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Comment Re:Joke ? (Score 1) 969

Taking your guns away once again, I assume?

I certainly don't like her or her party's posture on dismantling the second amendment, no, or her disregard for several of the others. But I was referring specifically for her contempt for the first amendment. That should bother you, too. It's especially funny, though, given how she collects her family's millions in cash.

couple thousand Syrian women and children fleeing

There's lots to talk about that's actually real - why would you just plain lie about something so transparently false? A "couple thousand?" Really? That's how you describe the millions of people who are displaced by the conflict in Syria? Did you actually think that nobody else is the slightest bit informed, and that trotting out such nonsense would somehow score you some rhetorical points with especially low-information idiots? What were you thinking, exactly? Fascinating.

your stupid war

You meant the war between Assad and his own citizens who tried to get rid of him? Or the war between groups like ISIS and those in Syria who don't want to live under orthodox Islam or die because they don't? Is that the war you're thinking of? Yes, it would be much less of a conflict if Obama and Clinton hadn't made it worse, but it's not "our" war that people are fleeing by the hundreds of thousands. It's ISIS's war, and Assad's muddled mess that now includes Russian involvement.

And if you're so obtuse that you can't wrap your head around the fact that the US's immigration problems include an essentially unprotected border across which thousands of illegals regularly flow, a train wreck of an H1-B system, and huge numbers of people abusing our visa system, then please don't bother talking about it, because you're being willfully ignorant and are thus unable to say anything constructive until you gather some information into your head.

As for "dictating where iPhones can be manufactured" - please. Are you really going to pretend you're so uninformed that you can't understand that his point is to illustrate how poorly we (as a country, under the current administration) are handling trade relationships that we're getting screwed by countries like China that abuse that relationship? You don't "dictate where iPhones can be manufactured," you put in trade, tax, and banking policies that make China's corrupt, poisonous, currency-manipulating, repressive, territory-grabbing circumstances less appealing to companies like Apple.

And your attempt to paint a nice, sweet picture of Clinton by trotting out an example of how state, local, and even federal government thirst for tax revenue makes for perverse incentives when it comes to eminent domain (which is asked for thousands of times a year by everyone from parking lot contractors to farmers to classic real estate developers) ... remarkable. Your deliberate, willful, faux ignorance about the corruption and lies that are part of your preferred candidate's entire career would be funny if the stakes weren't so high.

Comment Re:365 = You pay for it 365 days of the year (Score 4, Funny) 93

I could argue (at least up to a point) that WordStar 5.5 had everything you need for, you know, writing.

Not at all. By far the hardest part of writing is thinking of something to say. Wordstar didn't help with that. But Bing-enhanced Word-365 can actually help you create the content. This is especially useful when you have no opinion or knowledge about the subject, such as writing a school term paper.

Comment Re:The Theater Experience (Score 2) 325

You forgot the two killer feature for me:

* Option to turn on sub-titles

I like to *read* the characters names so I know how to spell & pronounce them instead of playing a guessing game just because there is too much foreground / background music to clearly hear the dialogue.

I also like to watch movies in their original language with English sub-titles. It adds to the "authenticity" experience.

* Volume Control

I can turn my sub up / down as needed.

Comment Re:Does this surprise anyone? (Score 2) 969

There is no evidence whatsoever that the emails were lost after the subpoena was issued.

THAT's your standard of guilt? That's like the crackhead desperately flushing the drugs down the toilet with the cops knocking at the door. All reports I've heard said the deletions occurred after the State Department requested the emails:

She knew she was under investigation, and she burned the emails as soon as she possibly good before anybody could question what she believed were the only relevant emails. What she did screamed guilt. Even her statement was sketchy as hell (

I turned over everything I was obligated to turn over. And then I moved on,â Clinton told Keilar on Tuesday. âoePeople delete their personal emails, their work-related emails, whatever emails they have on a regular basis. I turned over everything that I could imagine.â

Yeah, people mass scour/delete 30,000 emails on a regular basis -- right. I would like to see some kind of historical account showing she's engaged in this behavior in the past. Or even since. I'd bet a dime to a donut she hasn't deleted shit in the past (if she did, how would she accrue tens of thousasnds of emails?)

Comment Re: The basest, vilest (Score 1) 969

It appears that some of the emails may have been tampered with

I have been following the story, and this is the first time I have heard of the "tampering" accusation. Can you provide a citation? Anyway, the head of the DNC has already been forced to resign, so it seems pretty clear that enough of the emails were real.

and the timing of the release is clearly intended to interfere in the US democratic process.

Sure, if exposing the truth counts as "interfering".

Comment Re:How were crimes solved before cell phones? (Score 1) 250

As far as plastic bags go, it wasn't "some". It was "most" - maybe "all". I really really REALLY wanted to dispose of plastic bags properly, but had no way that I could figure out to do so

You can't just throw them in the trash and let the garbagemen take them away??

What's wrong with that...?

Those evil "garbagemen" take those bags and tie them around the throats of poor, innocent dolphins, you insensitive clod!


Comment Re:And you shouldn't be.... (Score 5, Insightful) 250

at the expense of ideal security.

*Having a backdoor into any encryption is not ideal security*, as that back door, or weak encryption is equally, if not more so, vulnerable to the bad guys as well.

What makes you think only the good guys will use backdoors or exploit weaker encryption? What if it's a bad guy that gets ahold of the cops phone and looks inside? Which agency will be compromised?

Bad guys often have better equipment than the good guys and by bad guys I am also including foreign nations, mafia, competing corporations, and Militaries of the world in addition to criminals.

When will people get it through their heads that the same tools are used by both good and bad? Good people with guns stop bad people with guns. But bad people with guns also stop good people with guns. Good encryption can be used to protect bad people, but good encryption can also protect the good people.

The catch here is the bad people won't care about artificial constructs such as laws. If they need a gun they will steal one or make one. If they want to cover their tracks online they will find a way to do it. The rest is just FUD and ignorance.

Comment Re:How were crimes solved before cell phones? (Score 1) 250

As far as plastic bags go, it wasn't "some". It was "most" - maybe "all". I really really REALLY wanted to dispose of plastic bags properly, but had no way that I could figure out to do so

You can't just throw them in the trash and let the garbagemen take them away??

What's wrong with that...?

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