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Comment Re:Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1048

It's a shame that so few people understand this these days. For far too many people in the US, that's exactly how they define hate. I'd even go so far as to say for a smaller subset it's whatever disagrees with their own political orientation, no matter how polite or well intentioned.

Comment Re:Defamation law still applies (Score 1) 154

Agreed, balance is good. A company could still suffer losses due to some clueless dolt with a chip on his shoulder, or maybe more likely, an astro-turfer for a competitor, trying to damage the company's standing to improve it's own, relatively.
Likewise, the consumer always needs protection from any company with an army of lawyers.

Comment Re:paranoia (Score 1) 586

Obviously his tweets are random musings that in no equate to policy or introduction of a bill, he often thinks hypotheticals outloud: "perhaps" this or that.
You think Hillary would've been any better? She actually sponsored an anti-flag burning bill in 2005 that proposes a jail term twice as harsh. You wake up.

Comment Re:Uneven (Score 1) 184

And there you have it, the contradiction: this isn't just big business and conservatives pushing this. The Left espouses globalization and multiculturalism; it also supposedly supports the unions and American worker's rights. The two are currently incompatible. How are the unions - essentially democrat- okay with American workers' standard of living being challenged and lowered by the influx of H1Bs and illegal aliens willing to work for 40% of a native worker's pay? Because if you challenge these programs, you get called racist and xenophobic.

Comment Re: Crybabies (Score 1) 524

Many democrats did this exact thing in 2001, Bush/Gore. They actually pushed for a retroactive change, (AKA cheating). If it weren't for the electoral college, most major cities would decide the election for the entirety of the country every single time, and full representation would be a thing of the past.
If a two party system isn't bad enough, that'd usher in a permanent one party country (Dem) with a monolithic, centralized, all powerful federal government: USA: Urban Socialists (of the) Americas.

Comment Re:Own It (Score 1) 1321

When I read your post, it is obvious you are a Trump supporter, and by finishing your statement with "Fucking morons" you definitely fit the mold of a Trump supporter.

That's your criteria? Any given day I could find examples here of Clinton or Bernie supporters who say the same thing, in the same way, or even nastier (especially on threads discussing climate change). Trump supporters hardly own the trademark on insults and ad-hominems. Insults and epithets been flying around here since forever.

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