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Comment Well there's a surprise (Score 1, Funny) 114

"Still, the development and roll-out of the anniversary iPhone suggest Apple's product strategy is driven less by technological innovation than by consumer upgrade cycles and Apple's own business and marketing needs."

Doing it for the money, who woulda thought?

It's true though, every time they come out with a new feature it's like they invented it.

Comment Unnecessarily complicating matters (Score 1) 28

The problem with IoT is almost 100% due to default passwords or no passwords. The solution is not to add another complicated layer on top. This is bullshit. We just need to start producing products with unique passwords. Simple.

I just bought a new TP-Link Ethernet over Power adapter kit with built-in WiFi and to my surprise, it comes with a little card with the unique password for my particular unit, in case I ever have to reset it to factory. No more default password for every unit. It's that simple folks.

Comment High-tech, Indian style (Score 1, Troll) 60

They're storing fingerprints on gummy bears. Next we'll find out Homer Simpson manages the "database". "Abraham said fingerprint and iris data of a person can be stolen with little effort -- a "gummy bear" which sells for a few cents"

Comment Re: Working on the report instead of the battery (Score 3, Interesting) 254

This is not new news. People have been complaining of bad battery life well before Consumer Reports: The bottom line is it shouldn't have such drastically different test results with the same repeated tests. Whether it's the batteriesSafari or otherwise, it should be at least consistant.

Comment Re:Uber + Autonomous vehicles = Dumb (Score 1) 151

I think you're right about them being in last place when it comes to developing autonomous car technology, but saying "actually owning the vehicles would cost a ton of money for no obvious benefit to Uber" is not true. Simple math shows they would make a killing. Even if you estimate that they average a measly $15/hr with their autonomous cars, working an average of 20 hours per day, 50 weeks/yr, that's $105,000 per year. I think that's what they call profitable.

Comment Re:Going by the data in the summary... (Score 1) 372

I never understood people who say abstinence is the only effective method. The whole idea of contraception is how to have sex without risking pregnancy. It's like saying the only way to avoid tax is to never make or spend money. It's impractical. I had a vasectomy and it was one of the simplest things I ever did. One hour and it's done and about a week of taking it easy. It makes so much sense and it's reliability is magnitudes better than anything mentioned here.I think any guy serious about an effective contraception would consider a vasectomy.

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