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Comment Re:Aren't transactions like this tracked? (Score 1) 67

It's more like an insurance payout. All those pesky merchant fees make a tidy profit for the bank, certainly; but they also fund theft insurance. I don't know how this works with any of the new "fintech" out there. I have a feeling it doesn't. Users of fancy new mobile currencies, beware.

Comment Re:Lambda's plug poor OOP language design (Score 1) 380

Side note:

Ofc in the way how a button right now is implemented the inherited fields like title etc. are likely private and you need to call a setter ...

Some OOP languages allow one to call "set" behind the scenes using assignment notation. I personally find that a nice syntactic shortcut feature, especially for testing-stubs.

Comment Re:It's not a touchscreen if it doesn't have a scr (Score 1) 64

Do you have to hover your hands over the keyboard, or is it smart enough to let you rest your fingers on the home row while typing? That's the dealbreaker for most tablet keyboards that want to pretend to be touch typist friendly. If not, you're a hunt and peck machine.

Comment Re: Lol (Score 2) 224

The density allowed. Over 90% of San Francisco is zones for a max of 3 stories. You don't need all the owners to be willing to sell, you nearly need a percentage of them to be. There's enough profits to be made by tearing down old 2-3 story buildings and replacing them with 10 story ones to let the market do the rest.

Comment Re:They will be great on icy roads (Score 1) 62

I grew up here. I've driven on them a lot. I've also regained control during a "uncontrollable" condition.

And it only got into that uncontrollable position because I screwed up at a previous step. Over corrected a steer, blipped the accelerator too hard. A finely tuned feed back controller would have done a much better job than I did.

Cars have been racing each other on and off track in conditions worse than most roads at speeds your average driver would never be able to manage on the same course.

Comment Re:Lambda's plug poor OOP language design (Score 1) 380

I don't know why you are talking about chips.

They are orthogonal concepts and you can only very badly mimic lamdas with OO concepts and the opposite not at all ... Again: you clearly show that don't know much about the stuff you are talking about.

Show it, don't claim it. Can you present a use-case to demonstrate such? In other words, provide a practical (real world) example of something that lambda's noticeably improve upon compared to an OOP version of the same thing. (We'll try to ignore language-specific differences/limitations, but that's not always easy.)

Do you really [think] basically all new languages are introducing lamdas/closures like mad if they simply could 'improve' OO?

I do believe functional programming is in "fad mode" right now. Language designers are all me-too-ing.

Further, overhauling an OO model in existing languages without breaking existing apps may be harder than tacking on lambdas.

Comment Re:Could you gush a little more? (Score 1) 380

I believe the poster's comment was about the language itself and not code written in the language. You seem to be comparing Java coders to C# coders.

Microsoft did have existing Java implementations and code bases to learn from when designing C#, and by many accounts learned from Java's rough edges to incorporate the lessons into C#.

Comment Re:Lambda's plug poor OOP language design (Score 1) 380

I couldn't get it to do it smoothly, but if it can somehow be done, that's great, and emphasizes my original point that you don't need lambdas to associate actions with objects.

I'm not a Java expert by any stretch and didn't claim be. (I don't use it at work.) BUT, my original point is more about lambdas than Java.

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