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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Are Headphone Cables Designed To Fail Within Weeks Of Purchase? 4

dryriver writes: I'm a heavy headphone user. It doesn't matter what headphones I buy — Sony, Philips, Logitech you name it — the headphones typically fail to work properly within a few weeks of purchase. It is never the headphones/earbuds themselves that fail. It is always the part of the headphone cable where the small wires connect to the almost indestructible 3.5mm metal headphone jack. Result? Either the left or right ear audio cuts out and you need new headphones. Putting 1/2 a cent worth of extra rubber/plastic/metal around that part of the cable to strengthen it would likely fix the problem very effectively. The headphones would last for a year or even longer. But almost no manufacturer seems to do this. I keep trying new models and brands, and they all have the same "cable goes bad" problem — earbuds that came with a Sony MP3 player I bought developed the problem within 15 minutes of first use. My question to Slashdot: Do headphone manufacturers do this deliberately? Do they think "We'll sell 40% more headphones each year if the average pair doesn't last beyond 3 months of normal use" and engineer a deliberate weakness into the headphone cable? How can these major brands with all their product engineers not be able to strengthen the most obviously failure-prone part of the headphone cable a bit?

Submission + - SPAM: The Holy Lake Of Manasarovar, With The Kailas Range In The Backdrop, Amidst Whic

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Submission + - The Free Android app "Instapaper"available for offline use (myupdates.in)

myupdates writes: Instapaper is an application format to save articles on internet content when it is an offline to read them after.it is a beat way to save offline articles to read after.It’s a free of cost and it should be a very good app for offline use. This Android app which is most useful and like text-to-speech playlist and it has a ability to search save text.This Instapaper premium app avalible in Android play store and you can download and experienced it.

Submission + - FamilyTreeNow knows all about you -- remove your details to protect your privac (betanews.com)

Mark Wilson writes: There was a craze that started a few years back for tracing one's family tree. Rather than fizzling out, the interest in genealogy continued, and there are still many websites out there that will help you to research your family history and build up a picture of the past.

While genealogists of the past may have scoured public records and libraries for information about their family, these days people want things handed to them on a plate. One website is taking full advantage of this — as well as the fact that the internet can act as a use data base of personal information — and there's a high chance it has vast amounts of data about you that can be accessed by anyone. The site is FamilyTreeNow.com, and you need to jump through a few hoops to get your details removed from the site.

Submission + - How GoDaddy helps to provide Domain Name and hosting (myupdates.in)

myupdates writes: GoDaddy is one of the publicly relared domain registrar in internet.And also it will provides Web hosting.As on January 2016, GODaddy has more than 61mollion domain names under the registration, making world largest ICANN accridated registrar.It’s having 13million people and 4,908 employees world wide as on December 2014.

Submission + - "Father of Chinese Pinyin" Dies at the Age of 111 (bbc.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Chinese economist and self-taught linguist Zhou Youguang died on Jan 14, reports the BBC. Prof. Zhou was the leading inventor of the Pinyin phonetic transcription system for the standard Chinese language, based on 26 letters of the Latin alphabet. Developed in the 1950s and now officially adopted by China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia and used by most West-based libraries, press and educational institutions, it paved way the widespread availability of pinyin-based computer input methods (IMEs) available today on virtually all operating systems and mobile platforms.

The pinyin was first developed as a superior alternative to earlier Chinese romanization systems such as Wade--Giles. It has since proved helpful for combating the illiteracy problem in Communist China, as well as for foreign learners of the Chinese language. The availability of pinyin in Chinese elementary schools significantly lowered the average Chinese's learning curve toward computer literacy.

Mr. Zhou survived forced labor and persecution during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960--70s and became a vocal critic of Chinese politics despite his great age, publishing 10 books after turning 100. Among his other achievements, he was responsible for overseeing the Chinese translation of the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Submission + - Cloud based Medical Marijuana Patient/Inventory/Sales system MJFreeway hacked

t0qer writes: Hello /. Been a few years since a submission.

I'm the IT director at a MMJ dispensary. The point of sales system we were using last week was hacked. Here is The Boston Globes Coverage on it.

