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Journal btlzu2's Journal: *sigh* 13

as i said elsewhere, the colts didn't win it as much as the bears lost it. even urlacher wasn't up to much tonight. i still think the bears are a better team overall (minus grossman). it sucked having benson injured too--he would often fill in the gaps as an alternate to jones.

we need a goddammed quarterback. i wouldn't want manning though--primadonna little bitch that he is. every time the camera was on him he was whining and what's with his dramatics before the snap??? shut up, call the play, and hike it asshole.

not just sour grapes, he's always annoyed me.

chicago still rocks over indy. :D

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  • hmmm (Score:3, Informative)

    by blinder ( 153117 ) * <(moc.liamg) (ta) (evad.rednilb)> on Monday February 05, 2007 @12:30AM (#17886122) Homepage Journal
    we watched puppy bowl III. i think the puppies won. i mean, where can you go wrong? puppies playing with other puppies!

    oh who am i kidding, we won! we got to see the puppies!!!
    • yeah. i even remember some of that. The puppies were cute. I didn't miss the football; i wasn't present enough to enjoy it. Puppies on the other hand... man. Puppies.
  • That's the way the game is - someone wins, someone loses. The Colts won the physical battle on both sides of the ball. There were two plays that kept it from being a laugher: Hester's return and Jones' long run from scrimmage that preceded the Bears' second TD. I'm not sure who showed up on the Bears defense, but it did not look like the guys that I saw earlier in the season. But you've got to give Indy's offensive line some credit. They consistently opened holes for Addai and Rhodes. Who would have
  • I saw your post in Ethelred's journal, and would agree with it for the most part. Chicago has played better in the last few games. True, Grossman did make some errors. However, an equal burden also lies with defense and blocking. It takes a team to win or lose a game and this was no exception. At least we can take pride in making it to the final round.

  • I went down to a friends house and missed the first 35 seconds of the first quarter. Then they didn't have the decency to replay it even once during the entire rest of the game.

    Someone, somewhere will have a highlight reel. It's just annoying that they didn't show it again.
    • Heh. In the German broadcast, they constantly showed highlights of the game, especially the kickoff return. It was actually kinda annoying.

      OTOH it was probably because the broadcast was largely uninterrupted by ads (the ad breaks were filled by the commentators droning on) so they had to have some filler.



      • by subgeek ( 263292 ) *
        that's too bad that the german broadcast removes what is for me the best part of the super bowl.
  • Getting rid of the QBs the Colts probably had the better O-line (especially considering Peyton's ranting on the line of scrimmage and their ability to work on the fly and still give great protection and do secondary blocking down the field), and far better receivers (Harrison, Wayne, and the rest doodoo on just about everybody outside St Louis and Cincy). It was probably a push on the running game (both teams had two good runners and in the rain its less about banging bodies than fresh legs to wear down de
    • by btlzu2 ( 99039 ) *
      absolutely agreed 100%. i still think it's one of the "on any given day" type things personally. i've seen the defense so hot this year so many times that there was no way even manning could survive it. yesterday wasn't that day.
  • If it wasn't raining, that puddle of urine at Rex Grossman's feet would have been more noticeable.

    Don't the Bears still have Kyle Orton out of Purdue university? Grossman can't possibly be the better QB than Orton, could he? Orton was fantastic at Purdue.
    • by btlzu2 ( 99039 ) *
      you got it sister! ;) (sorry, just sounded funny)

      i think he seems like a nice guy, but is he ever out of his league 50% of the time.
  • Sure, he had a losing strategy, and stuck with it. (Short passes, like Manning, but too far behind the 1st down line to advance the field) (And when that didn't work, he threw long bombs for the interception). I feel bad for him because he looked like such a kid. I mean, what, did he just graduate High School?

    He seriously looked too young to play with the big boys.

  • You know how difficult it is to find and groom a QB in the NFL? Grossman is a couple years away from being a Farve-like player. Sure, he isn't the ultra-conservative type QB (like Peyton, who's a good version of that type, or his brother Eli, who is a bad version), he's a gunslinger, which makes a lot of fans ill, but Brett Favre showed that a gunslinger can not only win the big game, but can be a HOF'er.

    The defense and running game got them to the superbowl, give him a few years and he will be able to

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