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Comment No that's BS (Score 1) 330

That is what I would say the typical "american dream" BS of the self made man. Most successful people are a mix of luck, good networking, chance of opportunity, and a bit of their own effort. 2 of those are out of control of anybody. Heck I would arguably add networking to that too. (and that does not even count things like wanting to do a carrier in science which pays shit).

Comment This election you cannot be (Score 1) 852

You can't be pro hillary without being anti trump and vice versa you can't be anti hillary and not being pro trump. The way the election are in the US, if you are anti-one you are automatically supporting the other. All you can do, is see which one you think is worst for the US, and vote for the other, thus supporting him/her. The only other solution is abstaining, which unfortunately nobody look at.

Comment Re: No? (Score 1) 375

Which things were declared unconstitutional by the judicial branch?

You seem to under the misapprehension that the opinions of courts make something constitutional or unconstitutional. No. It's the text of the constitution that makes it so. For example, Obergefell v. Hodges did not make it unconstitutional for the states to deny equal protection of the law to gay couples; it became unconstitutional long ago, when Amendment XIV took effect. If some future right-wing court undoes the Obergefell decision, it will still be unconstitutional and illegal for the states to deny equal protection.

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