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Comment Re: Premium processing has been canceled this year (Score 1) 393

"1. There is a small group of H1-Bs who are actually competent and probably help keeping us profitable"

This would be the sort of person we want as a conventional immigrant, rather than as a peon who is tied to one employer and gets sent back as soon as that employer is done with him.

Comment Re:Not all wrecks can be avoided (Score 1) 197

"You going to sell a passively driving SDC to THAT consumer with claptrap about 'the greater good'? They'll get in their big gas guzzling SUV, take a big swig of beer, give you the finger and run you over just for suggesting it."

Ultimately, the self-driving cars will all be owned by fleet operators whose concern for personal ego will be overridden by their corporate lawyers.

Comment Re:Fait Acompli? (Score 1) 208

" unlike the dozen inkjets I've had in the same timeframe..."

And because what you used those dozen inkjets for was making the occasional photo print, you can now get better prints from a service like Snapfish, and for less than the price of the cartridges that on most occasions dried out and clotted before you could finish them.

Comment Re:Exactly (Score 1) 199

". They will call you racist, xenophobic, and probably a few other things for simply wanting decent conditions to raise your family. White flight is blaming white people for making a very rational move to exit violence where they will be blamed and not protected."

And now, while there is still an ongoing shift of population going to the burbs, young people moving back to inner-city neighborhoods and fixing them up is also held to be racist and xenophobic for some reason. That's why nobody listens to academic SJWs any more.

Comment Re:Uber is right (Score 1) 68

The market price of a taxi medallion tells us whether the commissar deciding how many cabs there should be in your city is doing a good job. If he is, the price of a medallion will not change over time; if it shoots up, he is under-allocating cabs, probably at the behest of cab companies. If the price of a medallion drops, it means his attempt to under-allocate cabs at the bidding of taxi companies is being undercut by Uber.

Thinking like a commissar, that means it's time to legislate the ridesharing companies out of existence before the capitalist termites take his useless little job.

Comment Re:I can't get that idiot Siri to place a call (Score 1) 137

I use Siri all the time. Think of it as a macro language for conveniently connecting multiple apps.

Squinting in the bright sunlight, I could log onto my phone, go to the Contacts app, scroll down to Joseph Blow, tap his address to bring up Maps, then tap Directions, then the Drive icon to have Maps display a route, then tap Go.

OR, I can just pull out my phone and say, "Hey Siri, navigate to Joseph Blow!"

Comment Re:Can we just have medical tricorders already? (Score 4, Informative) 101

Please? This drip and dribble of single techs to extend the smartphone is maddening. Just unify the blessed things and give everyone a medical tricorder already!

If we did have a fully integrated tricorder, it would legally be a medical device, and complex enough that it wouldn't earn FDA approval by any stardate that today's investors could envision. Drips and dribbles of single technologies, each one below the FDA radar, is the way to go.

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