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Submission + - Snapchat Announces New Camera Glasses, Renames Itself to Snap, Inc.

bheerssen writes: Snapchat announced a new product yesterday, Spectacles, which are sunglasses with a camera built into the frame. From the WSJ: "What initially appears to be a normal pair of sunglasses turns out to be Spectacles, the first hardware product from Snap Inc., as the firm has been newly christened (Spiegel is refreshing the company name because its offerings now go beyond the Snapchat app). When you slip Spectacles on and tap a button near the hinge, it records up to 10 seconds of video from your first-person vantage. Each new tap records another clip."

Submission + - LinkNYC to Turn Off Public Web Browsing

bheerssen writes: In an unexpected move, LinkNYC is turning off web browsers in their public wi-fi kiosks. The New York Times reports:

The Wi-Fi kiosks were designed to replace phone booths and allow users to consult maps, maybe check the weather or charge their phones. But they have also attracted people who linger for hours, sometimes drinking and doing drugs and, sometimes, boldly watching pornography on the sidewalks. Now, yielding to complaints, the operators of the kiosks, LinkNYC network, are shutting off their internet browsers.

Did I say unexpected? I meant totally expected.

Submission + - 42 US, A Free Coding School, Opens in Freemont, CA

bheerssen writes: 42 US is a free coding school near Facebook's headquarters in Fremont, California. The courses are boot camp like experiences that do not offer traditional degrees, but hope to provide programming skills and experience to students for free. From Ars:

"Welcome to 42 US, a free (as in beer) coding school, which opened just last month. Even the optional dorms are free. (Good news: laundry is also free! Bad news: you have to pay the dorm $75 a week if you want two meals a day.) Admittedly, it sounds totally crazy.

"By comparison, programming boot camps have become big business across the United States. Recent research from Course Report shows that nearly 18,000 students nationwide pay an average annual tuition of more than $11,400, which results in annual revenue of nearly $200 million industry-wide."

Submission + - 42 US,


Submission + - Damning Release of Heartland Institute Documents Reveals Opposition to Science (

bheerssen writes: "The Heartland Institute — a self-described "think tank" that actually serves in part as a way for climate change denialism to get funded — has a potentially embarrassing situation on their hands. Someone going by the handle "Heartland Insider" has anonymously released quite a few of what are claimed to be internal documents from Heartland, revealing the Institute’s strategies, funds, and much more."

Submission + - Help me remove a keylogger (

bheerssen writes: "A friend of mine is having some marital difficulties. Recently her husband installed a keylogger on her computer to spy on her activity. This is a software keylogger called Stealth iBot Computer Spy and is marketed as a monitoring device for parents. It is a USB device that stealth installs monitoring software, including keylogger and screen grabber, when it is plugged in to a USB port. The logs are accessed whenever the device is again inserted into a USB port.

Several spyware scans using different spyware removal tools have failed to reveal the software and an internet search has proven fruitless in turning up information about how to remove it.

Going forward, my friend has turned off the Windows Autoplay "feature" so that Windows won't run the software in the device when it is plugged in. However, that doesn't remove the software already installed. So, what can she do. Has anyone successfully uninstalled something like this, or is she left with the unappetizing option of reformatting her hard drive?"

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