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Comment Re:Nice to see we'll be in better hands (Score 1) 313

Democrats have not only recently rediscovered the virtues of limit government, but also the virtues of following rules?

Well, it's frustrating since the email issue is literally the only thing that lost her the election. And it was intended to increase security, was never hacked, and was a step above the activities of her predecessors. Now we have Trump's man intentionally giving out secret information, setting up open network connections in secure facilities, and doing all this in an operational military environment, but meh. At least we kept the woman out of the White House amirite?

Comment Other countries already have this (Score 2) 361

My UK bought Nissan LEAF has a noise generator that operates at low speed. It creates a high pitched wine which alerts people that the car is near. Besides that, the A/C system fans also make a fair bit of noise. If I want to go into total stealth mode I can turn off the A/C and the noise generator and then creep around car parks startling the unwary. I generally just assume people can't hear even when driving my Mini so I don't think this is going to make a massive amount of difference other than for the blind who obviously use their hearing more so I can see the sense in this. Odd that it wasn't already required in the US.

Comment Re:Question for the FBI (Score 1) 176

1. They do.
2. Many of these sites are for sharing kiddie porn. You know like Reddit, YouTube, and Blogs are for sharing things. The consumers are often the creators.
3. " It's rather like penalizing people who drink poisoned water rather than finding the poisoners." Really? These people are going to a tor dark web site called the playpen and you are trying to paint them as victims? How about this instead, "it is like penalizing people that pay people to sexually abuse children for there entertainment".... Yea I got no problem with this.

Comment Re:Bbbbbut... (Score 2) 209

My BT headphones work perfectly well with my iPhone and MacBook. Wouldn't want to fart around with wires after having these. Sure, I've got some nice wired over ear headphones at home but when I'm out and about the wireless ones are great and support AAC so don't sound all wooshy like some more basic ones do. No dongles for me.

Comment Office 365? (Score 1) 176

If they need Office but don't want Windows, what is wrong with an Office 365 subscription? Works in a browser and if it is wonky then you just need to tell MS to fix their shit. MS is all about the cloud now so they sell a browser based Office solution. Sure, it comes with the desktop version too and I have Office 2016 on my Mac but in the absence of the desktop version, I can use the browser. Desktop OS support is expensive and horrible and Windows is about the worst to support so stick with Linux and if they need Office, get Office 365 and keep Linux. That is unless MS forces the issue and makes it more expensive to just have Office 365 rather than Windows 10 and Office 365. That would never happen though......would it?......

Comment Re:Prediction (Score 3, Informative) 87

As a macbook pro user let me say that I will probably not like what Apple shows.
1. I want an m.2 slot for SSDs. They are getting bigger and cheaper and I want the option to upgrade my SSD as they improve.
2. I want memory slots just like my MacBook Pro has. I want the option of adding ram to my notebook like I did with with my MacBook Pro.
3. I want more than one USB ports. A Pro should also have Thunderbolt ports.
4. Keep the audio jack. You do not need to drop it.

Comment Re:So basically... (Score 1) 657

Nope. Just racist, misogynistic, hateful messages. Go discuss small government, interventionist vs isolationist policies, or financial policy all you want. But if you're going to spend the millions you got from a product I supported on turning political debate into 4chan, I'm going to stop supporting that product.

Comment Whatever, just do 1080p at a decent frame rate (Score 1) 147

I'm happy to get 1080p with 60fps to my 4K TV and just let it do the scaling. Looks pretty flipping good IMHO. Heck, I've given up the idea of buying UHD Blu ray because the TV is only 55" and from where I sit an upscaled BD looks excellent so I'll pass until I upgrade my projector from the current 1080p to 4 or even 8K in another five years or so. For now, just getting a console to do full HD without it stuttering is more than enough and these 4K upgraded versions are just a fudge. I don't need a scaler in the console any more than I needed the 4K upscaler in my Oppo BD player. The TV handles that task just fine.

Comment Re: The man is a traitor and should be shot (Score 1) 343

Umm... Obama is doing all the things that you feel are illegal that Snowden leaked... And is out to put him in jail.
You can not say that Snowden did the right thing by breaking the law and reporting things you feel are illegal while President Obama is doing those illegal things.

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