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Comment If the Commission on Presidential Debates made (Score 1) 170

this requirement, then it sounds like the reporters should pass the bill on to the Commission. The members of this commission are the same fine individuals who always decide for us that we shouldn't hear the voices of any third party candidates. So, now I learn that they don't want me to hear live data that doesn't pass through their own network. I wonder what they'll decide I shouldn't hear next.

Comment Re:They forgot the internet (Score 1) 103

I was thinking that same thing - also: converting live performance into electrical signals; recording electrical signals digitally in a manner amenable to transmission over a packet switched network; the whole concept of exchanging currency for goods and services instead of having to barter. And, lets not forget the artists themselves. If they wouldn't produce a desirable performance, no one would want to pirate it, and so anti-piracy efforts would be much more successful.

What they need to do is have each person desiring a copy of a performance attend the live performance and only encode the electrical signals in the brain of each listener, so that playback only works if it's played back into the brain from which it was recorded. Then, piracy will be more challenging - at least until the telepathy brain-mods that allow direct brain-to-brain sharing come out. I'm sure it'll eventually be illegal to even remember a copyrighted performance without paying an additional fee. In fact, this could be the reason people think elves and fairies don't exist. It's not that no one's encountered them, it's just that no one can afford the fees for remembering the encounter.

Comment Re:Environmental impacts? (Score 1) 321

Thanks for that information the suicide rate for youths. It's new to me. Interesting that it's pointing to a wider gap in mental health care as the reason. I wonder what the difference is among older people and whether a similar gap in physical health care leaves rural older people with an unacceptable quality of life resulting in suicide.

Comment Might be nice for software (Score 1) 95

The requirement to provide the materials in an electronic format gets rid of the "send crates of printed pages" response to a FOIA request for government software, but I did not see a requirement or standard method to indicate where material had been redacted from the middle of information presented in electronic format.

Comment Architects? Look at how houses are sold (Score 1) 117

When I do a quick search for passive cooling design, I see plenty of ideas, primarily aimed a people building solar powered houses. But, that's the thing, the house you get when you build the design you want is vastly different from the house you get when you buy something designed to look good enough and maximize profit for a real estate developer.

Comment Helps to learn a new definition for "one thing" (Score 3, Interesting) 106

I have worked primarily as chief engineer or electrician on commercial fishing vessels, mostly in the Bering Sea. Generally it's 12 hour shifts, and the boat is in continuous 24 hour operation. Typically, systems that require simultaneous engineer attention include fishing hydraulics, power generation, processing equipment, propulsion, & refrigeration. When I first come to a new boat, I have these issues when I'm switching between these things. As time goes on, I develop a mental model of the specifics of the entire vessel, and instead of switching between different things, I'm paying attention to one, more complex thing. When that happens I lose this penalty somewhat. The problem comes when returning from vacation, because I want to enjoy the loss of penalty, but the model may no longer be complete or may be intermixed with models of other vessels.

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