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Comment Re:The ego... (Score 5, Funny) 428

What amazes me most is when Mr. Reznor dresses up as a young female Korean go player and manages to play go at pro level.

Or when he explains general relativity, as an American Professor , even posing weekly problems about space-time!

Or when he plays various of the lates videogames at pro skill level, perfectly characterized as a young american!

Or when he teaches lockpicking opening challenge locks in under a minute!

That Trent guy is AMAZING!

(However, now that I know about his amazing transformism ability, I'm a bit scared about Trent's implication in redtube)

Comment And what's our suggestion to friends and family? (Score 3, Interesting) 79

I'm scared of my mother calling me one day telling me "I've lost every picture from all my life and a guy is asking me $10K to recover them".

By that point it will be late to tell her "shouldn't have been storing them in a disk permanently attached to your windows laptop".

But I don't know how to stop her. I won't convince her to use linux. I won't manage to teach her not to execute random crap once per year.

Should I trust hard drives to store data for decades?

Comment Re:ban *foreign* drones (Score 2) 55

Average American salary has been stagnated for the past 2 decades or so and you are giving us that 'no matter the cost' lecture?

Americans are not the only customers of American products. As long as America continues selling better, more expensive, products, there's a way out. Europeans and Asians with that money will also opt for the better product.

If the strategy changed to "let's have a cheaper, less protected workforce and compete with China in prices", the end would be a few decades in the future. I don't expect that to happen.

Therefore, news like these must push America towards the future. Towards products beyond what's being done in China. It makes no sense to compete on even ground if one can stay on higher ground.

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