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Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 265

The Clinton campaign was not hacked. That's a misreport. The DNC was hacked. Two organizations. Two networks. Two different sets of staff.

The misreport is like saying that because VISA was hacked, Bank of America was hacked. No. Bank of America does buy services from VISA and they are impacted by a (theoretical) VISA hack but that doesn't mean that they have automagically been hacked solely because VISA has.

And no, Hillary's email server wasn't hacked either. Some of the folks she communicated with were hacked. She was not.

Submission + - Getty Sued For $1 Billion For Selling Publicly Donated Photos

An anonymous reader writes: Online stock media library Getty Images is facing a $1 billion lawsuit from an American photographer for illegally selling copyright for thousands of photos. The Seattle-based company has been sued by documentary photographer Carol Highsmith for ‘gross misuse’, after it sold more than 18,000 of her photos despite having already donated them for public use. Highsmith’s photos which were sold via Getty Images had been available for free via the Library of Congress. Getty has now been accused of selling unauthorised licenses of the images, not crediting the author, and for also sending threatening warnings and fines to those who had used the pictures without paying for the falsely imposed copyright.

Comment 1916 called (Score 5, Insightful) 519

1916's Marxists called. They want to remind you that central planning through the use of math and science was their idea before it was your idea. And its genius. It will surely work this time too. Yeah. For sure. This time.

There are so very many things wrong with this "linear programming" idea but the chief one is this: optimizing for GDP is NOT a valid sociopolitical objective.

Valid objectives are things like: individual liberty, peace, citizen happiness either individual or weighted percentile. While some of these objectives correlate with high GDP, some do not and none exhibit a causative effect that starts with high GDP as the cause. War, for example, is the easiest and most direct way to drive a high GDP.

Comment mens rea (Score 2) 165

Effectively the court has rules that "authorization" for the purpose of computer hacking is mens rea, not actus reus. If you obviously knew you lacked authority (mens rea = mental state) then the element is satisfied regardless of any technicalities about the access control systems (actus reus = actual activity). Crimes require both mens rea (knew you lacked authority) and actus reus (used the computer anyway).

That's why it's OK for the wife to log in and pay the husband's credit card bill: she has a _reasonable_ belief that it's OK to do so, thus the mens rea element of the crime is not proven.

Comment Re:Authorization from who? (Score 1) 165

Not necessarily the data owner. Authorization from one of the owners of the computers/data/account/something or that entity's duly designated representative. Authorization from -somebody- who might reasonably have the right to grant authorization.

The folks involved in this scheme clearly understood that they lacked valid authorization to access those computers in the manner they did. It wasn't even subtle or gray-area.

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