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Comment Re:Too many IP addresses (Score 1) 128

We used a grand total of about 10 IP's at any one time. We were not multi-homed to the internet. Ever. We had no legit use for 512 addresses (yes, we had two FULL class C allocations). At the time they got them, all you had to do was basically ask for them. Back in the day they were handing them out like they would never run out. These were also not IPs allocated to our ISP, they were directly allocated to our companies.

Comment Not a preorder!!!! (Score 1) 167

The summary is wrong, these were not "preorders". This is the whole problem with crowdfunding and it's the reason I think they either need to either outlaw it, or require some sort of educational barrier to entry. Require new users to go through a course and take a test at the end so they understand WTF they are actually doing with their money. Most people do not understand that Kickstater and indiegogo are not storefronts to go preorder stuff, they are sites for FUNDING a company or product. That comes with a lot of risk. Fraudulent projects aside, it's entirely possible that it will fail for legitimate reasons. Inexperience, production issues, regulatory issues (oops, looks like we need FDA approval? RIP). Before these microfunding sites came to be there were some hefty barriers to entry, both financial and regulatory, for people wanting to invest in new companies. It was assumed if you could get over those barriers you at least knew enough to know what you were getting into, even if it didn't mean you would make wise choices.

Comment Re:Too many IP addresses (Score 1) 128

Our ISP used to just forget about us. We could count on our internet going down about twice a year and it was always the same thing: They updated their routing tables and forgot about our subnets. Honestly more trouble than it was worth but my boss was so damn proud of those subnets!

Comment Re:Too many IP addresses (Score 1) 128

Most universities have way more IP's than they need. Gone are the days of every device getting a public IP. Heck even at their peak most schools didn't come close to use their allocations. But many of them refuse to give them up for reuse to this day. Companies too. Hell the tiny consulting company I started out at had two class C's (one for them, one for their sister company). There were like 15 of us between both companies! When they got them there were maybe 5 people across both companies. Sadly those subnets are lost to the ages. We were bought several times and at some point the company let the old domain lapse, which happened to be the domains for the ARIN registered contacts. The new parent never used the subnets so everyone forgot about them.

Comment Re:Decimate? (Score 2) 114

It's one of those terms that people who like to pretend they're well educated use.

Unfortunately they conflate it with "devastate" (to lay waste or make desolate; ravage; destroy. to confound or overwhelm).

The misuse has persisted so long that it's distressingly common nowadays among the Inteligencia-wannabes. A side-effect of morons who have been indoctrinated by morons indoctrinating yet another generation of morons.

Or, you know, every dictionary and scholar on the subject. But if you are pissing and moaning about it not being used properly, then you should go look in the mirror. The original English use was for a 10% tithe, or taking a 10th. It was over 100 years (1528 to 1676) between the first known written use to refer to tithing before anyone used it to mean to "kill one in every 10". Now I'm sure you'll come back with "blah blah Romans blah blah" but they didn't speak English, they spoke Latin. And if you want to go there, well then there are a LOT of words you and everyone else are using wrong.

Comment Re:Decimate? (Score 2) 114

So, which of annihilate/destroy/demolish should represent every one in ten now? There is a reason why decimate means what it means...

It means to give a tithe of 10%. At least that is the original english language usage (Glossographia, 1656, with examples in print going back to at least 1528). So why are you talking about breaking stuff?

Comment Re:I have always wondered... (Score 5, Informative) 114

Antibodies, like all proteins, are pretty complex molecules. The binding sites in particular are very tricky. They need to be designed to bind properly to the target AND ONLY THE TARGET protein. This involves balancing physical geometry and electrical charges to match up with the target protein to get a correct fit and strong binding. This needs to happen at the atomic level, using amino acid building blocks. We don't even fully understand how our bodies do it yet. Think of it this way: we are still working towards building our first commercial, very basic nano machines. Our bodies (and all life for that matter) are filled with them. These machines, such as enzymes, are capable of doing amazing things, like building and re-arranging molecules at the atomic level. Each one customized to do a very specific task. We can hijack biology and genetics to make some of the things we want but as far as our technology goes, we are way, way behind nature.

Right now our best option is to identify existing antibodies and isolate the genetic material the organism used to create it and using that to create GMOs to reproduce it.

Comment Re:Decimate? (Score 2) 114

From the Oxford English Dictionary



1 Kill, destroy, or remove a large proportion of. ‘the inhabitants of the country had been decimated’

1.1 Drastically reduce the strength or effectiveness of (something) ‘public transport has been decimated’

2 (historical) Kill one in every ten of (a group of people, originally a mutinous Roman legion) as a punishment for the whole group. ‘the man who is to determine whether it be necessary to decimate a large body of mutineers’


Historically, the meaning of the word decimate is ‘kill one in every ten of (a group of people)’. This sense has been more or less totally superseded by the later, more general sense ‘kill, destroy, or remove a large proportion of’, as in the virus has decimated the population. Some traditionalists argue that this is incorrect, but it is clear that it is now part of standard English


Late Middle English: from Latin decimat- ‘taken as a tenth’, from the verb decimare, from decimus ‘tenth’. In Middle English the term decimation denoted the levying of a tithe, and later the tax imposed by Cromwell on the Royalists (1655).

Comment Re:I don't understand all the hate on the mini NES (Score 1) 92

All this hate on the Classic mini NES, I just don't understand. My wife was able to go to the local Target and get one for me for Christmas. It's pretty awesome, it just works, has good games, has HDMI. Great execution by Nintendo.

The hate isn't for the device. I have one (got stupid lucky and saw it on SlickDeals back in stock at Amazon one day, sold out in under 20 minutes) it's for how it was handled. It's been perpetually sold out since launch and now it's discontinued despite the obvious demand for more from consumers. OK so Nintendo underestimated the appeal of it when they launched, I can buy that. But now it's still selling out as fast as they can make them and they go "Ah, nope, no more". About the only way to get one was to luck out and be at the right place at the right time, or scalpers on ebay, which now that it's discontinued are closing successful auctions at $250-$350.

Comment Re:Why spend $60 on pre built when you can spend (Score 1) 130

Look at it another way: why spend $60 and be able to play 30 games from one console when, for $80, you can "build" it yourself and choose from hundreds of games from a dozen different consoles? (And snapping together a board in a plastic case and installing RetroPie is really stretching the definition of "build".)

For 99% of people out there pre built will do just fine.

That would be the 99% who were willing to pay the 800% markup on eBay because Nintendo didn't make many of the too-few units they produced available to the general public.

Technically you can load other ROMS onto the NES Classic via the USB port. Not an official feature of course, but someone figured out how to do it and published some software to make it easy.

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