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Comment Hofstra vs the First Amendment (Score 1) 136

Because a presidential political debate is a public function from which reporters are expected to file stories as part of their editorial function, Hofstra has no business preventing people from using their own cellular communications and should be massively spanked for this action. Besides, it's a university, with a crapton of money rolling in from those huge tuitions, not a hotel trying to run a business - though the FCC has already ruled that convention hotels can't do this either..

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 188

Regulations could keep SpaceX from using any specific launch facility in the US, but nothing prevents it from going to some hungry little place elsewhere in the world. On the other hand NASA, with the best of intentions, is fully subject to domestic politics. That's why it wisely sticks to unmanned probes these days. Let risk be for the private sector.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1, Insightful) 188

They are cutting corners with safety to make their death trap cheap. They should be stopped before they start killing people.

Because SpaceX is a private effort, you have no way of doing that. You will have to be satisfied with getting your lawyers to kill off government infrastructure projects instead.

Comment Re:Nothing wrong with that! (Score -1, Flamebait) 46

More eyes are better and it may foster a little healthy competition in the space tech arena.

I just hope they are in it for the long haul...

Now I would love to see China take the Thirty Meter Telescope project away from us and get it built while we screw around fighting the SJWs in court. China is, after all, a partner in the project and has a vested interest in seeing it finished.

Comment Re:Failed to fix the number one Go problem. (Score 2) 171

You still can't use the language name as a search term.

This is the same problem that clueless Hollywood producers have when they give their opus an unsearchable title like Next and wonder why nobody watches it and nobody reviews it.

I suggest Seagull, the language that craps all over your Android device and then flies off again.

Comment It's not my email that's getting spam-bombed (Score 1) 45

Spam filtering on my email is working normally and I'm getting the normal amount of both false-negative (spam that gets through) and false-positive filtering (travel confirmations and bank notices that fall into my spam folder). Now it's the landline that has been spammed out to the extent that we leave it unplugged most of the time. And yes, this year most of it is political. can save your landline, but it only works for certain carriers.

Comment Re:Better than any sanctions (Score 1) 86

Being informed from the outside that your whole life is a lie is a crucial factor in determining what happens to the regime. Right now in Venezuela Maduro is following what he perceives as the winning endgame of Pol Pot in Cambodia: he is ordering the population to abandon the cities, flee into the countryside and grow food for themselves. Pol Pot's people obeyed and were slaughtered because in 1975 Cambodia the regime could effectively keep out knowledge of the outside world. But because Venezuelans have news and Internet, however spotty, they are not going to be so obedient and Maduro will fall without genocide.

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