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Comment Re: Pixels density (Score 1) 144

why wouldn't you use a mid-priced prosumer camera like the 5d mark iv primarily for web? there's professional photography done for web only, and you're right - something like an 1d or a phase one back on a medium format camera would probably be overkill.

If you're shooting ONLY for the web, which is mainly what I was referring to...then a DSLR like the 5Dx is overkill.

Now, I do realize that most any great image taken, for print, etc...will *also* likely end up on the web too, no problem.....always nice in the pro area to shoot for print and down-res as needed. But I took the "shoot FOR web" to be someone only shooting for their private website, etc....and in general, these DSLRs would be overkill for them.

And if you consider close to $4K a pop for body ONLY...to be mid priced...whew, you have more disposable income than I do.

Comment Re:They apparently need to add another pop up (Score 4, Insightful) 131

Or they could be smart and lock out users when they're moving so fast they're obviously not on foot.

Well, it does throw up messages if you're moving too fast, but if you cut it off completely, they passengers couldn't play, which wouldn't be nice, especially if you have a car load of kids playing. It keeps them busy, you know.

But really there are ALREADY laws on the books against DISTRACTED DRIVING.....how is this any different?

Those laws are quite broad enough..and if you get caught doing so, then they should rip your license up in front of you, and point you towards the nearest tricycle shop, or bus pass station.

But for heaven's sakes, we don't need more laws, etc.

And no, Nintento should not be liable for individual stupidity.

Comment Re: Pixels density (Score 1) 144

"In the midst of a battle during a concert"... seriously, Bataclan doesn't happen every day.

Ouch...a bit of bad taste there.

But back more to subject. If you're shooting a concert and its one of those where you're relagated to the pit, and only have the first 3 songs to shoot and you're fighting with a bunch of other photographers to shoot the band from down there, with poor lighting....yeah, it is a bit of a battle and you have to shoot best you can under stress...and by shooting RAW, you can easily make up for blown white balance or exposure problems...

HOWEVER...if all else fails, as long as the image is in focus...you can just switch to Black and White...and salvage some shots.

I do this often if there is a lot of red light on the subject.....B&W has made some shit shots due to lighting turn out to be winners.

Comment Re:Pixels density (Score 2) 144

Some say "there is no such thing as too many pixels". However there is. High pixels density means smaller photosites, and the amount of light they can receive per second is lower - thus needs increased accuracy and improved technology to handle low-light condition (it seems it's the case here). Also of course more pixels take longer to process, more space to store, more time to transfer... Fortunately for web pictures - usually not that big, i.e. don't need higher resolution - the 5D family has reduced raw resolution modes (eg the mark II has 21 / 10 / 5.2 MP).

Well, if you're buying in the class of a Canon 5D4 or higher, you're not primarily shooting for the web...


And today, with storage being dirty cheap, there's generally few to no reasons not to be shooting in full blown RAW. You really do yourself a disservice not shooting in full RAW to allow yourself the full range of adjustments should you need it.

Yes, it is always best to try to get everything right in camera, but lets face it....some times you don't quite hit it right (in the midst of battle during a concert, it can be tough), and also, you pretty much NEVER see a picture without some adjustments, so, you should give yourself every capability as you can to develop the ultimate image, and you can only give yourself that leeway with full RAW.

Let's face it, if you can afford this level camera and lens system, you're not going to be balking at the cost of the storage required nor the computer level for efficient processing of images.

That's just the arguments for stills....you start shooting 4K stuff, or even RAW Video HD on the 5D3, and then you really start talking storage space and processing....

Comment Re:Missed Opportunity (Score 1) 189

it already has a mortal enemy that is right WINTER IS COMING! Let me tell you about a little place I like to call: the southern hemisphere.


Down here in New Orleans, its so damned hot, all you can do to avoid heat stroke and play is to roll about in your car and play with the AC on high.

Down here, the AC in my house doesn't usually cut off from about April till November. I'm looking forward to cooler weather starting to hit in the next couple months.

I guess there's a lot of people up in the Northeast of the US that think they are the only folks on the face of the earth that matter.

