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Journal Journal: oh man there are still people here. :( 33

i don't wanna come back here anymore. :) sentimentality and all that, but multiply is much cooler. i like the multimedia options.

i'll keep reading everyone here when i get a chance, but you probably won't see me round here that often!

hi! *waves* anyone want a multiply invite? (not that you need it to join, but if it'll help...)

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Journal Journal: in to the muthafuckin out burgah!!!!!!!! 8

sammy sammy sammy sammy sammy sammy sammy sammy sammy!!!!

i had my first in n out burger. it was delizzi!!!! choco shake and fries. holy fuck was that a yummy burger.

i know i've been a bit "verbal" in my last few JE's, so I'll keep this short: YUM!!!!! :D

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Journal Journal: *sigh* 13

as i said elsewhere, the colts didn't win it as much as the bears lost it. even urlacher wasn't up to much tonight. i still think the bears are a better team overall (minus grossman). it sucked having benson injured too--he would often fill in the gaps as an alternate to jones.

we need a goddammed quarterback. i wouldn't want manning though--primadonna little bitch that he is. every time the camera was on him he was whining and what's with his dramatics before the snap??? shut up, call the play, and hike it asshole.

not just sour grapes, he's always annoyed me.

chicago still rocks over indy. :D

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Journal Journal: bearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbears 4



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Journal Journal: i think there's a pattern here... :) top 150 songs 4

It's been a while since I had my first iPod, so I decided to reflect on my favorite songs since my first iPod. Of course, this isn't representative of my entire life nor necessarily all my favorite songs. I probably listened to Achtung Baby by U2 in college about 5000 times. :) Anyway, I pretty much love this playlist though. I could easily enjoy any of these songs, "guilty pleasure" or not.

