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Comment Re:Prediction (Score 2) 81

As a macbook pro user let me say that I will probably not like what Apple shows.
1. I want an m.2 slot for SSDs. They are getting bigger and cheaper and I want the option to upgrade my SSD as they improve.
2. I want memory slots just like my MacBook Pro has. I want the option of adding ram to my notebook like I did with with my MacBook Pro.
3. I want more than one USB ports. A Pro should also have Thunderbolt ports.
4. Keep the audio jack. You do not need to drop it.

Comment Re:So basically... (Score 1) 657

Nope. Just racist, misogynistic, hateful messages. Go discuss small government, interventionist vs isolationist policies, or financial policy all you want. But if you're going to spend the millions you got from a product I supported on turning political debate into 4chan, I'm going to stop supporting that product.

Comment Whatever, just do 1080p at a decent frame rate (Score 1) 147

I'm happy to get 1080p with 60fps to my 4K TV and just let it do the scaling. Looks pretty flipping good IMHO. Heck, I've given up the idea of buying UHD Blu ray because the TV is only 55" and from where I sit an upscaled BD looks excellent so I'll pass until I upgrade my projector from the current 1080p to 4 or even 8K in another five years or so. For now, just getting a console to do full HD without it stuttering is more than enough and these 4K upgraded versions are just a fudge. I don't need a scaler in the console any more than I needed the 4K upscaler in my Oppo BD player. The TV handles that task just fine.

Comment Re: The man is a traitor and should be shot (Score 1) 343

Umm... Obama is doing all the things that you feel are illegal that Snowden leaked... And is out to put him in jail.
You can not say that Snowden did the right thing by breaking the law and reporting things you feel are illegal while President Obama is doing those illegal things.

Comment Re:Elon Musk (Score 1) 79

"Yeah, look at all those other rocketry companies that had to close the doors after losing a launch vehicle on the pad!"
You mean all those companies that where developing systems for the government with government money?
As opposed to one of the only other private companies to try and build a launcher.. like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/....

Comment Re: The man is a traitor and should be shot (Score 1) 343

No he should not be shot but he is a traitor.
It comes down to this. President Obama should be in jail or Snowden. Which is it?
Frankly no contractor or military personal has the right to decide that they know what is better for the nation the elected government.

Comment Re:"Conspiracy theory" (Score 5, Informative) 251

I'm afraid none of that addresses the suspicious way in which these buildings collapsed. That's why anti-conspiracy theorists are often even worse. They extrapolate their own ideas out of it so they can have a comfort blanket to hold on to and stop looking at what is in front of them.

The buildings collapsed exactly how you'd expect a building with strong center and shell supports would collapse, thus there's not much to explain there. Fuel heats cross-beams, steel loses half its strength at those temperatures and they bend in the center, one floor falls down to the next and cascades. The outer shell and inner shell hold it all together as its going down. Every single thing that happened to all three buildings and the field in PA is easily explained by physics, and doesn't need the conspiracy. Nothing that happened that day is "comforting," and insulting people doesn't help your case.

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