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Comment Re:Don't secede - balkanize for more Senate seats (Score 1) 1368

Of course California can divide:
Six Californias - Wikipedia

I only mention square miles for comparison purposes.

I do not care about political party dominance - I care about people being represented.
Balkanization is the only effective way that smaller territories will EVER manage to be represented by a 3rd party.
People will gravitate to the party they feel best represents them.

Comment Re:Two rockets (Score 1) 1368

California is a very large state and there is plenty of right wing sentiment. There's just more left wing, and so, on a state level, left wing wins.
Go to Orange County or northern california (north of Sacramento, and you'll find all the right wing you can handle.

california voting trump clinton by county

Comment Don't secede - balkanize for more Senate seats (Score 1) 1368

The people of the 3 states of the west coast of the United States are vastly underrepresented in the U.S. Senate.

Think about it:

area of 13 original colonies:
          338,900 square miles

area of 3 west coast states (CA, OR, WA):
          333,371 square miles

And yet, those 13 states have 26 senators, while the west coast has only 6
If the west coast really wants to make a difference for themselves, it won't be through succession, but through balkanization.

More states = better representation in Senate

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