This system was built on Drupal in 2010. I'm guessing the more they modified the drupal core, the more bugfixed versions behind they fell behind (not to mention the rest of the LAMP stack). They've lost all customer data, meaning there was no airgapped, off the net backups. What scares me about this breach is, I have about 30,000 patients in my database alone. If this company has 1000 more customers like me, even half of that is still 15 million people on a list of people that "Smoke pot" potentially floating out there on the net. I guess because we're "Medicinal" it's no better than someone knowing a person takes Xanax for their nerves.

I feel like this company is playing on the ignorance of the general public when it comes to these types of IT security issues. I don't think people get how serious this is.What should I do? Do we still have lawyers on this site? (oldcountrylawyer?)

Submission + - SpaceX Returns to flight, nails manding (cnn.com)

Applehu Akbar writes: SpaceX successfully launched a 10-satellite Iridium Next package, and then landed on a drone ship — this time from Vandenburg AFB in California. The launch had been delayed several days by this week's record rainfall and flooding.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: What Is The Best Place To Suggest A New Open Source Software? 1

dryriver writes: Somebody I know has been searching up and down the internet for an open source software that can apply GPU pixel shaders (HLSL/GLSL/Cg/SweetFX) to a video and save the result out to a video file. He came up with nothing. So I said "Why not petition the open source community to create such a tool?" His reply was "Where exactly does one go to ask for a new open source software?" So that is my question: Where on the internet can one best go to request that a new open source software tool that does not exist yet be developed? Or do open source tools only come into existence when someone — a coder — starts to build a software, opens the source, and invites other coders to join the fray?

Submission + - California's bullet train is hurtling toward a multibillion-dollar overrun (latimes.com)

schwit1 writes: California’s bullet train could cost taxpayers 50% more than estimated — as much as $3.6 billion more. And that’s just for the first 118 miles through the Central Valley, which was supposed to be the easiest part of the route between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

A confidential Federal Railroad Administration risk analysis, obtained by the Times, projects that building bridges, viaducts, trenches and track from Merced to Shafter, just north of Bakersfield, could cost $9.5 billion to $10 billion, compared with the original budget of $6.4 billion.

The federal document outlines far-reaching management problems: significant delays in environmental planning, lags in processing invoices for federal grants and continuing failures to acquire needed property.

The California High-Speed Rail Authority originally anticipated completing the Central Valley track by this year, but the federal risk analysis estimates that that won’t happen until 2024, placing the project seven years behind schedule.

Submission + - Creepy genealogy site knows a lot about you. (washingtonpost.com)

schwit1 writes: There are many “people search” sites and data brokers out there, like Spokeo, or Intelius, that also know a lot about you. This is not news, at least for the Internet-literate. And the information on FamilyTreeNow comes largely from the public records and other legally accessible sources that those other data brokers use. What makes FamilyTreeNow stand out on the creepy scale, though, is how easy the site makes it for anyone to access that information all at once, and free.

Profiles on FamilyTreeNow include the age, birth month, family members, addresses and phone numbers for individuals in their system, if they have them. It also guesses at their “possible associates,” all on a publicly accessible, permalink-able page. It’s possible to opt out, but it’s not clear whether doing so actually removes you from their records or (more likely) simply hides your record so it’s no longer accessible to the public.

Submission + - SPAM: University Sluts Of St Petersburg #01

Griffith41Griffith writes: I wasn't arranging on a overview of this bar when I got there but the manager was so nice to us that I believed I would give his bar some adore! With every little thing from the gorgeous scenery and landmarks of St. Petersburg, to the properly-written heroine who faced down everything from pain and loss to brutality and political upheaval, there wasn't a dull moment on any page of this book.Rocco Siffredi's penetration of the former Soviet Union continues in University Sluts of St. Petersburg two. Most of the girls are organic Russian beauties who could be internationally acclaimed ballet dancers with their athletic bodies. Dating in St. Petersburg (Florida) can be a bit tricky due to cultural variations, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating web site before your trip so you can
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