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Comment If I had a robot firing a pistol (Score 1) 141

I'd have a wrist eyeball behind the gun sight and an encapsulated magnetically operated trigger that makes a captured pistol hard for non-robots to fire. I suppose it'd be nice for the robot to be able to fire a weapon that it captured, but the pistol in the photo doesn't look like the preferred weapon of its enemy. A good demo of algorithmic superiority would be for the robot to pick up and fire a cheap old pistol, miss and put subsequent shots exactly on target by exactly compensating for the amount of the initial miss.

Comment Re:My suggestion... (Score 1) 240

Just out of curiosity, for the intervening period until Apple updates their product, is there any server management software you'd recommend for allowing not-very-knowledgeable technicians to successfully perform more mundane and routine server maintenance tasks on Linux servers? It occurs to me that this is a matter about which you may have done some considerable thinking.

Comment Re:My suggestion... (Score 1) 240

It would seem Apple-esque to me to have brand continuity in the types of choices across different product lines. Servers don't seem Apple-esque to me as the cost to performance ratio plays a much bigger part in the purchasing decision. I don't think people who want plug-and-play from servers are inclined to purchase their own hardware.

Comment Poor brand management (Score 1) 152

I'm a little surprised that they didn't form a new division and give it a different name for this product. I don't think that the "we surveil people for money" notion is going to help their cable internet business. Granted, much of that is in locations where they have a monopoly, but still. Now if municipalities want to fight with them they can say "regardless of whether they're spying on non-business customers, too many of our community members are convinced that they do - we have to provide a municipal alternative for their peace of mind."

Comment Re:Autonomous Ships? (Score 1) 138

Automated control doesn't prevent a boat from getting slapped around by rough water. When the boat pivots around center of mass, causing the deck to drop faster than the freely falling objects that weren't tied down, this can cause undue stress to the transported cargo. Second, one thing that's nice about staying on an inside passage is that the nearby land blocks wind. When you're bucking into the winds around a low, making two knots while running the engines as hard as you usually do making twelve knots (even if there's software that prevents overspeeding when the prop catches air), generally the extra time and fuel consumed makes staying inside much more sensible and economical even though it's less direct. Also, are you suggesting that the Norwegian government buy a automated replacement boats for everyone North of the Stad peninsula? A bet a lot of other Norwegians would want new replacement boats, too. $272 million is starting to seem less and less expensive.

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