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Comment Re:Nothing is changing (Score 1) 35

"AMC's would be exclusively available to consumers who subscribe to a cable TV package" We already have this kind of arrangement for HBO, Showtime, and basically every other station. We millennials don't want to waste money on cable bills like our parents did. Either sell your shows online or don't. But don't pretend that streaming your shows online for people who already have cable accounts and can already watch your shows on cable is doing anything new. This is not going to make you more money. You will continue to lose money to pirates until you finally just sell your friggin product online for a price. $5 a month or $.99 an episode is my price. Offer that and I (along with millions of others) will pay. Otherwise i won't.

HBO and Showtime both have over-the-top digital only options that don't require any cable subscription. Not at your dictated price point, but they do have them. I sub to them for a couple months a year to catch up on shows then drop them until my backlog builds back up.

Comment Re:Aww... (Score 1) 35

I almost feel sorry for them. This is like a religion-levels of self-delusion here. Why they cannot simply accept that their industry is dead is beyond me. I just hope they don't take all of their great productions down with them.

Because thanks to Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead they think they are a high-demand channel and they have been jacking up their carriage fees year over year. Now they are afraid of tipping over their cash cow. Problem is 2 of those shows are now history and the third is wearing thin with viewers. Compounding that is the fact that none of their new shows have been big hits. Hanging on to the cable model insures that they keep getting all that revenue a little while longer. If they go OTT (Over The Top) with a digital only service they risk losing some of that cable money, and possibly not being able to replace it since they would lose a good chunk of those OTT viewers when The Walking Dead ends (or gets so unbearable that people just stop watching).

Comment Re:I think there is more to it. (Score 1) 214

Perhaps it's monitoring the keyboard for input

Let's hope they are not that amateurish. I've run into that in my job more than once but it's always been in a homegrown app vs commercial software (well commercial software written in the past two decades at least). Software using an entire core waiting for user input. Developer "I wonder if that's why my laptop fan turns on when I leave the application sitting" Ya think?

Comment Re:Convert it to cash by buying/selling goods (Score 1) 270

So go on the "dark web" trade your bit-coin for drugs. Sell drugs to locals and take cash. Bingo! Really, this isn't a difficult situation at all.

Perhaps Ross Ulbricht could enlighten you as to what a "difficult situation" is, since it fits so well here...

Well learn from his mistake and don't get caught. Duh.

Comment Re:Blockchain is going to cure all the worlds ills (Score 1) 42

We've reached peak buzzword for blockchain in the last 6 months. It'll balance our national debt, cure cancer, and make everyone happy according to all the con artists, errr, sales people pitching it as the be all end all.

So it's like... everything ever. Welcome to the Hype Cycle!

Comment Re:They'll probably need something like AEGIS (Score 2) 318

What they need as a starting point is something like AEGIS, but that is plug and play onto any vehicle. Something as simple as a turret that is radar-controlled and that uses 5.56 could shred consumer drones all day. It's be a foregone conclusion if they use 7.62.

They have those, and they use 20mm explosive rounds so it's basically like launching a shotgun shell that fires itself after leaving the gun, only much more spectacularly. The idea is to create a wall of high speed debris that a mortar or rocket can't get through without being impacted. They also have the added benefit of not raining down potentially lethal fire beyond the intended intercept range. Spraying thousands of ordinary rounds at a shallow angle (as the CRAM systems tend to do to get an intercept and keep the target away from the area you are protecting) could have some pretty bad consequences if you are dealing with an area with lots of civilians. Even if you don't like those civilians, there is the political fallout to consider.

Comment Re:Hype (Score 1) 129

I don't know of any such applications that would be best described as a national security issue.

One of the biggest government uses for super computers is modeling nuclear weapons. These models are used to create smaller, more powerful warheads and in the absence of actual tests (due to treaty bans) these are how we now maintain and upgrade our nuclear stockpile. Since the DOE is mentioned in the article, I'd imagine that is the national security issue they are concerned with.

Comment Re:Chromecast support (Score 1) 21

They have an app for the iphone, you have to go to the web if you want to buy content but you can view it on the device. I'm a whole lot more likely to buy content from their store if I can actually view it on my TV.

iPhone yes, but not Apple TV. I think iPhone is just too big for them to ignore it, unlike the TV platforms. Apple TV is also missing a few others like all of the Ultraviolet apps like VUDU (also available on iOS). Honestly Shield and Roku are the best streaming TV devices at the moment. The only major vendors missing on both of those are Apple and the new DirecTV Now, and those aren't going to make much difference to most people.

Plus the Apple TV remote makes me want to club baby seals.

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