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Submission + - Google protects undersea cables against potential shark attacks (

brunes69 writes: When you plan for the costs to span the entire Pacific Ocean with fibre optic communication cable, you need to account for a lot of different factors to ensure that cable will remain protected and intact. Google, for one, is apparently taking no chances with its cables, even going so far as to protect them against shark attack.

Submission + - Wireless Carjacking Now Possible (

brunes69 writes: "The convenience offered by mobile apps for unlocking car doors and remotely starting their engines is also a weakness, as two hackers will demonstrate at the upcoming Black Hat conference in Las Vegas. Researchers Don Bailey and Mathew Solnik managed to use a laptop to hack the mobile app connection in two different car brands.
The researchers discovered that, when a user pushed the unlock or remote engine start buttons on the app, the phone sends a signal to a service center, which then sends a signal to the car telling it what to do. The researchers intercepted and duplicated the signal sent to the car, afterwards using it to repeat the function."


Submission + - Astronaut learns of mom's death while in orbit

brunes69 writes: "Daniel Tani is the first American astronaut to learn while in orbit of a family member's death. "He is obviously pretty sad," the astronaut's brother, Richard Tani, said in Thursday's Chicago Sun-Times. "He was pretty close to [his mother]. We are all close to her. She was loved by everyone." Tani's wife broke the news to him in a video conference call. The 46-year-old astronaut has been on the space station since late October."

Submission + - Google Bidding Against Microsoft for Doubleclick

brunes69 writes: "Google/a> is in talks with DoubleClick's majority owner, San Francisco-based private equity firm Hellman & Friedman, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

Google's interest comes after reports surfaced last week that Microsoft was considering buying DoubleClick. Yahoo and AOL — a major customer for the advertising Email Marketing Software — also reportedly held talks with the owners, though their interest is judged to be less intense than that of Google and Microsoft.

Google's arrival on the scene is likely to lift the price of any deal to around US$2 billion, The Wall Street Journal report stated. That would be slightly less than double that Hellman & Friedman and other investors paid for the company when they took the company private in 2005."

Submission + - Google announces free Google TiSP WiFi access

brunes69 writes: "Google has once again become a pioneer with their offer of free WiFi access to everyone via their new Google TiSP service. Google TiSP (BETA) is a fully functional, end-to-end system that provides in-home wireless access by connecting your commode-based TiSP wireless router to one of thousands of TiSP Access Nodes via fiber-optic cable strung through your local municipal sewage lines."
The Internet

Submission + - Most digital content not stable

brunes69 writes: "The CBC is running an interesting article profiling the problems with archiving digital data in New Brunswick's provincial archives. Quote from the story: 'I've had audio tape come into the archives, for example, that had been submerged in water in floods and the tape was so swollen it went off the reel, and yet we were able to recover that. We were able to take that off and dry it out and play it back. If a CD had one-tenth of one per cent of the damage on one of those reels, it wouldn't play, period. The whole thing would be corrupted'. Given the difficulties with preserving digital data, is it really the medium we should be using for archival purposes?"

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