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Comment Re:Next Phase (Score 1) 406

A thought occurs to me. Functionally, a desk fan with metal blades is an appropriate analog for a drone rotor if the housing is removed.

Aside from the speed not even being in the same ballpark, sure. If that doesn't work, then it certainly won't work on a drone. If that does work, it might work on a drone, or at least, one which is only hovering and not actually going places.

Comment Re:Drones might have weapons. (Score 1) 406

Umm... you really think shooting at a flying bomb overhead is a GOOD idea? If so, remind me to steer clear of you.

Bomb is extremely hyperbolic. "Incendiary device" is the term you're looking for there. Unless, of course, it runs on compressed hydrogen (or another flammable gas) with a fuel cell.

Comment Re:Next Phase (Score 2, Insightful) 406

Even I, a person who's never even held a gun, knows this is a fucking stupid thing to do.

Even you, a person who's never even held a gun, should shut the fuck up until he learns how firearms work. There are lots of pistols which are designed to be carried with a round in the chamber, probably most notably including 1911-pattern handguns.

People like you are the reason why people think anti-gun activists are morons.

Comment Re:FAA fines (Score 1) 406

I think there is still a bit of a grey area around model aircraft that are under 55 lbs and below 400 ft altitude. There are many FAA rules that apply for aircraft that do not apply to model aircraft.

And yet, they are still considered "aircraft", which is the only way the FAA is able to exercise any authority over them whatsoever. And they look down on people shooting down aircraft. As long as they want to continue their power grab (they're not supposed to be regulating model aircraft to begin with) they have to come on like a hard-on any time someone shoots down a drone.

Comment Re:Case Backwards (Score 1) 406

So you have to yell at the drone first? That's kind of pointless.

It doesn't matter. You can never legally shoot down a drone. It's considered an aircraft, and shooting down an aircraft is not the kind of thing that the FAA wants people to get away with. But also, that's how trespass law commonly works. It's certainly how it works in California. Signs mean fuck-all, unless there is a fence with a locked gate. Once I encounter you on my property and tell you to leave, if you resist I can execute a citizen's arrest for trespassing. That's how security guards function in California; they have no powers that you don't whatsoever, although some counties have set up the potential for armed security guards to carry a firearm openly.

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