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Submission + - Computer simulations can predict rise of civilizations

mu22le writes: A team one historian and three biologists has realized a computer simulation that uses data on natural resources and the spread of military technology to predict the rise of empires with 65% accuracy (paywalled article). They call their approach cliodynamics (after Clio, the Greek muse of history) but more than one reader may be reminded of Asimov's psychohistory.

Submission + - Middle-click Paste? Not For Long

An anonymous reader writes: Select to copy and middle-click to paste. That's very convenient usability feature associated with UNIX graphical environments. But it is confusing for new users, so the ability to middle-click paste was briefly removed from GNOME 3.10. It was restored few days later, but with clear message: middle-click paste will be permanently removed from next GNOME version.

Comment Re:Slashdot mobile (Score 1) 106

Do you get an infinite comment loop?

On Android, if I click on a link in an e-mail to a response to a comment of mine it takes me to the Slashdot mobile site with the parent of my comment.

Scrolling down I get to my comment, then the reply, then my comment again, then the reply again, ad infinitum (or ad crash really).

I do not event get to the comments. The frontpage takes forever to load and cannot be scrolled.

Comment Re:Credibility? (Score 1) 264

In addition to this the author is blatantly ignorant about ssl and criptography:

If you possess DuckDuckGo’s cert, you can decrypt all traffic to DuckDuckGo

They claim NSA can decrypt all SSL traffic on a whim. They probably can obtain DDG private key if they want to, but that does not mean that anyone with the _public_ key can decrypt all SSL traffic directed to them.

Comment Re:What's wrong with OTR? (Score 1) 144

True that, but agreeing on a password is a lot easier than comparing key fingerprints. A phone call, if you trust you can recognize your partner voice, could suffice.

You may not even need a sideband channel, the name of the place where you met for the first time would probably be secure enough for most purposes.

Comment Re:no crystal ball required (Score 1) 144

"You already use the internet, they should be able easily to associate your IP with your identity. "

only if you are a complete fool and use your home internet for most things.

they cant find me in the noise of a starbucks connection.

Unfortunately for you, the combination of browser plugins you use is basically unique (see https://panopticlick.eff.org/) and more than sufficient to track you.

Comment Re:What's wrong with OTR? (Score 1) 144

AFAIK, you can't use OTR for 'disconnected' messaging, where one user is offline atm.

Actually, you can, even if it is a bit impratical. The original OTR paper (http://www.cypherpunks.ca/otr/otr-wpes.pdf) even discussed a way to use OTR with emails. Unfortunately that never gained much support.

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