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Comment Re:About to be excited (Score 1) 193

I looked and didn't find any. Mucosis (the Dutch company) says SynGEM is a vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus. When I did a quick search for whether something that treats RSV might also treat rhinovirus, I didn't find any such indication, but I did find this study on coinfections which certainly suggests so me that a successful vaccine for RSV would be of significant benefit to children under 2 years old.

Comment If it can fold cloths, (Score 2) 139

then I reckon it can tell whether a given article of clothing is in folded condition. So, they could make a much more valuable robot - one that goes around, picks up all the clothing that isn't folded and brings it to the laundry. Next task: clothing recognition - being able to pull an article of clothing from the dryer and return it to the room from which it was originally collected.

Comment Re:will UPS deliver it in a box? (Score 2) 59

I want mine to deliver itself. Until that can happen, I'll settle for picking up the key in the Amazon locker in front of my local grocery store. The person who delivers the car to the grocery store parking lot can catch a ride back to the city in the Amazon locker delivery vehicle.

Comment Good discovery (Score 1) 90

But I did not read that they have figured out how to cause a person to produce this antibody. In fact, the article talked about infusing people with antibodies, but not about some vaccine that might cause people to produce the antibodies themselves. I expect that this is being pursued. Until that pursuit yields results, I don't know that this discovery will be able to counterbalance risky behavior very much.

Comment Re:They are totally different stories (Score 1) 430

Hell yes it has. The internet lets smart people communicate with other smart people in a much less location dependent fashion. The results of their collaboration make the world a better place. The most obvious example is the alleviation of suffering brought about more rapidly by advances in medicine that happened more rapidly because people can send one another documents via the internet. When I read product reviews online and don't have to spend my money twice because I bought something shitty the first time, that's not just convenience, that's actual money I can use to improve my life in other ways. The same holds true for my ability to find good second hand stuff I'd otherwise never have learned about and for being able to learn the specific pitfalls associated with particular diy projects from people who have made that information available online. Quantifiable happiness is controlled by chemicals in the brain. If you want to learn how to change your life circumstances so as to reliably trigger them more frequently, there's articles about that on the internet.

Comment MS & mom - only two choices? (Score 1) 194

So, what if my mom is nothing like an IT pro, but is reasonably good at shopping? There's a lot of internet security products on the market designed to protect the computers of people who are not IT pros. Are you saying that reading reviews and trusting one of these products that was liked by reviewers to be competent at providing internet security is not a successful strategy - that only the system vendor can do this job sufficiently well?

Comment Botnet (Score 1) 177

Use a botnet to get others to do your browsing for you. Include lots of noise in the botnet's behavior so that it's difficult to tell what among the information it retrieves is the information you want. Make the botnet appear to be a failure at accomplishing some different goal, so that the people who investigate botnets pass over investigating yours in favor of investigating one of the ones that appears to be doing something successfully.

Alternatively, use mind control to get a billionaire to put a network of free tor nodes in low earth orbit. You'll be harder to pinpoint if the size of the "parking lot" where you pick up the free wifi is a couple hundred km across.

Comment Re:Or do a different Heinlein book (Score 1) 457

It'd be easier to do justice to one of the juveniles in a 2 hour movie. I can think of a few SF movie making teams that have it in 'em to do one of those successfully. Whether they'd want to would be a different question. I don't know how much interest there'd be in the portrayal of a 1950 view of the future, where one of the attractions would have to be that it was showing a 1950 view of the future. The temptation to satirize the implied "America great again" message inherent in seeing that from where we stand today could prove overwhelming, as could the viewer temptation to perceive satire regardless of intent.

Comment Re:Or do a different Heinlein book (Score 3, Interesting) 457

Harsh Mistress came to mind first for me. The more I think about either story, the more I think they'd each do better as a mini-series on Netflix. Too much of the world building would have to be cut out in something that's just a couple of hours, and one hour of a Friday movie would doubtless be fight scenes.

Comment Re:Tablet please? (Score 1) 159

They could sell those cards preformatted and painted with their own logo (I'm imagining a road sign style evergreen with a capital "B" on it). And, the software could warn people when attempting to use a card with a different format that the card will have to be reformatted to be useful and that all data on the card will be erased during the reformatting process. That's exactly what happens if I plug a card or external drive with a Non-MS format into a Windows box. People have gotten on ok with external hard drives formatted for Mac and Windows PCs for a long time. Google has a sufficiently powerful brand to use a different format if they want. Also, when other manufacturers can implement the format used by Google without a license fee, manufacturers that pay the MS Tax now might well adopt additionally the new format, hoping to transition away from the MS Tax in the future.

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