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Comment Re:New? (Score 1) 508

Well to be fair orange dingus as you call him (emperor Trumpatine - because he used a phantom menace to get elected - as other people call him) is really quite the narcissistic, sociopathic, demagogue, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, troll. Since he called that federal judge who upheld the constitution a "So called judge" it has made it open season on #SoCalledPresident.

While all that may be true, unless he's also a timelord (please god tell me he isn't!) this isn't something we can lay completely at his feet.

Comment Re:Security (Score 1) 508

I don't understand why people put secure things on their phone. Use a laptop instead and leave that at home, then there's no problem. You can even access it remotely if you want.

It's not just "secure things". Your contacts list and call history can tell heaps about you all by itself. Social media accounts (I know, no one here has them but lots of people in the real world do), photographs (which are conveniently geo-tagged), hell even your taste in music (have a stray ICP track in your music collection? Woops, you're a gang member and can be treated as such!) .

Smart phones have a high concentration of information about us that, individually may seem innocuous but when looked at on the whole can tell volumes.

Comment New? (Score 0) 508

So we traded black Jesus for orange dingus and suddenly everyone is upset about something that has been happening for years that many of us have been trying to raise awareness of? Well if that's what it takes then at least something good may come of it, but pretending this is a Trump thing is, well, make believe. Stories of travelers, including US citizens, having phones and laptops searched, even demands for social media accounts, upon entry have been coming out for over a decade now. Glad the mainstream media may finally be catching the fuck on.

Comment Re:Something is missing (Score 1) 357

Probably not. If you are, for example, going from distribution center to distribution center, now making multiple stops it's probably not very useful. But then again you don't need expensive routing software to plan those routes. The use case for my customer was routing trucks to multiple retail locations from their distribution centers. The idea being to make the most efficient routes possible to increase the number of stops per truck, reduce time between stops, etc. It was part of a larger set of projects to make sure those locations always had the shelves stocked for the company products. I don't know how much the right-turn routing helped in the overall scheme specifically but I'm sure it had an impact.

Comment Re:Never said it's unbreakable (I said opposite) (Score 1) 352

I sold my first piece of software to a financial services company. It was a program designed to parse and reformat text files for printing. It was a custom program based on an earlier freeware program I wrote to do custom printout of text files (allowing multiple copies, inserting custom control codes at the end of each copy, page sorting options, etc). That was simply called Copier. It was distributed around BBSs at the time. Maintained it up into 1993 IIRC.

All of my work since then is purely commercial and targeted at industry verticals, as well as providing security consulting services to find and fix issues in in-house applications. If you are asking for stuff you may have heard of, I doubt it. I don't write consumer software. I don't think I've written anything in the past 15 years that has sold for less than $25K.

As for your app, please feel free to put out public challenge for how "Virus Proof" your software is. I dare you.

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