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Comment Re: Landlords (Score 1) 488

use breaks (yes, even summer vacation) to come up with more lesson plans.

This is something that has never made sense to me. If there are 100,000 teachers teaching the same subject, why don't they all use the SAME lesson plan rather than reinventing the wheel 100,000 times? Maybe there should be a wiki site for lesson plans.

Comment oh no! (Score 0) 34

Oh no! All the people whose job description is to be 6 feet tall, to lift 100 pounds, to jump 4feet into the air and to be able to travel at 9 miles per hour are no longer economically viable...

Time to upgrade that resume.
Skills: can lift up to 101 pound jump 4 feet 5 inches into the air. Can travel at 9.5 miles her hour. Will cost no more 10% of a robot doing the same thing a year. A bonus feature: can travel at least 30 miles on a single charge!

Comment Re: No surprise... (Score 0) 205

collectivism isn't theft. property is an illusion anyway

- so is collectivism not theft *or* is property an illusion? AFAIC property is a fact and it starts with your own body, so this nonsense is just that - nonsense:

you belong to nature and it will reclaim you one day.

- the chemicals, molecules and atoms I am made of are as much 'me' as any number of notes thrown together into a hole in a ground is an opera.

*You* are not just water and trace chemical elements you are made of, you do not belong to anybody. You are an entity that was organized into existence via a complex procedure that took billions of years + 9 months and whatever your age is and everything you have experienced since you were conceived and until the moment you die.

Once you die the corpse that is left after is no longer *you*, it's an empty vessel that can no longer be you, you are gone and definitely are not a possession of anybody.

You may want to rethink that dumbass ideology of yours, it's idiotic.

Comment Re:Taxes and Fees (Score 1) 67

Mine is pretty clear with Tmobile (copy and pasted from the bill)

T-Mobile fees and charges & Government taxes and fees:
T-Mobile fees and charges
Federal Universal Service Fund $0.90
Regulatory Fee $0.08
Government taxes and fees
CA Relay Service and Communications Device Fund $0.14
California High Cost Fund - A (CHCF-A) $0.10
California Teleconnect Fund $0.30
Emergency Telephone Users Surcharge Tax (911) $0.24
Universal Lifeline Telephone Service Surcharge $1.30
Subtotal: $3.06

Comment Yet another person not understanding deep learning (Score 2) 90

For a class of person that feels that they are more in tune with technology than the rest of humanity, you seem woefully ignorant of what "Artificial Intelligence" means in modern terms.

Modern deep learning networks need lots and lots of examples to function. I can easily see that in 30 years Netflix is spending significant resources feeing movies into a deep learning network (entertaining it, if you will) in order to have an AI system that can do a good job at some aspect of movie production.

Also of course, there's the fact that he was obviously half joking... why can people no longer read between the lines these days? Why have people become so literal? It makes me yearn for AI's to take over as they will be more flexible in thought than most modern humans which come across as badly programmed non-adaptive Meatbots!

Comment Fundamental Damage (Score -1, Flamebait) 107

Seriously? This is the sort of system you think is way better than going to a hospital for $0 and getting looked at?

If you cannot understand why that is way worse long-term, I'm afraid I cannot help you. Well, with any luck you will be dead before the system you love causes you or your family grievous harm. I'll be alive 100 years hence so I have to think longer term about these things and not grab at the quick but shortsighted solution now.

Comment Re:Poor on $100k? Sure (Score 1) 488

There is also a big chunk of the population that doesn't understand that voting for bond measure that get paid for as a property tax is just a way of obfuscating that you're being asked to vote for a rent increase, so that stuff passes every single time.

That's because they are most likely renting.

My escrow cost more than my mortgage 3 years into my home loan. My monthly payments have gone up almost 200 from when I started. And I make about 58 before taxes, insurance, 401k, etc with 4 kids and a wife that no longer works.

$200 definitely makes a huge difference in our standard of living.

Comment Re:The benefits of Single Payer (Score 0) 107

Single payer in Canada costs about half as much than multiple payer healthcare in the US,

- let me put it this way: I do not care what it 'costs', the real question is *who pays*. Nobody should be *forced* to pay for anybody else.

while yielding better overall outcomes.

- let me put it this way: I do not care about 'overall outcomes', I only care about 1 outcome and that outcome is related to myself. The 'overall outcome' never comes into the picture, it's irrelevant and it's completely misleading.

The only question that matters is this: if you need healthcare can you get it by paying for it without anybody else forcing you to do anything else or to pay for anybody else. All these other considerations are destruction of individual freedoms and destruction of quality in healthcare and they are *not* reducing the cost to those who are paying the large share of it. Nobody should be forced to pay for other people's healthcare and nobody should be prevented (as is done in Canada) from buying healthcare out of pocket.

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