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Comment Re:Damn you Google (Score 1) 160

Stay off CDMA networks if you want an unlocked phone. Verizon used their CDMA network as an excuse to block non-Verizon devices for years until the spectrum auction terms forced them to start accepting them on their new bands. The reason I bought the Nexus, and then the unlocked X 2013 and X Pure was specifically because i saw how carriers were fucking up the upgrade cycles on Android.

Comment Re:Reading comprehension (Score 1) 161

Yup, I didn't RTFA. Also, whoever wrote that article called it "profit" in one place and "industry share" somewhere else.

Reading more closely it appears that neither the 75% nor 30% are a share of profit though. They're the companies' the share of industry wide operating income, which has little to do with profit anyway.

Doesn't change the fact that the article states that Apple had 75% of industry profits while Samsung had 30%, which is what the OP pointed out. Also, even if it's their share of overall industry operating income, it's the same problem, 75%+30%=105%

Comment Re:Damn you Google (Score 1) 160

Galaxy Nexus was a bit over 18 months old when J came out, and Google decided to abandon it. Not sure why it coming out before the Moto X would come into play there. Not to mention the GNex was a massive pile of shit of a phone to begin with. So yea, I'm not buying another Nexus because Google can, and has in the past, decided they just can't be bothered with the older devices.

Comment Re:Damn you Google (Score 1) 160

My Moto X 2013 was upgraded from J all the way to L as opposed to my Galaxy Nexus that was upgraded to.... nothing. 18 months and they abandoned it. My X Pure will get M and (hopefully) on more beyond that, but again, Lenovo. I'm less concerned with how fast vs ever getting them. Google has burned me once with the Nexus line. Done with that.

Comment Re:Damn you Google (Score 1) 160

Yea I learned my lesson with the Galaxy Nexus. Like all their other products Google is happy to drop it when they get bored and move on. Screw that. I've had better luck with Motorola but I don't expect that to be the case going forward either now that Lenovo has fully assimilated them.

Comment Re:Reading comprehension (Score 3, Insightful) 161

Not according to the article:

Apple accounted for 75 percent of the smartphone industry's profits in the second quarter, but that's down from more than 90 percent a year ago due to Samsung's Galaxy device lineup, according to Canaccord Genuity. Samsung's Galaxy S7 launch and the Note 7 follow-up likely indicate that profits will continue to do well, said Cannaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Walkley in a research note. The other item that may ding Apple's industry profit is that customers are delaying purchases ahead of the iPhone 7 launch. Add it up and Samsung has captured more than 30 percent of industry profits in the second quarter.

Comment Re:Confused (Score 1) 127

I understand the possible conflict of interest in working with ex-CIA, although the fact that they'd admit working for the CIA seems dangerous and sketchy, but I don't understand the Applebaum thing. Are folks against sexual harassment/misconduct, or are they against investigating harassment/misconduct?

Perfectly reasonable question since the summary really doesn't make it clear. Unfortunately you seem to have trigger someone and got modded -1 troll. Welcome to the internet.

Comment Re:The dire contrast between how... (Score 1) 198

Problem is, it's not really Google at fault here. If it was Google, they would have the same leverage Apple did when they told the carriers to take their crapware and fuck off. Google makes the OS but they don't make many of the phones. They are one level removed. It's up to HTC, Samsung, LG, etc to try to exert that pressure on the carriers and most don't have the leverage to do it. Samsung might, but they don't seem interested in using it.

Comment Re:I can't even (Score 1) 45

Indeed. I can see how you can create these coins by participating in a DDOS, but then what can you do with it? Who is going to accept is as payment for anything?

They are a proof of work, a modern day varmint pelt. You could set up a way to exchange them for bitcoin or another virtual currency paid for by the person or persons who wanted the DDOS in the first place. The "good" news is that botnets are cheap and plentiful right now, and thus so are DDOS attacks. This scheme wouldn't be worth it since each node would be lucky to earn more than a few fractions of a cent.

Comment Re:Good Luck (Score 2) 29

Yes, but really, YouTube Live truly isn't that bad as a delivery platform. As a matter of fact - it seems to be catching on relatively well EXCEPT for video game streaming. People are just used to going to Twitch for that.

Youtube Live isn't bad but they did that half-hearted game streaming launch last year ( and it so far has been a huge flop. They just kind of threw it out there and forgot about it. Twitch needs a real competitor. Google fumbled it. Microsoft is really about the last hope for one now. God help us all.

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