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Comment This is Unfortunate (Score 4, Insightful) 200

What this means is there really isn't ever going to be any meaningful competition in internet service providers in the foreseeable future. If Google with all it's cash can't feasibly put a competitive service together then no one can. If anything, competition is disappearing, with AT&T/TimeWarner's merger and all. Although we still need to see if that gets approved.

Comment Symantics (Score 1) 218

The problem with Mobileye's view is that no matter what you call it, people will treat it like the car drives itself. Mobileye's CTO, "No matter how you spin it, (Autopilot) is not designed for that. It is a driver assistance system and not a driverless system". They'd like to differentiate the 2 but the line is very blurry, and fading more everyday. Mobileye's disclaimer is no more indemnifying than Tesla's, "continuously educated customers on the use of the features, reminding them that they're responsible to keep their hands on the wheel and remain alert and present when using Autopilot". To me it just smells like Mobileye is doing anything they can to make sure blame doesn't make it all the way to them.

Comment during the first six months of 2016 (Score 3, Interesting) 50 and debit cards used at those stores during the first six months of 2016 may have been compromised in the breach.

How is it that it went undetected by credit card companies and banks for so long? Surely they should have detected a pattern. I've always wondered why credit card companies don’t seem to care about fraud. It's like they have no interest in getting to the bottom of it.

Comment It's all about efficient setup... (Score 1) 151

I do it from time to time. I'm running MacOS Sierra at the moment on my notebook. I'm not the average user but I'm nicely set up to be able to clone off my systems quickly (Win and Mac) to try out betas. If the beta experience turns out to be a disaster I simply restore an image and put my profile back. With SSDs it's a 15-20 minute process. If you're going to beta test something, you're not going to get a good test in unless it's your primary system. You'll know pretty fast if you need to switch back or not. It's all about having a backup plan and a fast one at that. It's really not a big deal for a good tech head but if backup and restore.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 415

The president of Foxconn was asked about this in 2010; why not manufacture in the US using automation? He said, "I worry America has too many lawyers. I don’t want to spend time having people sue me every day.” Labor costs aren't the only concern; the US is a regulatory and political mine field filled with lavishly funded pressure groups that impose huge costs on industrial investment.

Of the 382 comments posted so far, this is the best. You nailed it.

Comment Re:that is not always true (Score 2) 228

Miele Vacuums in Germany are power hogs and need 2200W ... It's easy to be powerful, if you don't mind wasting a lot of power ... the EU smartened up to this game and passed new regulations, limiting vacuums to 1600W. All of a sudden, Miele vacuums don't look all that great any more.

I don't know where you're getting your specs but you should check the Miele website . All their large vacuums range between 800W and 1300W. Dyson doesn't even post their power consumption. If it's such a low power device, why wouldn't they at least mention it?

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