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Comment Re:Well, sadly, probably.... (Score 1) 380

Most employment agreements are such that the company owns it even if it is outside of normal hours. So inventions you come up with on your own time are not yours.

I've seen this on some W2 and 1099 contracts...and I simple line them out saying that what I do outside hours on MY time is my business and my intellectual property.

They usually agree easily as long as you're not in direct competition with them.

Most all of those agreements are boilerplate they got from their lawyers to try to cover everything, but most I find are amendable to reasonable changes like this.....

Comment Well, sadly, probably.... (Score 5, Interesting) 380

If you are a W2 employee and working on company time on your own projects, you might have more to worry about than being fired.

If you are creating new content, inventing a new gadget, etc....and you do it on company time, you may find that you DO NOT OWN what you have created.

Many if not most employment contracts/agreements have verbiage that states that anything you come up with on company time, belongs to the company.

They may not fire you, but they will now own it and you won't make any $$ on the side for it....

Comment Re:What happens? (Score 2) 198

Consider this: a late night host shows up on TV and does a 5 minute monologue 5 nights a week. Most comedians spend about 3-6 months writing and testing material to do 15 minutes.

Using writers is the only way to create more than a small fraction of the TV time people demand.

Well, there are talented people out that that *can* do it. Hell, Robin Williams (rip)...could pretty much riff off anything any time anywhere....

There's talented folks out there that can do it daily and don't need a ton of writers behind them.

Comment Re:What happens? (Score 1) 198 the very least this will display to the world what anyone who watched SNL in the early 00's will tell you, that Jimmy Fallon is the unfunniest person on tv.

Well, he *was* quite adept at laughing at everyone else's jokes and bits on SNL when he was a cast member.

LOL..that guy could NOT keep a straight face during any skit....

Comment Re:bloat (Score 1) 54

I hear ya.

When I want a music player...I want a music player.

When I want video or streaming, I used the appropriate app.

I find with most things in life, the products that try to do all-in-one usually do none of them in a premium fashion.

I find it is usually best to buy dedicated units for most things, that are each engineered to do one thing and do it right.

Comment Re:Who paid for this study? (Score 1) 270

It sure would suck if food had chemicals in it.

Chemicals added there by humans, that don't naturally occur in them if you're going to be pedantic. Chemicals that usually fall into the artificial color and preservative category which are usually again, man made and contribute no nutritional value.

Comment Re:Who paid for this study? (Score 2, Insightful) 270

I always have difficulty in understanding what "real food" is as well. Most of the time it seems to exclude food that is inexpensive, requires little preparation and tastes good while at other times it seems to exclude foods that are simply too easy to eat. Much of the time it dosent translate into a rational discussion about a balanced intake of protein, carbs and fats and moderation of salt.

I should think 'real food' would be somewhat common sense, but here's some help...

First, real food needs to be purchased at a grocery store, farmers market, etc...not a fast food joint. If you shop around the periphery of the grocery store, particularly the produce area, you are in the real food zone. Real food is food that is not processed to where most all the nutrition has been thrown out or degraded, and a ton of chemicals added.

Real food, in general, requires YOU to do some preparation and cooking.

Those two general rules of thumb will steer you towards 'real food'.

Hope that helps....

Cooking real food doesn't take that long and it isn't that difficult.

Comment Re:Unrealistic for you, maybe (Score 1) 544

the pursuit of Happiness. missed that part "the pursuit of Happiness."....

The Feds are not responsible for your happiness, but they are there to help the states and keep law and order to provide an environment where you can pursue your happiness, and basically stay out of your way while you do it. This is different than the oppressive king they were declaring independence from.....

Also, the Declaration of Independence is not a governing document of the US Government. The US Constitution is, so, that's the one you need to be reading from....

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