem to have a clue really.
Their focus on the 'cloud' could have a big impact on their bottom line. Can they charge a $200-$1000 license fee for an Instance that may only last a few hours/days/weeks? Nope.

so, once again... Where is the income going to come from?

Satya is IMHO between a rock and a hard place. Balmer has left him up shit creek without a paddle.
IMHO, it will be up to his successor to make or break MS. Satya will fix a few of the more obvious things that are wrong with MS. Then he'll head off to pastures new, a very rich man.

Personally, I think MS is at a crossroads. They might do well to look at the maschinations of DEC in the 1994-1997 timeframe. I see a lot of similarities with MS in 2014.

Comment Re:If UVA and Mann have nothing to hide (Score 3, Funny) 497

Like you then, Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Anonymous coward?

What have you got to hide then?
do you like to wear women's clothing and chop down trees? (Monty Python link deliberate)

From the
Can we see those incriminating emails that might be about something totally irrelevant but we need to see them anyway...

Comment In other news (Score 2) 131

Sales of Chewing Gum and Duct Tape to owners of new Fords rise by 10000%

Being serious for a moment, is there really any demand from the public for this?
Is his being driven by the lawmakers who are frankly desparate to stop Drunks from getting behind the wheel?

Will the car refuse to start if the camera is obscured and the driver can't be identified?
As the Car not the driver seems to be the boss then who owns the pictures?
Who says that the pictures won't be sent to the NSA? Can you be sure.

This is not something I'd want in any car I drove.

Comment No roaming on some networks (Score 1) 146

My carrier '3' has a deal where calls & texts in the US come out of my UK 10GBP/Month deal.
That's right, no roaming.....

I was over there last month and it seems that you have to use the 'T-Mobile' network. This is fine in the Cities but in many areas there was only AT&T or no signal at all. I was in the Rockies so this might not be the case for other parts on the US.

This has to be the way forward for all networks. Now if only I could get rid of roaming charges in India and other countries that I visit on a regular basis

Comment Re:So hang on, (Score 3, Informative) 345

Nah, you should have said that

If it has a Harley logo, an awful lot of people with more $$$$$ than sense will buy it. These will be mostly middle aged (or older) men who want to do their 'Easy Rider' trip.

Yes I do ride bikes but frankly, I'd rather be pushing up dasies than be seen on a Harley. Others will have differing opinions though.

Comment Ok then... (Score 5, Insightful) 286

If that is the case then we will invalidate all those local laws you have somehow gotten enacted to stop competition in local areas.
you know the ones that say it is illegal for the local government to give Comcast competition?
The ones that strangle startups at birth keeping your defacto monopoly.
How about a bit or 'real world' economics to sharpen your game then?
See how you like that then?

Comment Re:As soon as possible (Score 1) 341

Agile is called Fragile at our place.
It is anything but Agile as the edict is 'no spikes'.
Then there is all the technical debt being built up and again the edict is 'sod the documentation, deliver or else'.

I'm glad I'll be retiring in a tad over 2 years and I won't have to put up with the BS any longer but by then Agile will have been replaced by some other buzzword.

Comment Re:Touristy places will be in for a surprise.. (Score 1) 148

It does happen and sometimes the costs can be severe.

There is a small costal village in Kent that for a while had no UK mobile coverage. Instead they were connected to a French Carrier 22+ miles away. The uproar foced at least one UK carrier to put a basestation in the village. This ruling will eliminate the charges if you happen to connect to the french carrier

I've been in Basel on the Swiss side yet my mobile insists on connecting to one of the French networks. This ruling won't stop roaming charges if your phone is registered in Switzerland.

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