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Comment Re: not 'self defense' (Score 1) 1737

I grew up in, live in, and work full time in the South, proudly, and in just about as small-town South as you can get, for 48 years now. AAMOF, the population of the county I live in is 70% black, and as an aside it is only a few miles up the road from where the opening shots of the Civil War were fired. I live alone, so I do not have a black roomate (as if that would/should qualify anyone for anything...???), yet many of the people in my circle of friends are black, just as I am white. We happened to be born that way, it was not of our choosing.

As to the allegations of the poster above: Yes, there is racism around here, but trust me, it ain't one-sided, and it most certainly is not at all solely on the part of "the Klan", or IOW white people, as you imply. "The Klan"? Really? That "the Klan" is even brought up is so baffling that if it wasn't so sad it would be almost amusing. In my 48 years as a Southerner here in the deep South, I have known exactly _one_ white person whom I can say was at least somewhat acquainted with "the Klan". She was in my 3rd or 4th grade class, this was back in the 1970's, and she was a bit of an outcast to everyone even at that age, as it was rumored her father was a Klansman. To this day I don't know if he was or not, but even that far back, and that close to the 60's, prejudice of that sort was frowned upon by anyone and everyone else I can ever think of whom I know was/is a Southerner.

In all honesty, I actually meet very few bigots of either color here in the South, yet they are exactly that - idiots of both colors. To claim otherwise is disengenuous, misleading, and perpetuates stereotypes which should have long ago been abandoned in the face of reality. Yet it somehow fits the agenda of some people to make Southern white folk seem like bigoted hayseeds who've never changed in the almost 150 years since the Civil War ended, or in the 50 some odd years since the Civil Rights movement.

This totally ignores the fact that nearly *every* large Northern city is de facto segregated, and that the black populations there live in areas with crime rates that soar far above anything we have in the rural South, or that their white neighbors up there have to deal with. If you ask me, *those* places are the bastions of prejudice, they are the more likely breeding grounds for racial discontent, and this is due to a continued economic enslavement of a people who are not being allowed equal opportunity by those around them, the ones who control the money, jobs, and power structure.

tThink about it - why is the South always pilloried over racism, when it is Chicago which has a "South Side", LA a "Watts", NYC a "Brooklyn" or "Harlem" or whatever the 'black area' of the city is up there, etc etc...?

It seems to me that the people who point fingers and decry white Southerners as "prejudiced" and "Klansmen" merely do so in order to keep the focus away from themselves and the conditions in the areas in which they live that continue to perpetuate a strict divide between the races.

My Southerner black friends don't like to be stereotyped, and - surprise surprise - neither do I nor any of my Southerner white friends. If you think that the South is the holdout of racism and bigotry, come for a visit, see how us Southerners work, live, love, and die together as a *community* of people, and after that we'll go travel up north, to one of those urban areas I listed, and you'll see what the *real* face of racism looks like, and where it is being practiced.

Comment Re:Shocking? (Score 4, Funny) 436

Is it any surprise that the Federal govt. has knee-jerked and not thought through the repercussions, or the real-world applicability of their solutions?

Perhaps through our better handling of data management these days the War on Guns will prove to be as successful and as effective as the War on Drugs has proven to be.


Submission + - First video to hit 1 billion views in Youtube

mvar writes: Artist PSY's videoclip "Gangam style" has reached (at last) the 1 billion views mark on Youtube. Well it seemed more like a time race and i bet half of the views came from the Koreans and PSY-fans, but nonetheless this is quite impressive

Submission + - Steve Jobs' yacht impounded over unpaid bill (

capnkr writes: Steve Job's "minimalist" 100 million+ euros yacht "Venus" sits impounded in Amsterdam over contention that only 6 of a promised 9 million euros have been paid to the designer, Philippe Starck. A lawyer for Stark's company said "These guys trusted each other, so there wasn't a very detailed contract.". Jobs was never able to use the yacht prior to his death.

Submission + - Another bitcoin exchange in trouble (

ASDFnz writes: "As early as last September there has been talk in the bitcoin community about concerns with BitMarket was one of the very first exchanges in the European Union and began operating on February 25th, 2011, just under two years ago.

