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Submission + - UK experts speak out against NHS privatisation (

bazorg writes: New regulations made under Section 75 of the Health & Social Care Act 2012 are being pushed through the UK Parliament, promoting competition between healthcare providers. In the OpenDemocracy blog, author Caroline Molloy summarises the issue:

In brief terms, the regulations require all NHS services to be put out to competition unless the commissioners can prove there is only one provider capable of delivering them. Such decisions could be exposed to costly legal challenges.

In the same publication, Lucy Reynolds adds: If the government manages to complete the legal process now underway, almost the entire NHS budget will pass through competitive markets. This arrangement awards compensation to companies ejected from the markets by any subsequent renationalisation or reinstitution of “preferred providers”.[...]

They can enforce these financial claims through UK and EU Courts against our government. This mechanism is known as the “privatisation ratchet”: the compensation mechanism stops governments from reversing the direction of change by renationalising services after the private sector has been allowed to compete to provide them.

A broad array of health professionals, campaigners, and academic experts have spoken out against the new regulations, which are perceived as potentially aligning the UK NHS with the healthcare provision practices of the USA.

Submission + - Rick Falkvinge on child porn and freedom of press (

bazorg writes: Rick Falkvinge of the Swedish Pirate Party blogs on the subject of freedom of the press and foresees how users of Google glasses can be charged for possession and distribution of illegal porn. "Child pornography is a toxic subject, but a very important one that cannot and should not be ignored. This is an attempt to bring the topic to a serious discussion, and explain why possession of child pornography need to be re-legalized in the next ten years."

Submission + - BBC chooses Microsoft DRM platform (

bazorg writes: The BBC chose Microsoft's DRM technology to limit for 30 days the viewing of content downloaded from their website. These downloads would allow viewers to catch up on shows that were broadcast on the previous 7 days, and they would be compatible with Windows Media Player 10 and 11 and a new product called "iPlayer". This iPlayer is not yet available for platforms other than MS Windows, which caused the Open Source Consortium (OSC) to file a complaint to national and EU authorities on competition.

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