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Comment Re:Another SLOW Language (Score 1) 195

Another slow addition to an already slow language.

Just program in Java. Java already supports "concepts", this is just another way C steals from Java in order to make it relevant, and appear fast.

Java is the language of the future.

We will all be programming java, using java runtimes written in java, running on java runtimes written in java, because recursion [a concept!] makes things faster!

Java runtimes are written in c/c++. Java needs a runtime written in another language because java cannot "self-host".

Comment Re:'computer expert'. (Score 1) 311

This took place in Canada. In Quebec, Ontario, and any other province with a provincial police presence, you report federal crimes to either the local or provincial police - not directly to the RCMP (feds), except where the feds have jurisdiction (airports, etc).

Context matters - and in this case, the context is that it's not in the USA.

Comment Re:Security expert? (Score 1) 311

"Regardless, she was dressed in a short skirt and top" - and should have expected what happened next.

In the USofA, he would've wound up doin' hard time in the big house.

Are you kidding me? Brock Turner raped an unconscious woman, claimed the sex was consensual (how can you consent if you're passed out), his father said he will "pay a high price for 20 minutes of action", and he spent 3 months in the county jail, not a state or federal prison.

The 1% don't live under the same rules as you or I.

Comment Re:Why isn't this on the front page? (Score 1) 5

Slashdot surpassed Sturgeon's Law looong ago. Then again, so has most of the Internet ... and the contagion seems to be infecting the general population. Now it's just a place to pass some time when I'm bored, or to stay in touch with a few users from the good ole days when I posted under my previous legal name and sex. The only benefit now is to know what sort of false arguments and factoids people will come up with next. You can get more "news for nerds", even about tech, from a quick reading of Reuters or Google News.

Comment Re:Security expert? (Score 1) 311

You wrote, and I quote: "No, you actually do have an obligation to not be naive and pretend crime can't happen." That dismissive attitude applies to every one of the examples I gave, and it has been used quite often - especially lately here on slashdot, where one poster claims that if you are sexually assaulted you shouldn't be walking around bare assed down dark alleys, and that someone who is repeatedly sexually assaulted has only themselves to blame for allowing it. Blaming the victim is one of the hallmarks of libertarian and/or extreme right-wing thinking, and slashdot is crawling with them.

Comment Re:New projects are even more misguided than the o (Score 1) 91

Sure they did - not very effective, was it? But where were the tens of millions protesting the DNC/Clinton crooked nomination and the way the MSM slanted all their coverage in favour of Clinton? Wanna bet that it was Clinton supporters who are mostly protesting now? The same ones that actively supported a candidate who is known to be dishonest (public and private positions, "I don't remember", refusing to turn over a server that was subpoenaed and then deleting emails that were under subpoena?).

Comment Re:'computer expert'. (Score 1) 311

As if the perp would ever be able to go to trial ... get real. That's one of the problems of the internet - too many people living in their own little bubbles that have zero correspondence to the real world. You'd have to find a cop who would take the complaint (not going to happen). You left your Facebook account accessible to the original owner that you stole the laptop from? You left THEIR door wide open (it's their laptop) and they walked right in.

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