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Comment Supreme court disagree (Score 2) 142

It has long been a standing point of the supreme court that when the word citizen is used, it refers to American citizen only, but when people is used, it refers to everybody including and not limited to visitors and illegals. Which is why illegals still have rights, even if it is not all of them.

Comment You can reduce inequality two way (Score 1) 268

* you can draw everybody to the bottom with a catastrophe

* or you can try to give opportunities to people to draw them up

While it is very easy to see why method 1 will reduce inequalities (everybody is dead is also reducing inequalities to zero) but it is quite clear that in our modern societies we strive to point 2, which is something relatively new compared to history.

Comment If you did this in schools, the parents would (Score 1) 336

never stand for it.

Their younger kids would learn to question Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the line "because I said so!" from their parents. Then when they got into more advanced classes in BS detection, they would start to raise uncomfortable questions regarding DARE classes, pep rallies, flag salutes, and religion.

Comment Re:Cheating at Tournaments (Score 1) 104

Some of those people are cheating - some of them are not. If the spot that you were creeping towards is popular then people will blind fire at it anyway. There many be far more cases when the person blind firing doesn't hit anything - but nobody will see those (unless they happen to be spectating them). The only cases that people see are the rare occasions that it works - and without any way to determine the sample size it looks like clairvoyance (or cheating).

It's the same effect as the stock scam: pick 1024 people and tell 512 that a stock will go up on a day, and the other 512 that it will go down. Drop anyone that gets a false predication and repeat ten times until some sucker thinks that you have a gift for picking stocks.

Comment Bullshit (Score 3, Interesting) 363

This is a lot of bullshit. He was making a joke, it's very obvious. He wasn't espousing racist beliefs. Youtube and Disney took the clips out of context. Watch this video about the ordeal:

This also happened to another streaming personality, Destiny. He was having a debate about racism (he's against it), and said something along the lines of "If you're argument is 'n*ggers are too dumb to do X, Y and Z, then blah blah'. Speaking in the 3rd person; speaking as the very racists he's combating. I guess the N word is to controversial to say in any context, he was banned from Twitch.

And now I'm having trouble posting this because of the lameness filter! I can't say the N word here for the same reason! Jesus fuck! Yes I'm trying to say the full N word, no I'm not a racist, I'm sorry if you're offended, but fuck you for changing my speech.

Comment Re:What brand of hammer? (Score 2) 149

Programming languages do not matter. Any program can be written in any language. Programming languages are as interchangeable as hammers.

That's taking the concept of a Turing completeness a little too far. Malbolge is Turing complete and can theoretically do anything that Java can do. This is "Hello World" in Malbolge:


That string of code was not written by hand- it was generated by a beam search algorithm.

Comment Re:Tor? (Score 1) 186

Fact - people are lazy animals, and if you put obstacles in front of them, the vast majority of them look for the path of least resistance, even if it yields an inferior result.

Yes. And that's why people "pirate": the copyright cartels have made it so inconvenient to get usable content that even if you throw a bunch of caltrops in the road to TPB, it's still better than a DVD with unskippable warnings and ads, or stuttering streaming video.

Comment Re:Real answer... (Score 1) 128

This is only a quarter true. My girlfriend gets motion sickness very easily (even in a standard keyboard/mouse/monitor FPS). She doesn't get motion sickness in VR because it's natural and not counter-intuitive. She does get queasy when using artificial locomotion however. It really depends on the game or experience.

The only time I've ever gotten motion sickness in VR is when I tried that Deus Ex experience which is a port from the Oculus. There's buttons to rotate your view left and right which is really unnatural. I never get queasy otherwise, I don't think as many people get sick as you think.

VR is not dead and is in the early stages. The Oculus sucks though, I'm a Vive owner. Try some stuff in the Vive, you might become a believer.

Comment Re:Pro Shareholder Agenda (Score 1) 182

I am anti publicly traded companies as they exist today. Corporations should focus on their employees and their customers, not shareholders.

Non publicly traded corporations have shareholders too. Perhaps you mean the publicly traded ones tend to focus too much on share price?

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