There have been a few issues with BitMarket account details being stolen (along with the bitcoins in those accounts) and yet other accounts being mysteriously frozen without explanation or response from support.

It now appears that those concerns were justified, in a thread on BitcoinTalk the user M4v3R who is the Owner/Operator of BitMarket made a post announcing "Right now there are 1786 BTC pending withdrawal, which I can't honor..."

M4v3R goes on to explain that he considers the problem with the 1786 BTC pending withdrawal (approximately $24,111 USD at today's rates) is his own fault and explains that the difficulties began when he decided to provide a hedge fund service using his previous trading experience and yet another bitcoin service, Bitcoinica.

When Bitcoinia went offline and subsequently into liquidation on August 1st, 2012 19,980 of BitMarket's clients bitcoins went with it. BitMarket did not decide to inform its users it seems.

M4v3R is asking for donations to be sent to 1Km5GFMat1DXcbvMTeH9ZvLGKvFCLBA9dM and is now looking for investors to bail BitMarket out."


Submission + - Are App Vendors Guilty of "Reverse Redlining"?

theodp writes: Apple iOS parents, reports GeekWire, can pick up the Dr. Seuss classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas in app form for their kids this holiday season for 99 cents. The interactive storybook app is also available for Xmas gift-giving by Windows 8 parents, but they'll pay $4.99 for a version that lacks the features available in the $0.99 iOS version. Which raises some interesting questions: 1. As concerns are being raised over a new Digital Content Divide, is it cool to have owners of the cheapest computers pay 5x the price charged to the most elite consumers, especially for an inferior port of an existing app from the same vendor? 2. Why exactly does a port of an existing app have to be sold at a price which so vastly exceeds that of the original — is it mostly due to economies of scale, difficulties of cross-system app development, or pricing shenanigans?

Submission + - I don't Read Code Anymore - Linus Torvalds

An anonymous reader writes: There is a excellent interview over at the H with Linus Torvalds. Glyn Moody's second interview with Linus since 1998 is both informative and revealing. Linus response to his role as the kernel maintainer has this interesting tidbit: "Well, the big thing is I don't read code any more... when it comes to the major subsystem maintainers, I trust them because I've been working with them for 5, 10, 15 years, so I don't even look at the code." The interview goes on to talk about Amazon, Google, phones tablets and the cloud. Further on the topic of coding, the interview ends with Linus stating: "When I was twenty I liked doing device drivers. If I never have to do a single device driver in my life again, I will be happy. Some kind of headaches I can do without." Like all of us, Linus is getting older and taking a less hands on approach to the development of the kernel. Of course this is understandable. Even the great Git himself is a slave to the passage of time, but thankfully for us, his creation is not.

Submission + - Ada 2012 Language Approved as Standard by ISO (

hypnosec writes: The Ada Resource Association (ARA) announced that the Ada 2012 programming language has been approved and published as a standard by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Announcing the development, ARA and Ada-Europe said that the new version brings with it the concept of contract-based programming, Concurrency and Multicore Support, Increased Expressiveness and Container Enhancements. Under the contract-based programming, developers will have the “ability to specify preconditions and postconditions for subprograms, and invariants for private (encapsulated) types.”

Comment Re:1st! (Score 3, Insightful) 205

It's better than what I have seen proposed - much less done - from the other side of the aisle top-down for the past four years, which in a nutshell has been increased meddling, decreasing privacy, a disturbing lack of transparency, and attacks on several of our basic rights.

These are all broken campaign promises, things that people voted certain folks into office over, "Hoping for Change", if I can borrow a slogan... It sure didn't!

Comment Re:hate my country (Score 1) 223

Nowhere did I mention members of a particular party. Rather, I mentioned those currently in office. Incumbents, IOW. It would help things too if such persons as yourself would stop playing party politics. Sitting pols may not vote in 'term limits', but we as voters can *create* them. Start now. Have a good day.

Comment Re:hate my country (Score 4, Insightful) 223

Your country is not the one putting this forth. The current set of "leaders" is. Vote them out next Tuesday.

2008 called, they want their optimism back

Then they too should vote for someone other than the person/group they voted into office back in '08. Because in the past 4 years, we've seen privacy and rights and wealth dwindle to a fraction of what they were prior...

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