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Comment Time does not matter (Score 1) 387

It does not matter what your Software Engineer does at any particular time. Software Engineer is a professional job exempt from overtime rules for a reason: the thing that matters is whether he produces an appropriate amount of quality work.

Do you have any idea whether his work gets done? It doesn't read like you do. That's the question you should ask as you decide whether to keep or fire him.

If you want this IRS exempt employee to work for you by the hour rather than by the task or by the mission, you have that option. It's called "consultant" and you'll pay twice as much or more -per hour-.

Comment Re:That's what you do (Score 2) 155

Years ago a McDonalds manager conducted an interview a couple tables away as I ate a late lunch. Have you ever worked before? No. Do you have the two items for the I-9 form? No. Do you know your social security number? No. Okay, well get those things and come back.

Then an assistant manager came over. The manager says to her, "If he comes back, we'll probably hire him because he can speak English."

Submission + - Paying Customer Dragged from United Flight ( 7

LeftCoastThinker writes: United Airlines forcibly dragged a paying customer from a Chicago flight after overbooking it so that 4 United executives could board the flight to a corporate meeting. The actual violence was committed by a airport police officer who is now on leave.

Comment Downgrade (Score 1) 230

"This is yet another serious example of the need for us to upgrade and better safeguard our city's technology infrastructure," Rawlings said

This is an even better example of the need to downgrade. The sirens weren't always connected to the Internet. What compelling reason requires them to be connected to the Internet now?

Internet security lesson #1: if it doesn't need to be connected to the Internet, don't connect it to the Internet.

Comment no means no (Score 1) 3

I've been doing Linux development work for a quarter of a century and not once have I been asked to do it with Windows tools. The worst I've been asked is to use a Windows desktop with remote access to the Linux servers. The second worst was being asked to use the Linux client for the Windows-based version control system. Neither of these things was particularly bad.

If your employer is doing stupid things like demanding you do Linux work without administrative access to your development environment, find a new employer. Your current one won't change, he'll just fail. Why fail with him?

Comment Annotated (Score 1) 2

The key word here is "annotated". Malamud had and has the right to publish the actual text of Georgia law. The annotations explain the law and correlate it with judicial precedent. They are not the law itself thus can be copyrighted.

That having been said, the state's claim of copyright on the work it deems the official publication of the law is a double-edged sword that's likely to cut them as well.

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