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Comment Re:Liars will Liar (Score 1) 304

I'm a lefty, and I would never do or propose one of the things you claim lefties would do ... just for your interest. And neither would any other lefty in my country ...

I believe that more speech is always the solution. Let ideas compete equally out in the open without censor regardless of how revolting some may find some speech. After all, it is only unpopular opinions that need protecting. Nobody tries to suppress speech they agree with.

If one's ideas and speech can only gain acceptance by silencing/suppressing others' ideas and speech, then one should re-examine and re-evaluate their own ideas and speech, for that is where the problem lies.

If what you say is true then carry on, Sir, whether we may agree or not. If I may ask a favor, please have a heart-to-heart with the US Left. Sad to say, they are currently not only harming themselves but the US as well with the tactics I outlined above, which are just a fraction of the things they discredit themselves with without help of opposition.

Hell, I really don't want either faction to gain too much power. That leads to tyranny. However, the US Left has swung the pendulum quite a ways Left in the US and I fear the counter-swing, of which Trump could be just the beginning. That the pendulum has swung so far Left in the US (by US standards) is what's driven extreme political views, opinions, and policies from both sides.

A far-Right fascist authoritarian regime and a far-Left socialist authoritarian regime are nearly indistinguishable from the general populations' viewpoint.


Comment Re: More about eliminating WrongThink (Score 2) 210

One group says "I don't believe in this global warming stuff - it has the same pattern as everything else the left made up to seize power." The experts say "the science is settled, shut up you denier". Result: Trump is president.

That's an interesting take. I guess that means that when Obama won two elections and leaves office with a higher popularity than Ronald Reagan, during those eight years climate change was real?

Or are Trump voters kind of stupid people? I heard Ann Coulter today complaining that Donald Trump is betraying his supporters. She remarked, "It's not my fault".

Despite the fact that she wrote a book titled, "In Trump We Trust". Yes, it appears that Trump supporters make up most of the ass end of the Bell Curve. I assume you've joined their brilliant #DumpKellogs boycott in which they buy Kellogs products and then post selfies of them dumping out those products. That they just bought. Before that, they held a boycott of Starbucks in which they went to Starbucks, bought a $6 coffee and then forced the girl at the counter to write "Trump" on their cup. Not quite clear on the whole, "boycott" concept, but they sure are enthusiastic.

Here are some more enthusiastic Trump supporters:

So here what: Trump and his supporters will not be normalized. There will be no point over the next two years when Donald Trump is accepted as President in any normal sense. And when it comes right down to it, there are 3 million more people who voted for someone everybody hated instead of Trump. He's going to have a hard time claiming any mandate or legitimacy. He's the second Republican president in a row who got fewer people to vote for him than the losing candidate, and he has to make sure to stop any effort to actually count all the votes and audit the election process in order to hold on to power. He's already a lame duck and he hasn't been sworn in yet.

Comment Re: More about eliminating WrongThink (Score 1) 210

Experts thought the knew the outcome to a 98% certainty at its highest, and on election night, is only went down to somewhere in the 80's and in the end got it totally wrong.

Not totally wrong. The winning margin in the popular vote, which is now approaching 3 million, is almost exactly where most of the "experts" put it.

As for the Electoral College, those votes still haven't been cast and the recounts haven't taken place. Expect an interesting few weeks.

Comment Re:treating the symptoms (Score 2) 210

It's the school system that created all this snowflake syndrome we have now.

Let's see who the snowflakes are. In the past week or so, Trump supporters have been triggered by:

1. A Broadway play.
2. Starbucks
3. cornflakes

The main Trump, Donald even tweeted a demand for a safe space at the theater:

There is nobody more sensitive and thin-skinned than a Donald Trump supporter.

Comment Re:Wait a year (Score 1) 504

The media coined a phrase early in Bush's presidency. It was call 'mcjobs' and they went out of there way to 'explain' that even though X jobs were added most were 'mcjobs' and not 'real' jobs.

Can you cite an example besides your memory of what the "media" did? One link to "mcjobs" will do.

Comment Re:IRS can only pursue taxes on "income" (Score 1) 203

However, if this is an investigation of individuals, the Fourth doesn't apply because they're not searching the individual's effects. If it's an investigation of the exchange, then it isn't a general warrant.

The quotes from the investigators said they were wanting to see if any of the exchange users were using it to evade taxes. That's an investigation of the individuals. They did not say they were investigating the exchange because they had probable cause to believe the exchange was evading taxes. They have no specific probable cause to search the private financial data (papers and effects) of the individuals. It's a fishing expedition using a general warrant. That's the reality.

Of course, a Venn diagram of reality and the US legal system would show only a very modest area of intersection, particularly in more recent times.


Comment Re:What's this? (Score 2) 67

Congress looking out for people rather than companies???

This doesn't collectively hurt companies. Bad reviews just shift revenue from one company to another. A fairer review process will likely help big corps, because they will face less pricing pressure from shoddy low-quality upstarts. There was no organized corporate resistance to this law.

Comment Re:Security is an illusion (Score 1) 153

There's just too much volume to track all the content everywhere.

There are 350 million people in the USA, more or less. Including kids not of age to use computers. One computer, just one, operates at billions of instructions per second (when the code is written in anything efficient, like c.) The NSA has a newish huge data center located on the main trunks.

You do the math. If you still think they can't sieve that amount of data effectively, why then, good on you for your optimism. :)

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