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Comment Re:FFS Beau skip adding the additional links (Score 0) 232

I have to ask... what?

More ads, more attempts at thwarting adblock, more submissions that are just blatant copies from reddit/ars, more submissions that have absolutely nothing to do with "News for nerds, stuff that matters". "Slow down, Cowboy" is worse than before, blocking legitimate users from posting for hours. "It has been 11 hours since your last post, please slow down to give others a chance to post" is not constructive.
Moderator points are worse than before, with points handed out at a way too high rate. This causes polarization, with more +5 articles and more -1, but fewer in-between.

And I don't see much fixed either.
Unicode is still broken despite what you say -- even if some ISO-8859-1 characters are now unfiltered, they're not unicode.
Back button / backspace still doesn't return you to where you were -- when you try to navigate back, javascript reloads and relocates you at the top (in order to display more ads). This makes following links a big pain.
Lists (which are listed under "Allowed HTML") are still broken.
apk is still posting his spam.

Comment Re:Short sighted twats! (Score 1) 181

I'm sure whoever suggested that idea is now being reassigned somewhere else in the corp.. as a burger flipper.

You have no experience with corporations, I see.
There's this principle called "success by fiat". The experiment will be declared a success, and that it's now time to move on.

The guys who did the actual implementation work against their objections get no bonuses this year, while their bosses get their quota too.

Comment Re:Rethink (Score 1) 181

As opposed to the corporate connected felon who will CERTAINLY get us nuked, and nuke a few countries of her own just to show she can?

You guys say that as if it were a bad thing.

Wiping out a substantial part of the top of the food chain is an evolutionary good thing, long term. Similar for regional mutation spikes.

Water in particular has been neglected and shielded for catastrophes, and we still have ancient stagnant species like shark and crocodiles at the top. With more cataclysmic events, we might have had shark and crocs with intelligence to stalk you and arms to hold you. Or perhaps octopodes might crawl to the top again. Who knows! The possibilities are endless!

Comment Re:FFS Beau skip adding the additional links (Score 1, Interesting) 232

Indeed. It's pathetic. I wonder why the new owners keep the useless "editors" around? They could easily be replaced by a script that scrapes a few articles from two days ago reddit while they wait for the next paid-for shilling article.

I remember when all for one welcomed the new insectoid overlords. manishshshshs promised a lot of changes, and said he listened. Well, reality probably struck, because exactly none of the changes to the better have occurred.

I didn't think it would be possible, but current day slashdot is in slightly worse condition than at the end of the DICE era.

Is slashdot up for sale yet?

Comment Re:When will VideoCards peak? (Score 1) 86

What do you think you would gain there? Not having to buy the video connectors repeatedly? They're a pretty small portion of the price.

Being able to add just the (and all the) connectors you need, and be able to get higher quality DA components if you want. Be able to not pay for accelerated 3d if you don't need it. Be able to pay for better accelerated 3d if you need it. Have completely independent video cards for different functions. Be able to run a game on one display and my e-mail on another, simultaneously, because I get back the true multihead support that the young whippersnappers ripped out from Linux in the early 2000s. Run 16 displays for a wall display without eight PCs. And so on and so on.

An "everything but the kitchen sink" approach is always going to be a jack of all trades, and master of none. I don't put up with it for audio, so why should I for video? Choice is good, and discrete components offer that.

Comment Re:When will VideoCards peak? (Score 1) 86

We had a good run From 1995-1998 with the SVGA cards that did 1024x768 with 32bit color. Then that 3D acceleration came out and buying a good video card became much more difficult.

And for all this time, I have been hoping for a split, where the display card is decoupled from the acceleration card, and talking with an open bus standard.

And I also like to see a return to analog video output. No pixels - that's the property of the software and not the rendering medium. Higher quality analog can display higher fidelity.

Much like how we don't talk much about Sound cards.

Joe Schmoe doesn't care about sound anymore. Gone are symphonic rock through HiFi systems with discrete components and large floor standing speakers. Instead, Joe wants rhythm compressed down to four bits or less, played through a single bluetooth speaker.

But enthusiasts still buy sound cards, or external D/A converter amps, and use speakers that can actually push enough air without distorting the sound.

Comment Re:What a retard (Score 1) 406

Plato realized, hundreds of years before that Palestinian guy was allegedly born, that democracy required an informed and educated electorate. Without it, you get mob rule.

One of the problems with limited voting was how to prevent those with power from holding on to the power by controlling who should vote. And this is still very much a problem in some 3rd world countries and, notoriously, USA where arrested people and former convicts are disenfranchised.

Until someone can come up with a fully objective and fair way of weighting votes, this is unlikely to change. Measure the number of active synapses in the non-autonomous parts of the brain and assign a voter weight based on that?
Until we're there, the best approach may be what most democracies have adopted - an unalienable right to vote.

Comment Re:On Par (Score 1) 99

And anyway, tuning games to be able to perform well on the consoles buys us a whole lot of free optimizations that make the PC versions scream along at high speeds and res

But tuning games to be able to perform well on consoles also means completely screwing up control latency and accuracy. The rubber band controlled movement requires optimization because of all the extra frames and smoothing, and it ends up being more sluggish than a pure PC twitch game.

Until consoles get controls where the user controls the full speed of movement, and not only the direction and low speeds, this will always be the case - more frames rendered, and more power spent on animation and smoothing instead of twitching between stills.

Comment Re:This is actually a good thing in the big pictur (Score 1) 118

The way ransomware works is it builds trust with the victims that they will get their stuff back if they pay. This kind of slimyness by ransomware will make people even more reluctant to pay.

This makes it a priority for those who create real ransomware to find and shut down the ones who make the scamsonware. It hurts the ransomware operations. I would not sleep well at night if I were someone who had developed or pushed this.

Comment Re:Requirements (Score 2) 164

Being able to fully control the startup process isn't just a good idea for us, it's a must. This includes being able to do things like push software to servers without having it auto-start, and having hot standby servers that can take over without systemd thwarting the effort by restarting daemons outside the admin's control.
And standardize across the board.

Not everyone is an armchair besserwisser like you.
Some of us actually have both certifications and decades of sysadmin experience in large organizations, and know exactly why we prefer a predictable init process over systemd.

I love the idea that he thinks any businesses out there are running RHEL on large numbers of desktops.

Strawman argumentation. I have never said that. You pull things out of something, and it isn't a rabbit, and it isn't a hat.

Comment Re:Requirements (Score 1) 164

Have you considered upgrading to a modern distribution? They're pretty much all free, you know.

What's the alternative for RHEL6 that doesn't have systemd and is compatible with all our existing software, and how much downtime will it cause my company?
New operating systems are phased in based on a support lifecycle, and not a single app.

RHEL6 has production support until 2020-11-30, and extended lifecycle support beyond that. That's a month longer production support than Windows 10 has.

Asking users to change from Red Hat 6 in order to run Skype is like saying they have to upgrade from Windows 8 to 10 in order to run it.
If Microsoft can provide a version of Skype that runs on Windows 8, they can surely provide one that runs on RHEL 6 too.

Comment Requirements (Score 4, Informative) 164

Unfortunately, they built it on a fairly new OS, making it impossible to run on many still supported (and systemd free) distros, despite there being nothing that's really needed that only the newer distros provide.

Error: Package: skypeforlinux- (/skypeforlinux-64-alpha)
Error: Package: skypeforlinux- (/skypeforlinux-64-alpha)

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