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Comment It can be solved - the solution is Hydrogen (Score 1) 91

I've noticed that also in the past when traveling and staying with friends in Europe.

That's why I still think the future for most electric cars will end up being hydrogen, not battery power - though with advancements like these battery may be a higher percentage, especially if you could go somewhere just one day a week to spend a half hour charging.

Comment Re:I want capsule apartments (Score 1) 91

Japan has 'capsule hotels'. I figured they could be cheap housing for the poor.

Unless capsule hotels somehow magically cure mental illness and substance abuse, they will do little to solve "homelessness", which is a far deeper problem than mere lack of housing.

I have been to Tokyo many times, and have used the capsules. They are nice, and work well when people are quiet, clean, and respectful. They would not work well with typical homeless people, talking back to the voices in their heads, refusing to bathe, arguing and fighting with each other, and vandalizing the capsules.

I have also been "homeless" in America. When I first moved to Silicon Valley, I bought a used van for $4k, fixed it up, and lived in it for 2 years while I built up my savings to buy a house. My employer provided toilets, showers and a kitchen, and gave me permission to park overnight, which was a win-win because that meant I was available when the server crashed at 2am. I later sold the van for slightly more than I had paid for it. Now I am far from a typical homeless person, but I "solved" my homeless problem for a net cost of $0, and any halfway functional person could do the same. The real problem with homelessness is that most of them are not halfway functional, and any "cure" for homelessness needs to account for that.

Comment Re:I say BS (Score 1) 91

If you don't want to be homeless, build a house.

Homeless generally means both "not a landowner" and "has no money" which prevents the former even if they wanted to go there.

If you don't want to be hungry, go fishing.

Buy a license, buy a pole, collect bait somehow, weather considerations, legal locations, seasons, specific game fish, prepping, finding wood to cook with...

If you want to survive, get your ass moving instead of wasting the day pseudo-intellectualizing or lamenting about the unfairness of nature that has always existed since the beginning of time when it blew the first human village up with a volcano and the laws of the universe didn't even blink, let alone give a shit.

No, the universe doesn't, for sure. But people who are worth a shit, do give a shit.

WRT "get moving", to quote a fine summary of just one aspect of the problem, "I'm pretty sure McDonald's has an underwear inside the pants policy" (Source here at 3:31 but by all means, check out the whole performance, it's pretty much spot on from beginning to end.)

Comment Normal is not what you think (Score 1) 91

Long charging times are for most people only a problem on vacation. Normally people commute much shorter distances than the maximum modern electric cars can drive and can charge their cars at night.

I love how you say "normally" when the vast number of people who have cars live in apartments where it may not be "normal" to have a plug anywhere near the car at night.

Is your goal to have electric cars for only the elite? Or for EVERYONE? If electric cars are to break out of a tiny niche for the rich they have to work for people who do not own homes.

Comment That would be the real game changer (Score 1) 91

Non-electric cars are simply more practical for most people not just because of range, but also charging time. Even Tesla Supercharger stations take way too long for most people to tolerate.

But if you have 1000 miles of range, suddenly it's much more practical to live with a very long charging time because you can wait a day or two to find a good charging solution - plus it would mean you could get somewhere faster than with a gas vehicle since you wouldn't have to stop on a long trip to fill up.

We'll see if the tech actually materializes in real life, but I really hope it does.

Comment Why does the ESA have a worse record of landing? (Score 1) 49

First of all, I don't see much mention that they still have a new satellite in orbit around Mars so the mission is at least partly successful.

But with a string of failures to land on Mars from the ESA, and a string of successes from NASA you have to start to wonder - what is it that is lacking in the ESA program that is not able to get landings right? Is it just different approaches to the problems of landing that are not panning out over a few attempts? Is it some kind of engineering process failure that they just are not accounting for some possibilities? I was wondering if anyone had any insight.

I wish the ESA the best of luck and really want to se them succeed, as the more craft studying mars the better (though they are all a handful of beans in comparison to the first human to land and study there).

Comment Re:fallacy (Score 1) 100

No, what they mean is they test it by feeding it the data from 1995, then comparing its predictions to what the weather was actually like in 1996.

Sure, and when one algorithm doesn't work, you try another, and another, and another. Then after 19 failures, you find an algorithm that works on the data from 1995 to predict 1996 weather with a 95% confidence level.

You can do the same thing with jelly beans.

Comment Re:Cost of loss? (Score 5, Insightful) 49

How much did all of this mission cost?

In the neighborhood of $1.3 billion.

Does anyone realize how much food that money could have provided to those in need ON THIS PLANET?!

$1.3B would buy in the timezone of 300 million big macs. Which would be enough for every poor FAMILY in the world to get a Big Mac. Hardly a significant impact on world hunger.

Note that if ALL the money ever spent on space were spent on food instead, we'd be worse off. The weather satellites alone paid for the entire world's space exploration budgets in better harvests as a result of better weather prediction....

Comment Re:Useless for any occasion (Score 1) 353

You mention hunting - is it really a quick draw sport where if the reader takes an extra few seconds to recognize you, it's a critical failure?

Yes depending on what you are hunting, sometimes you have only a moment, and you never walk with guns at the ready.

I don't even bother to read the rest of what you wrote, it's so absurd to argue with someone with zero understanding of the subject. It would be like trying to discuss the drawbacks of various design patterns with a toddler...

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