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Comment Hacking Firewall (Score 1) 196

Build a collection of easy device hacks, the way security companies collect virus signatures now, and have a firewall on the wide area connection that attempts to use the methods in the collection to gain access to the devices that want through. Devices that can be defeated by the firewall aren't allowed past it.

Comment Hi Ashley Rodriguez (Score 1) 84

I wanted to write you a note and found here a box I could type it in. I was gonna find a service to send it by, but I found I could click "submit" instead of finding a place where I'd send it to. I wanted to include a quote, but I wasn't sure where I'd get it from. I told my friend I was typing this, and, answering the question about what I'd do that for, I said maybe it's less about who you type it to but more about who you type it with. I couldn't put it in the mail, 'cause what kind of paper would I write it on? So finally, I asked, "Where's the library at?" But, we all know what that joke's about.

Comment Re:They eat up the more or less real stores (Score 1) 119

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was designed by GE in the 1960s. If you look today at the safety record of cars designed in the 1960s, you might be nervous about cars, too. People putting up road blocks to building new nuclear plants to replace the old ones and then using the failure of the old ones as a reason to put up even more road blocks seems to me very much like the people who cut the funding for government agencies and then use the poor performance that results from the inadequate funding as a reason to cut the agency funding still further.

Comment Re:Double edged sword (Score 2) 164

How is a permanent backdoor into the operation of my vehicle any better an idea than a permanent backdoor into my security products? If it's there in every person's vehicle to be exploited, it's much more likely to be exploited by bad actors than by the police. Here's something simpler: .50 cal api rounds into the engine block. It's very straightforward and effective.

Comment Re:Amazon could easily be profitable (Score 1) 70

You're quite wrong. People invest in Amazon by buying its stock. Amazon uses the money to build the company, making the stock more valuable. Investors then sell the stock for more money than they paid for it. The additional money is called capital gains. This works very well. Pick any 5 year period since 2007 and you'll find that an investment in Amazon at the start of that period pays well at the end of it. This is called investing, not ponzi. When the company builds itself into a larger company, the stock is worth more, because it's the same percentage of a larger company.

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