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Comment Wasn't he trolling? (Score 5, Insightful) 460

I saw the post on ServerFault, and while the original scenario could have happened, the OP's follow-up blunder to reverse the input and output parameters of dd when trying to preserve the disk seemed just a wee bit too unlikely. I looked at the article to see if there was any additional data to suggest this was real, but it seems entirely based on the SF thread. Until corroborated, I'm going to call bs.

Comment Re:Email is an alternative to facebook (Score 1) 149

One doesn't have to rule out the other though. If I want to discuss recent events in the news or plans for the summer with my family, I'll e-mail them. If I want to have a go at the way the International Olympic Committee for screwing up a certain recent doping test before the ice hockey final, to get input from whoever cares to join in and perhaps even raise awareness in my wider circle of acquaintances, I'll post it on Facebook. Or Google+. I wish I could list Diaspora as an honest third possibility, but at the moment I'm afraid that would be slighlty dishonest. Anyway, social networks and e-mail don't necessarily always compete with one another. They also complete each other. It's all about context.

Comment Re:conspiracy theories (Score 1) 923

The UK is grossly unfair in its extradition process but it has one rule that it does stick to; It won't extradite where there is a chance of the person being extradited getting a death sentence. The UK is strongly against the death penalty.

That is why Sweden is involved in this.

Sorry, but no. Like the UK, Sweden - who abolished the death penalty in 1921 - will not extradite a person to a country where they risk facing capital punishment. There is no support here for the notion that Sweden (or the UK) would be conspiring to nail Assange for anything other than the alleged crime he is suspected of. Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.

Comment Re:My $0.02 (Score 1) 708

Cheers for that, some well juicy stuff on there that's tempting enough for my eventual upgrade. Would it be safe to assume that companies like these, selling dedicated Linux laptops, will have picked hardware that is thoroughly well supported by open source drivers? Obviously I would expect it to work with the pre-installed system, but over the years on my Thinkpad I've gotten used to having to work out occasional kinks every so often. No biggie, but if I could believe that will happen significantly less frequently, or dare I say not at all, that would make it worth it on a whole new dimension.

Comment Re:Windows only benchmarks? (Score 1) 272

The final page of TFA notes somewhat off hand that on OS X "[Safari] is still king". But yes, I would also be more interested in reading a similar benchmark, or be given an option of several ones, taking into account different platforms. Linux, and on the mobile front Android, would be most relevant for me personally. That said it's still a fairly interesting article, even if I contented myself with the summaries of the final two pages.

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