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Comment Disinformation, no thanks (Score 1) 297

Anyone knowing how autopilot works should find the report sounding fishy. One doesn't "activate the car's Autopilot driver assist system at the beginning of the trip", so at zero speed, but when the road is appropriate, like being on a highway, at positive speed. Activating autopilot at zero speed doesn't work.
Further this incident, which remains to be confirmed on several points, didn't caused any fatality. Slashdot doen't improve its declining aura in participating to what looks like a disinformation campaign about Tesla.

Comment Plex (Score 2) 226

I've got an Apple TV 4 which has a native Plex client and that works really well. I've also set up (with a bit of fiddling) PlexConnect on the Plex server which allows you to replace the Apple Trailers on an ATV2 or ATV3 with Plex too without any jailbreaking. That works amazingly well too. This way I still have the benefits of iTunes for renting movies and for my iTunes collection, but also Plex which is a much more flexible media server with clients for lots of other platforms.

Comment Re: What is this I don't even (Score 1) 268

I don't think it's a particular direction; the point is more that the distortion behaves like a normal physical object in that it can be rotated by someone picking it up and moving it. Some other phenomena like electron clouds only exhibit measurable orientations in the presence of other charged particles.

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