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Submission + - Slashdot for Sale (again) 4

Defenestrar writes: DHI Group (formerly known as Dice Holdings) will auction off Slashdot and Sourceforge. The stated reason for the sale is that DHI has not successfully leveraged the Slashdot user base.

The future is uncertain, but at least it doesn't have Beta

Comment Re:John Keister (Score 1) 220

Just remember: in Ballard, the rules of maritime navigation apply EVERYWHERE! So throw that seatbelt out the the door, get that turn signal on, and for god's sake slow down! Then you can earn your "Uff Da" sticker on your 64 Valliant. Best Almost Live BIll Nye the science guy skit was crushing a steam filled oil drum with a fire extinguisher. Almost didn't work, but hey, Almost Live TV. Also "Bill Nye - Stop the rock" was a fun early CD game.

Submission + - SPAM: Nissan Sunny to be launched in India by Diwali

An anonymous reader writes: The new sedan is likely to be based on the versatile 'V' platform. Tokuyama further added that the company is expecting that the new sedan will receive a good response form the Indian customers. The model will be launched in India by this Diwali.
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Submission + - AOL to Buy Huffington Post

Hugh Pickens writes writes: The La Times reports that AOL has agreed to purchase the Huffington Post for $315 million. The purchase will increase AOL's news portfolio as it competes against Yahoo's growing online news publication profile and Google's news efforts, as well as traditional media companies online. The purchase has yet to acquire government approvals, but the boards of directors of each company and shareholders of the Huffington Post have approved the transaction.

Submission + - Return a Video Late? Forget about a Mortgage

Hugh Pickens writes writes: MSNBC reports that hundreds of thousands of people who rented movies from Hollywood Video or Movie Gallery before they went bankrupt have had collection notices put in their credit files without any notice or chance to contest the charges. The bankruptcy court handling the case turned the outstanding consumer debt over to National Credit Solutions and now former customers are finding NCS collection notices in their credit files even though they say they don't owe money to either video rental company. A few weeks ago, Seattle school teacher Martin Piccoli had the credit limit on his Discover card slashed from $8,700 to just $600 because of an NCS collection notice he didn't know about. The bill was $166 for "overdue videos and late fees." "I can firmly state that I owed them nothing and that I never received any communication from them — no phone calls, no mail, absolutely nothing," says Piccoli. Attorneys general in at least six states are getting complaints about National Credit Solutions and on January 26 Montana sued NCS, charging the company with using unfair and deceptive business practices. "Our investigation so far has uncovered about 12,300 Montanans who may have been affected by this,” says Attorney General Steve Bullock. “That’s more than 1 percent of Montana’s population."

Submission + - Security Firm that "Outed" Anoymous Hacked ( 1

JumperCable writes: Less than 24 hours since the security firm HBGay Federal released a press release claiming to have outed anonymous, hackers have "seized control of the internet security firm's website, defaced its pages, acquired 60,000 company e-mails, deleted backup files, seized Barr's Twitter account, and took down the founder's website This is according to a daily Kos post from one of the "outed" self proclaimed member of anonymous

Too boot, hackers have also publicly released a 28 page document that the security firm was attempting to sell the government. According to Barret Brown, "The entry on me, for instance, is entirely inaccurate despite the fact that I have not been a clandestine participant since coming out of the closet months ago." The firm is further mocked with a statement by Bernard Keane, that "the situation is rather hilarious. More to the point, it should demonstrate that HBGary Federal is not only incapable of protecting its clients and informing on folks who were among the first to get involved in Tunisia and Egypt — it is incapable of protecting itself."

Disclaimer: I'm NOT involved in this.


Submission + - Madden picked the packers before the season starts (

Just_Say_Duhhh writes: Before the NFL Season started, the guys at EA Sports simulated the entire season using Madden 2011. The sim told them the Packers would win the Super Bowl. If only we had listened. What's even more interesting is that according to the article, they've picked the winner 6 of the last 7 years. Make that 7 out of 8!

Cheap, Cross-Platform Electronic Circuit Simulation Software? 211

dv82 writes "I teach circuits and electronics at the undergraduate level, and have been using the free student demo version of OrCad for schematic capture and simulation because (a) it comes with the textbook and (b) it's powerful enough for the job. Unfortunately OrCad runs only under Windows, and students increasingly are switching to Mac (and some Linux netbooks). Wine and its variants will not run OrCad, and I don't wish to require students to purchase Windows and run with a VM. The only production-quality cross-platform CAD tool I have found so far is McCad, but its demo version is so limited in total allowed nets that it can't even run a basic opamp circuit with a realistic 741 opamp model. gEDA is friendly to everything BUT Windows, and is nowhere near as refined as OrCad. I would like students to be able to run the software on their laptops without a network connection, which eliminates more options. Any suggestions?"
The Internet

What Do You Do With a Personal Domain? 286

bmerr71 writes "I bought my own domain name to use as a self-promotion tool. I use a subdomain, '', which I selectively put on my email signatures to link to my linkedin profile. I also loaded up Google Apps to use for email. But when you go directly to my domain name, there is nothing there. I didn't want GoDaddy getting ad revenue off my name (and it doesn't look very professional), so I killed the ad page, but it seems like I should be able to put something up on my main page. But, I am not interesting in blogging, I do not want too much personal information up there, and I do not want to spend a lot of money (none, if possible). Are there any free apps that I can load up on my domain to fill the blank space? What do non-bloggers do with their personal domains?"

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