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Comment Re:Testing costs money (Score 0) 419

It's one thing to put up a disclaimer saying the chip is not supported and any trouble/bugs/crashes you run into are at your own risk, it's quite another to block the install completely.

Fine, but this policy applies to consumers as well as professional buyers. Why should MS offer to spend time and effort dealing with the backlash of unhappy consumers after they check the "yes, I know what I'm doing" box and 2 years later are writing in support forums that Windows crashes all the time and is worse than Hitler?

When I go to Google Play I occasionally get error messages that are much more vague than what MS is publishing here. The app won't install because my device is incompatible, end of story. If this is good enough for Android, who's going to pay extra to have a higher level of service from Microsoft?

Comment Re:All vaccinated (Score 2) 281

Mortality is not the only useful measure here. It's great that fewer people die with or without vaccination, but there are impacts from being sick that are also useful to mitigate. In the worst cases, people can become permanently debilitated as a consequence of a disease that in others just caused a nasty rash. Another facto to consider, and this IMHO is compatible with the interest in military use for some diseases, is that if a big number of people gets sick at the same time, it is highly disruptive of life in society.

If instead of waiting for people to catch diseases and then gain natural immunity you do something to acquire immunity, you have a better chance of avoiding big numbers in morbidity, not just mortality. It is not just a nice bonus if by doing this each individual is less likely to be spreading the disease for several weeks that year, and is hopefully not becoming deaf or blind.

Comment Re:Windows XP and Vista are LUDDITE operating syst (Score 1) 119

Actually... they are!

After all the extensions XP Enterprise ended its support period 3 years ago, according to the MS life cycle DB.

When people in this site talk about supporting old software that they dislike, stuff that old is way overdue for a replacement. People at Microsoft probably are no different, maybe expect about the reaction they get whenever they have to tell anyone their day job was to support Vista or XP :)

Comment Re:ugh (Score 1) 337

Bureaucratic Messes are usually related to poorly written laws.
Or laws that did not anticipate the future.

Well, that's why normally you don't make laws with retroactive effect. In this case, new materials would require adaptations for those who are not 100% able to use the course material, and the materials that already exist would remain unchanged.

To me this looks like theuniversity decided they've had enough of the Freemium model and decided to paywall their content. The law might be a good excuse, and they might rely on people not reading the fine print, or in my case, RTFA, to see if it is indeed a good justification.

Comment Re:Steam (Score 1) 307

Now take a moment to think about what this feature, once it's enabled by default, will mean for Steam.

Will it mean that Steam will be a freeware application that you get from the store rather than from
I get the impression that Steam game installation and activation hides plenty of things that are happening with my machine, but in essence it's running a setup.exe in silent mode. Am I missing something?

Outside of direct and malicious interference from MS which has been pointed out by others here, why can't Steam have a freeware application without paying MS, like I think is happening with free to download apps in Google Play and iTunes store? Is Amazon paying Google 30% of purchases made via the Android app?

Comment Multiple accounts? (Score 1) 144

The idea of duress passwords sounds right, but requires some changes to the device/software.
If we simply keep another account of the same type that authenticates with the device and syncs to a different set of contacts, map history, browser history, then it should be as plausible as what the security guy finds on the account for someone who is not a very regular user of the "smart" part of their phone.

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