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Comment Would you like some toast? (Score 1) 49

"Would you like some toast? Some nice hot crisp brown buttered toast. No? How about a muffin then? Nothing? You know the last time you had toast. 18 days ago, 11.36, Tuesday 3rd, two rounds. I mean, what's the point in buying a toaster with artificial intelligence if you don't like toast. I mean, this is my job. This is cruel, just cruel." I was surprised when I heard that they pushed an advertisement out, and shocked when they tried to defend it. Now they're saying it's not an ad because they didn't get money (note the weaseling) for it? That's Don Draper-esque level hubris.

Comment Re:It's a good sign. Shows he's working for the US (Score 1) 379

What's wrong is that Trump thinks that individual countries pay into some sort of "NATO fund", and that the US deserves more payments from that imaginary fund. He's a fucktard who's giving Kim Jong Un a race for the title of Craziest Wannabe Tyrant with Bad Hair. And he's winning.

Comment Re:I can top that! (Score 1) 379

Earth civilization sounds like an interesting idea in concept, but do you think it will ever be feasible?

No. At least, not with humans. Maybe the next species will learn from our mistakes. Problem is, to rise to the apex, you need aggression. So be very, very afraid of first contact with aliens that come visiting - they are going to have a lot more experience at being aggressive, whether they are biological or robotic.

Comment Re: Only the Text Message app on my phone (Score 1) 160

Wow. How much was he surprised before calling security and having you hauled off the place with your shit in a box?

One day he asked another employee why he shouldn't just fire me when I told him off big time for a really, really stupid decision. The answer he got was simple - "1, she's right, and 2. nobody else can do the job."

Comment Re: I don't know the answer (Score 1) 392

There are different "means of production." You might have the means of production for a screwdriver, but if you want milk, you'll have to know someone with the means of production for milk, or who knows someone who knows someone, etc. It would give rise to a barter or gift or volunteer economy. One of the reasons retired people are into volunteer work is because NOT working is f*ing boring.

Comment Re:It's a good sign. Shows he's working for the US (Score 1) 379

"Source of significant and easy funding?" So you're going to finally stop subsidizing Israel's war efforts? Hey, that could certainly incentivize Israel to finally make peace instead of faking it just enough to keep people thinking that maybe there's a hope in hell that Israel wants peace.

As for Trump's claim that Germany needs to pay the US more for defence, Germany doesn't pay the US for defence. Trump doesn't understand how NATO works. Same as he doesn't understand the difference between truth and lies.

Comment Re:Sounds about right (Score 1) 379

I wouldn't call many Trump followers civilized. Neither is Trump. As for happiness, there are people who are unhappy in the US who can either illegally enter Canada as refugees, or legally move to Canada. In doing so, they will be removing unhappy people from America and, once they are in Canada and happy, add to the number of happy people in Canada.

Win - win.

Comment Re: The end? (Score 3, Insightful) 200

Au contraire, billion-dollar businesses can disappear in a flash. Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC is one such example - he owes $170 billion in restitution, based on a fraud of over $60 billion. At one point he was the largest trader of NYSE-listed stocks in the world, doing up to 15% of all trades. $740 million a day in trades isn't chicken feed.

Comment Re:The end? (Score 1, Interesting) 200

First, if programmers had had enough guts to unionize, they wouldn't have been in the position of having to train their H1B or offshore replacements. But no, unions are for blue-collar workers (blue collar jobs) and pink collar jobs only - white collar workers are too good for that.

Second, how long will it take to pass a law banning drivers from forming a union? Probably about as quickly as Indiana passed a law banning cities from regulating airbnb rentals. Welcome to Trumpville, where money counts for more than people, and you are nothing if you're "just" a citizen.

Comment Re:Just two (of many) problems ... (Score 1) 130

Excellent points. We could also apply this to the space program. Mercury, Gemini, Apollo - designed to do something on a rush basis (less than a decade from scratch to the moon), and amazingly successful. The space shuttle? Immediately compromised by the need to do polar orbits for military spy missions.

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