Comment Re:No Shit. (Score 1) 189

The game is a massive tredmill. There is no way that someone with little time can be competative except for bots. Unless you live in NYC or someplace similar you can't get enough pokeballs to play without paying a fortune buying them from the store.

Man, in New Orleans, and the suburbs there are Pokestops every other block, often multiple ones right beside each other...easy to get stocked up on poke balls and such.

The other night, I had to keep throwing stuff out of my 'bag' to make room for more things I wanted.

Comment You wouldn't know it was declining here.... (Score 1) 189

You'd not know it was not he decline here in New Orleans.

Geez, the other night, driving through City Park about 3:30am on a Friday night, the place was packed with people slowly cruising around in cars with their Pokemon playing on their phones.

It wasn't just there...at major sites all over town all last weekend, I saw a surprisingly LARGE amount of people out all times of day and especially late night playing it...

Comment Re:Would they believe (Score 1) 346

I'm 22 and I don't have any social media account and no account anywhere that uses my real name (possibly excluding my bank account and/or any government-related services if you count that).

Ditto. I'm a few years older than you (still in my 20's). It seems like oddballs like us will be treated as suspects in the future, the way things are unravelling.

I'm a good bit older than both of you, and I don't do social media either like FB or twitter, etc.

Never have, and not planning to any time soon..

Some of us have been privacy concerned from the get go on these things.

Seems sad the govt assumes everyone has one or more of these accounts.

Comment Re:Feedback (Score 4, Insightful) 225

It sounds to me like some executive somewhere there, has either:

1. Too much time on his hands

2. Needing to justify his position at the company

I mean, for the average person, what does a "rebranding" actually do?


These great marketing dollars thrown about to come up with a new logo, or new colors, etc..means exactly nothing to the consumer. The consumer isn't going to be dazzled and really get on board with it this time!!

It isn't going to entice anyone that was not he fence about using the product to jump onto the bandwagon.

If anything, like mentioned before, you might lose some customers if the change is too radical and people not following the every marketing move of the company, might lose track of your product.

This, IMHO, isn't just for this Mozilla revamp, but for 99% of companies out there too. These exercises are a waste of money and time....and for what to be gained?

Nobody gives a shit about company mottos, except the poets at the marketing companies.

Comment Re:What is it that you say? (Score 1) 442

That's all well and good to say about adaption but Uber and Lyft are claiming not to be a taxi service, but taxis have to adapt? That is not fair competition if they arent following the established rules; Uber and Lyft just want things their way. And another thing, Mr AC, will it be OK for the reason that it is "American" when you lose your livelihood and you maybe don't have a backup skillset because someone can do your job cheaper because they are not playing by the rules?

It sounds like the RULES are the problem.

It sounds like the old rules are antiquated and should be, perhaps, thrown out, or severely reduced.

Rather than impose more outdated rules, why now reduce them and open the market even MORE to competition.

No one is guaranteed a job for life, shit happens, life changes...you adapt or "die" so to speak (not literally), and evolve in this world.

Comment Re:What is it that you say? (Score 1) 442

Uber and the like are free to compete as long as they meet they requirements that taxi services do.

Why not, rather than impose more rules, restrictions and requirements on the ride sharing services,t hey life the requirements for taxis and allow them to better compete?

I don't know what these onerous requirements currently are for Taxis are...but they cannot be anything that makes the taxi experience any "Safer", "Cleaner" or "Friendler".

I feel safe and all my Uber experiences have been nice people in very clean cars, whereas I feel in most cabs I'm taking my life into my own hands, with grimy cabs, and people driving them that look like something out of a SAW movie.

Comment Re: And I want to remove all cell towers in major (Score 1) 159

Turn off everything that processes video, and you will have your cinematic 24fps back.

The blur is intentional, and is able to be disabled.

Yep, I tried that (good advice)...but still didn't make the LCD image look as good as the Plasma.

The OLED is close...but I still gotta find some guide out there on how to 'tune' the colors and all better.

The LCDs also didn't have the quality blacks that Plasma did...the OLED is very very close.

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