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Comment Re:Light years (Score 1) 216

Astronomers use parsecs because they have a clear definition based on a physical, measurable distance. When you say light year you have to specify what a year is (there are several kinds, some change over time). In many cases it does not matter and light years are sufficiently accurate given the distance uncertainty and they are more intuitive.

Comment Re:The name says it all... (Score 2) 162

It's not mispronounced; the first screenshot in this article shows that the menu item (third from the left) is in fact spelled "manbang" and pronounced (using X-SAMPA) as /man.baN/, equivalent to how a conservative English accent would say "man bang" (with open front unrounded A) Here's the Wikipedia article on Korean phonology if you want to analyse it yourself.

...Is it possible you're salty because someone forgot to invite you to participate in Manbang?

Comment Re:FSF/GNU are happy with corporate directed (Score 1) 307

er, Linux is just the kernel.

No, Linux is an overloaded name that can refer to the kernel or the operating system as a whole. And it is used in both ways by many Linux advocates and enthusiasts. Context usually makes it quite clear which is being used.

In this discussion's context,

You can't weasel your way out of this one. The summary is about Linux, then the discussion was about Linus and his Linux. Stop trying to make this about GNU.

Comment Re:It's not sabotage (Score 4, Informative) 86

Were it that I had mod points! I think the title tells us more about the Ars writer than it does about anything else; your interpretation is much more consistent with the actual study's tone:

Abstract: Most theories of motivation have highlighted that human behavior is guided by the hedonic principle, according to which our choices of daily activities aim to minimize negative affect and maximize positive affect. However, it is not clear how to reconcile this idea with the fact that people routinely engage in unpleasant yet necessary activities. To address this issue, we monitored in real time the activities and moods of over 28,000 people across an average of 27 d using a multiplatform smartphone application. We found that people’s choices of activities followed a hedonic flexibility principle. Specifically, people were more likely to engage in mood-increasing activities (e.g., play sports) when they felt bad, and to engage in useful but mood-decreasing activities (e.g., housework) when they felt good. These findings clarify how hedonic considerations shape human behavior. They may explain how humans overcome the allure of short-term gains in happiness to maximize long-term welfare.

Comment Re:Apple been weak in everything since Jobs died (Score 1) 472

Yes, I feel Apple lost it's edge when Steve died.
Many things haven't come from Apple since than, and many things that have come would not have cut it with Steve I think.

They are no longer setting trends, but following their competition, which is a bad place to be in a market.

I also feel like they have abandoned the "Pro" market, without fully admitting it.

I was in the market for a nice Apple desktop this year. I ended up buying a 2012 Mac Pro second hand cheaply, adding SSDs, 32 GB RAM and a NVidia GTX980 (with MacVids rom from their UK reseller).

No iMac, Mini, Macbook (Pro) can match that thing, and I get really close to 2013 Mac Pro performance for a fraction of the price. Waranty could be an issue, but probably the thing will work for years.

When I bought my first Macbook Pro, just after they switched to Intel. I made a comparison, and a Dell with the same specs was more expensive. They were selling really competitive hardware for competitive prices. And most of it latest generation high end tech that worked well as a "Pro" desktop replacement.

After 2010-2012 I haven't seen anything from them that I really thought was competitive and that I would want to buy. That's why I'm running a 2012 Mac Pro and a 2011 Macbook Pro. There is no compelling reason to buy anything newer from Apple unless you really want a retina display. Before 2010 this was different.

Comment Re:Hackintosh (Score 1) 472

I looked at Hackintosh, but OS changes/upgrades are a pain and even installing it in the first place.

I ended up getting a cheap 2012 Mac Pro, adding some SSDs, 32 GB RAM and a GTX980 (with MacVids ROM), fully supported hardware, and a very nice OSX desktop machine that is the equal of anything Apple can sell me right now.

When you're competing with your own hardware from 4 years ago, then in the electronics market you are doing something very wrong. Moore's Law isn't that dead yet.

Comment Re: UBlock = inferior + inefficient vs. hosts (Score 1) 195

You shut your mouth! APK is a national treasure. Like the World's Largest Ball of Yarn, or Donald Trump's toupee. Anyone who can envision a Slashdot without his enlightened and charming meditations is a dirty, dirty heliocentrist.


More soberly, I honestly think he has schizophrenia. His writing and formatting is consistent with that exhibited in TimeCube and bears some resemblance to that of Francis E. Dec, Esq.

Comment Disinformation, no thanks (Score 1) 297

Anyone knowing how autopilot works should find the report sounding fishy. One doesn't "activate the car's Autopilot driver assist system at the beginning of the trip", so at zero speed, but when the road is appropriate, like being on a highway, at positive speed. Activating autopilot at zero speed doesn't work.
Further this incident, which remains to be confirmed on several points, didn't caused any fatality. Slashdot doen't improve its declining aura in participating to what looks like a disinformation campaign about Tesla.

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