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  • Great game! Pity the Patriots couldn't hold onto their lead on the Colts, still this Superbowl promises to be quite awesome. Go Bears!

    • by btlzu2 ( 99039 ) *
      yes...a rematch (and win) of january 28th, 1985 would've been perfecto!!!! :D

      i couldn't believe they made it. we were at the gym watching the game and working out. when they won, we looked at some of the other folks at the gym in a stunned fashion and said, "the bears are going to the SUPERBOWL!!!!!" it's like we couldn't believe it. we're so used to losing. ;)
      • by Tet ( 2721 )
        yes...a rematch (and win) of january 28th, 1985 would've been perfecto!

        My mum was working for a company (in London) set up by a guy from Boston at the time. Most of the people in the office were from Boston, and were all crowded around a TV watching the game live (I'm guessing Channel 4 were broadcasting the game live, although late night TV only barely existed back then). Unsurprisingly, they were all rather dejected at work the following day, to say the least. I was just starting to get into American Fo

  • Sometimes my roommate calls her cat "Smoochy Bear." It always freaks me out and I check over my shoulder like "what? Where?!?"

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