She Bangs The Drums: The Stone Roses Playcount: 139
Elephant Stone: The Stone Roses Playcount: 138
Mr. Brightside: The Killers Playcount: 124
Chocolate: Snow Patrol Playcount: 122
Go To Sleep: Radiohead Playcount: 111
I Wanna Be Adored: The Stone Roses Playcount: 111
Fools Gold: The Stone Roses Playcount: 100
Waterfall: The Stone Roses Playcount: 98
Love Is the Law: The Seahorses Playcount: 95
Bye Bye Bad Man: The Stone Roses Playcount: 91
Elizabeth My Dear: The Stone Roses Playcount: 89
Ten Storey Love Song: The Stone Roses Playcount: 86
Vapour Trail: Ride Playcount: 83
Vertigo: U2 Playcount: 83
(Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister: The Stone Roses Playcount: 82
Speed of Sound: Coldplay Playcount: 80
She Bangs the Drums: The Stone Roses Playcount: 80
All These Things That I've Done: The Killers Playcount: 79
I Am The Resurrection: The Stone Roses Playcount: 79
Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2: Pink Floyd Playcount: 77
Don't Stop: The Stone Roses Playcount: 75
Somebody Told Me: The Killers Playcount: 73
Paranoid Android: Radiohead Playcount: 73
Mother: Pink Floyd Playcount: 72
Airbag: Radiohead Playcount: 72
Exit Music (For A Film): Radiohead Playcount: 69
One Love: The Stone Roses Playcount: 69
Made Of Stone: The Stone Roses Playcount: 68
Shoot You Down: The Stone Roses Playcount: 68
Fix You: Coldplay Playcount: 65
Subterranean Homesick Alien: Radiohead Playcount: 65
Daybreak: The Stone Roses Playcount: 65
Club Foot: Kasabian Playcount: 64
In the Flesh?: Pink Floyd Playcount: 64
Young Lust: Pink Floyd Playcount: 63
Njósnavélin: Sigur Rós Playcount: 63
This Is The One: The Stone Roses Playcount: 63
The Happiest Days of Our Lives: Pink Floyd Playcount: 61
Breaking Into Heaven: The Stone Roses Playcount: 61
Moving: Supergrass Playcount: 60
Lyla: Oasis Playcount: 59
Sally Cinnamon: The Stone Roses Playcount: 60
The Thin Ice: Pink Floyd Playcount: 58
Elephant Stone (12" Mix): The Stone Roses Playcount: 58
Standing Here: The Stone Roses Playcount: 58
Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 1: Pink Floyd Playcount: 57
Comfortably Numb: Pink Floyd Playcount: 57
The Ground Beneath Her Feet (Soundtrack Version): U2 Playcount: 57
Weirdo: The Charlatans Playcount: 56
It's No Good (Hardfloor Mix Version): Depeche Mode Playcount: 56
L.S.F.: Kasabian Playcount: 56
Let Down: Radiohead Playcount: 56
Vaka: Sigur Rós Playcount: 56
Cold Hard Bitch: Jet Playcount: 55
The Only One I Know: The Charlatans Playcount: 54
Freakin' Out: Graham Coxon Playcount: 53
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own: U2 Playcount: 53
Goodbye Blue Sky: Pink Floyd Playcount: 52
Karma Police: Radiohead Playcount: 52
Run: Snow Patrol Playcount: 52
My Own Worst Enemy: Lit Playcount: 51
Empty Spaces: Pink Floyd Playcount: 51
How to Be Dead: Snow Patrol Playcount: 51
Driving South: The Stone Roses Playcount: 51
London Calling: The Clash Playcount: 49
Enjoy The Silence: Depeche Mode Playcount: 49
Jump Around: House Of Pain Playcount: 48
Elephant Stone: The Stone Roses Playcount: 48
So What'cha Want: The Beastie Boys Playcount: 47
One of My Turns: Pink Floyd Playcount: 47
Everything In Its Right Place: Radiohead Playcount: 47
The Hardest Thing in the World: The Stone Roses Playcount: 47
Get Free: The Vines Playcount: 47
Ch-Check It Out: The Beastie Boys Playcount: 46
Wish You Were Here: Pink Floyd Playcount: 46
Tears: The Stone Roses Playcount: 46
Mersey Paradise: The Stone Roses Playcount: 46
Swallowed In the Sea: Coldplay Playcount: 45
Rollover D.J.: Jet Playcount: 45
Fitter Happier: Radiohead Playcount: 45
Miracle Drug: U2 Playcount: 45
Don't Leave Me Now: Pink Floyd Playcount: 44
Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 3: Pink Floyd Playcount: 44
Synchronicity II: The Police Playcount: 44
Fyrsta: Sigur Rós Playcount: 44
Starálfur: Sigur Rós Playcount: 44
Love Spreads: The Stone Roses Playcount: 44
Waterfall: The Stone Roses Playcount: 44
Blue Monday: New Order Playcount: 43
Going Down: The Stone Roses Playcount: 43
Beautiful Day: U2 Playcount: 43
What If: Coldplay Playcount: 42
American Idiot: Green Day Playcount: 42
2 + 2 = 5: Radiohead Playcount: 42
Sure Shot: The Beastie Boys Playcount: 41
Brand New Cadillac: The Clash Playcount: 41
Rudie Can't Fail: The Clash Playcount: 41
Square One: Coldplay Playcount: 41
Dream On (Edit): Depeche Mode Playcount: 41
Shimmer: Fuel Playcount: 41
Starlight: Muse Playcount: 41
Samskeyti: Sigur Rós Playcount: 41
Straight to the Man: The Stone Roses Playcount: 41
I Wanna Be Adored: The Stone Roses Playcount: 41
Talk: Coldplay Playcount: 40
Laid: James Playcount: 40
The Dolphin's Cry: Live Playcount: 40
Goodbye Cruel World: Pink Floyd Playcount: 40
Blurry: Puddle of Mudd Playcount: 40
No Surprises: Radiohead Playcount: 40
Muzzle: Smashing Pumpkins Playcount: 40
Begging You: The Stone Roses Playcount: 40
I Am the Resurrection: The Stone Roses Playcount: 40
Drive: Incubus Playcount: 39
Speak To Me/Breathe: Pink Floyd Playcount: 39
One: U2 Playcount: 39
Jenny Was a Friend of Mine: The Killers Playcount: 38
The Show Must Go On: Pink Floyd Playcount: 38
Electioneering: Radiohead Playcount: 38
Burden In My Hand: Soundgarden Playcount: 38
Your Star Will Shine: The Stone Roses Playcount: 38
Where Angels Play: The Stone Roses Playcount: 38
Where the Streets Have No Name: U2 Playcount: 38
White Shadows: Coldplay Playcount: 37
Longsight M13: Ian Brown Playcount: 37
Are You Gonna Be My Girl: Jet Playcount: 37
On The Run: Pink Floyd Playcount: 37
Fake Plastic Trees: Radiohead Playcount: 37
Wouldn't It Be Nice (Stereo Version): The Beach Boys Playcount: 36
X & Y: Coldplay Playcount: 36
Smile Like You Mean It: The Killers Playcount: 36
Breathe In: Paloalto Playcount: 36
Is There Anybody Out There?: Pink Floyd Playcount: 36
Lucky: Radiohead Playcount: 36
Good Times: The Stone Roses Playcount: 36
What the World Is Waiting For: The Stone Roses Playcount: 36
Calling All Angels: Train Playcount: 36
Voices Carry (Single Mix): 'Til Tuesday Playcount: 35
Jimmy Jazz: The Clash Playcount: 35
Train in Vain (Stand by Me): The Clash Playcount: 35
This is Radio Clash: The Clash Playcount: 35
Stop: Pink Floyd Playcount: 35
Sail To The Moon: Radiohead Playcount: 35
There There: Radiohead Playcount: 35
Climbing Up The Walls: Radiohead Playcount: 35
Spitting Games: Snow Patrol Playcount: 35
Run Like Hell: Pink Floyd Playcount: 34
Hoppípolla: Sigur Rós Playcount: 34
Made of Stone: The Stone Roses Playcount: 34
Hate To Say I Told You So: The Hives Playcount: 33
User Journal

Journal Journal: cool night!!! :) 8

i just met the guy who discovered this -- Neil Shubin! Basically, it was a transitional link when we came out of the water the first time about 370 million years ago. he described his trips to the arctic to search for it and was a great lecturer! he had us all laughing too.

