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Comment Re:So actually enforce the law? (Score -1) 619

If I'm not mistaken, the law as written requires that H-1Bs be paid more than Americans. So what he's saying then is that there's nothing wrong with the law, it's just not being enforced? How about we actually enforce the law rather than change it, if that's the case, because the law can say whatever it wants and it won't matter a damn if you don't bother to enforce it.

**cough* *Immigration Laws*

**cough* *Visitor Visa overstays*

**cough* *Border Control*

Comment Unless its a Warren Screening Room... (Score 0) 370

1. The big screen. - I have one at home... with 7.1 sound.
2. People everywhere. - Kicking my chair.... coughing, using cell phones.... etc... ruins the movie.
3. Focus. - People walking in the isles, I cant pause, see #2
4. Relentlessness. - I do not want to be trapped in my seat, thanks though...
5. A massive speaker system. - I have one
6. Previews. - You tube
7. Disruption - See #2
8. Alone time. - Even better at home on the couch.
9. 32 ounces of cola in the dark - Really?
10. Bragging rights - can still have them by watching at home.

Comment Re:Broken cleanup mechanism? (Score -1) 128

Well, you have probably already reproduced before the age this becomes a problem... so genetically it might actually help (the genetic process) to have shorter post parenting lifespans.

Same principle if you are coding a GA, there is no use for an individual once it cannot perform in the population.

But now we might be able to turn that off and lice longer. Since we are now at peak evolution.... ;)

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