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Comment Re: It's my house though (Score 2) 213

Suck it up.

No. Sucking it up is acquiescence and condoning the behavior. Work to influence others to behave better, and to show you're not like them, because unless enough people do, it will continue to affect you and yours, fair or not.
A black person who doesn't speak up against black people who behave in unacceptable ways is no better than a cop who doesn't speak up against police brutality or a white person who doesn't speak up against racism. You may not be required to, but if you don't, things will not change, and you won't garner a lot of sympathy. If you help sustain status quo, even by "sucking it up", you're part of the problem, not the solution.

Comment Re: It's my house though (Score 1) 213

Interestingly, on the other hand in porn and swinger societies, black men seem to be quite popular. There's probably a mix of the exotic and forbidden at work, as well as the fact that it's generally a safe environment with other people present.

I think it's mainly a (perceived or real) correlation between ancestry and penis size. The BBC genre has little to do with the British Broadcorping Castration.

Comment Re:Fuck California. (Score 1) 213

In this ruling, discrimination means discrimination based on a protected factors (race, religion, gender, sexual orientation etc). Landlords are free to discriminate however they want, so long as it isn't relating to those factors.

How about refusing rental to "men wearing multiple chains", "men wearing baggy pants", "women with painted fingernails exceeding 1 cm", "women wearing deaf pants", or anyone saying "dese" or uses double negations?

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