i just can't imagine making such an important and sought after find such as that transitional fossil. after the lecture you go to a hall for refreshments and you get to meet him face to face. i had so many questions, but restrained myself and we got into a very interesting discussion about the fossil record and how the transitional fossils are predicted before they're found which continuously reaffirms and strengthens evolution. talked a bit about dawkins (who he's met and admires) and different paleontological references.

i was also thinking how utterly insulting, ignorant, and rude it is for those people (and there are so many of them) to discredit Darwin, not with facts, but with brainwashing, lies, and propaganda. it's so obvious once you pick up one small book on evolution that it is an astoundingly systematic and convincing theory and it makes this world seem so much more interesting and makes so much more sense! it's really a travesty of justice. i know, there really is no justice, but it's annoying.

of course someone had to ask about intelligent design and said, "what do you think about that?" he comically looked at his watch as if he was going to rant (which got a good laugh), but was very gracious about it saying, "i believe in falsifiability and testing. i don't give much time to things that don't have those important factors." another person asked a question, "don't you feel guilty and have trouble sleeping at night knowing in your heart that this isn't the way life came to land?" he quickly dispensed with that one by saying, "Tiktaalik wasn't the first life on land. There were plants and Arthropods. Next question?"

all in all, a night to remember. :) i saw my old boss there and wdb loved it too (zoology being a specialty of hers and now evolution too).

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Journal Journal: i don't know how... 1

but when i hear it, i know it. a perfect song: Starlight by Muse. I loved it when i bought the album and it's just haunted me since.

black holes and revelations.

User Journal

Journal Journal: our hopes and expectations-- 1

black holes and revelations!

(ok fuzz bass)
behr behr behr behr behr behr behr behr behr

hoooold you iiin my arms. i just wanted to hoooold you iiin my arms.

never fade away!

User Journal

Journal Journal: [religion] jesus is just alright with me 35

"And that servant [slave], which knew his lord's will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes."

he was pretty good at repeating some already established good ideas (golden rule, etc.) and performed some *cracking* miracles, but he was a bit overboard at times with his lashing of slaves and what-not. i know the current thinking is god wanted us to have slaves so we could grow to learn to not have slaves, but it would've been a bit nice if old hayzeus had suggested that having slaves is a bad idea.

also, what's with the "abandon your family and follow me [hale-bopp is coming 'round again]!" (comment mine) stuff? ;) sounds a bit creepy-cult-ish to me.

and, as julia sweeney so aptly puts it, jesus "suffering for our sins" was basically a bad weekend. she watched her brother suffer from cancer for 6 months--canker sores covering his throat, dropping to 60 pounds, lying in bed vomiting for an entire week at a time.

and WHAT THE HELL kind of "father" sends his son to die a miserable death when he supposedly has the power to clean things up with a "bewitched" nose wiggle?

oh...yeah...the old testament god is that kind of father. the one obsessed with sacrifice and ordering the people he "loved" so much kill their own children.

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Journal Journal: what drives you bloody insane? 34

you know what makes me see red? when i see a review on amazon for a technical book that says: "bad book--not for beginners." there are *so* many reviews like that. and you know what? none of the books i've read with those reviews claim to be for beginners! so fucking what if you can't understand the book because it wasn't written specifically for you? don't bash something you don't understand. if the book *claims* to be for beginners, but appears much too complex, fine. if you find inaccuracies or poorly explained topics, fine. just don't write a goddammed review that says, "waaaah, i can't understand this, so it's bad!" whiny bitches. there goes my new years hopes and dreams... ;)

most of the reviews i've looked at that have pissed me off were for books that i've gained an immense amount of information from--perhaps they weren't for beginners, but who said all books are supposed to cater to the beginner anyway?

has anyone else seen these idiotic types of reviews?

what meaningless nonsense drives you mental? :)

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Journal Journal: multi-touch should replace the mouse 6

if multi-touch is as cool as it looks, i would love it if it would replace the mouse. imagine having a better touchpad that gave you multi-touch for your desktop? that would be very cool. a few gestures to shrink the screen and control windows more "intuitively" than the mouse.

sounds like a killer application of this technology for a desktop. i imagine microsoft will find a "legal" way to embrace and extend this concept. of course, it'll be called "many-feel" or something--TOTALLY different. ;)

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Journal Journal: my star wars analogy! 7

i just realized something. in my new job, i'm like luke skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back. You know, more confident, more competent, less whiny. Almost a Jedi, but not quite there--the force is starting to run through me. revmike is like the emperor--manipulating this current customer (Vader) to sway me to the dark side.

When I started out at the new job, i was scared shitless. i didn't really whine though--not the whiny type. now, though, i wear a brown robe with a hood to the office and wave my hands at people to do my bidding and make them stop being FUCKING STUPID.

i only hope before the end of this project for this one company that Darth Vader doesn't take my hand off. :)

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Journal Journal: itunes phone--I WANT THIS MOFO!!!! 8

it is AWESOME looking and i want one. they just need to get a real cellular provider first. cingular? fuck no...

evdo will be nice too.

i still want one.


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