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Comment Re:A real Windows (Score 1) 177

While it's clear that Win RT bombed, it was IMHO a step in the right direction: Make Windows simpler, make it work more like the smartphones and tablets that have been such a sales success since the last decade.

Trouble is: how to deal with the legacy applications (cue the appy app guy). Getting everyone to use the MS store looked to me like a good idea, as long as there was something there worth getting. Yes, other software houses would be annoyed with paying MS a cut of the sale, yes they would be forced to develop according to some sort of valid standard... but that's exactly omitting these things that makes the Win32 ecosystem of the XP era such a PITA and a great environment for malware and bad quality applications

I thought that in the same way that Apple kept on a solid and worthwhile market share with a few select partners and their own multimedia applications, Microsoft can/could do the same, with Office and a few good games for Windows and Xbox.
The way RT was made and marketed, it looked like MS was taking things away from the userbase without giving much back. Yes, ARM SOCs and battery life were interesting but not unique; Windows 8 UI was well suited for that device, but hated by the userbase that is happy to experiment with Android, Linux, Mac OS and iOS, but are vocal about everything and anything that MS changes in their core product lines. This relationship status is "it's complicated"

For now, it looks like Lumia goes to the pile of brands that disappear, and Windows is just Windows 10, on whichever device you might want to use it. In the same way that certain apps won't download from the Google Play store if your device is not compatible, you'll find the same when trying to run apps for Windows 10 mobile that were actually just made for Windows 10 desktop/x64/whatever. It will probably work out well if MS can make their 1st party apps good enough to hold on to some sort of valuable market share (and that's probably got to be xBox & gaming related otherwise iOS and Android gaming will also leapfrog MS in that arena, while everyone is busy comparing Xbox with PS4 and Nintendo). The difference between this time and the 90s is that this market share will be of rent/licence paying customer, not a 90% of a market with a smaller % of people actually spending money. So here's to hoping that the Surface tablets, the xBox with universal appps (aka headless imac), the Surface phone and Surface AIO have something worthwhile to run on them, besides Office and a browser.

All that is to say that IMHO, running X86 Windows applications on a yet smaller form factor scores a big fat meh from me.

Comment Re:DON'T PANIC â" Hans Rosling showing the fa (Score 1) 150

Saw that a while back. The maths makes sense but does not consider whether 10-11Bn people is sustainable, how, and whether it is even desirable to have so many people on the planet. Considering how a scarce millions migrating to Western Europe from Syria/M.E. lead to political paralysis and chaos, it won't be easy to deal with many millions relocating as resources like drinking water become hard to get in India/China, or many areas in Europe and Africa that look likely to become more like desert as the global climate crisis progresses.

Comment Re:Trump will reverse it (Score 1) 163

It does have the effect of making a country's leadership look bad if they do not join the majority or joining, if they fail completely to make improvement.

Like the other guy posted, Donald Trump can be seen an example of someone who if elected does not intend to work towards the goals in this Accord. How does that make him look? Like a conspiracy loon, on top of other things.

Comment Re:Collusion is illegal (Score 1) 585

Truekaiser for president!

In my book, "unsupported" means: "if it doesn't work, don't make warranty claims. Here's our list of supported products, save everyone's time and take your pick from there".

Now, if people want to experiment, hack, mix & match, MS won't send their armed goons to your home address to take your PCs, trample on your flowers and leave you with a 486DX4 running Windows ME (I hope).

Comment Re:Tough luck if you don't do social media (Score 1) 220

It would make it difficult for those of us without a facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin or google+ account

Some people refuse completely to use social media; some are from an age group that does not care about social media; some use social media without connections to others, just for the purpose of logging in via FB rather than with user/pwd.

Even if this kind of information request is presented as "not mandatory but you're in trouble if you say no", there has to be a practical way to get on with life without blocking the queue if the individual says "I don't use any of those any more"

Comment Re: Just another "me too!" (Score 1) 58

In order for a new phone / tablet to stand out in the ever-growing crowd of smart devices it needs to be truly different. The rumored specs listed could be for any device!

perhaps they could include a VPN service that made all their users' search queries appear to be one single user, bonus if it appeared to come from the town of Nokia.

Comment Re: Uh, no (Score 1) 250

Could space be so big that one could fit "advanced civilisations per galaxy" in a normal distribution, leaving us alone here while most other galaxies are teeming with life, ST federation style of interactions between them, wizards with midichlorians, etc.?
For all practical purposes that would be the same as being an isolated civilisation forever.

Comment Re:So, who do they support for president? (Score 1) 102

the huge gains of these individuals have been made during the administration of a president who had as wealth redistribution, a la Robin Hood, as a stated goal of his presidency.

Which country's president do you mean? The people on the list have/had careers in multinationals which were perfectly capable of moving cash across borders to suit their goals.

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