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Comment Re:Theoretical breakthrough... (Score 1) 152

The probability of "7,7,7,7,7,7,7,7,7,7,7,7" is the same as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,1,2 or any other 13-int sequence.

You are thinking of placing sequences in categories (k consecutive numbers), for which the probability indeed decreases rapidly with k.
But that requires you to define similar sequences, which is a form of finding patterns.

Comment Re:And better for the enviroment (Score 1) 274

Perhaps the total number of cows, pigs, chicken, etc. would decrease. But the diversity of animals has drastically declined due to industrialisation of cattle farming.

"30 percent of global biodiversity loss can be attributed to aspects of livestock production"
"animal farming saps soil nutrients and pollutes the environment as waste runoff from farms causes algae blooms that consume oxygen in water, killing essential bacteria and destroying healthy ecosystems"

If nothing else, the land area for them is taken away.

Comment Re:And better for the enviroment (Score 1) 274

Have you ever actually seen cows in your life?

Have you ever seen the cows that meat is made from? Probably not, since they are locked away in meat factories and have never seen green. Cows grazing is a children's book dream. It's "inefficient".
And don't tell me you buy your meat from the local butcher -- every time you go to a restaurant, that's meat factory meat right there.

Comment Re:SystemD = Bolsheviks (Score 2) 293

Oh the problem is there alright.

See here for example:

You want to replace sysvinit with something.
Now whether that is upstart, OpenRC, systemd or something else is the question.

systemd's service dependency tree and triggering is definitely attractive, and you can do some cool server configurations with it. For example, assign resources to a service, and that restriction applies to all sub-processes. Or find all processes launched by a service.

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