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Submission + - Google acknowledges Nexus S failure on long calls (

alx5000 writes: "Not that long after Apple's iPhone 4 Antennagate, it's now Google's turn to remind us how smartphones are increasingly more "smart" and less "phone": a failure on the new Nexus S makes the phone reboot mid-call mostly during calls longer that 3 minutes, but even during shorter ones. If this turns to be a software problem, things could get hairy, with Gingerbread for the rest of Android terminals just around the corner."
Input Devices

Submission + - Membrane that turns any surface into a touchscreen (

alx5000 writes: "Engadget runs a story about Displax Interactive Systems, a Porguese company that has created a new polimer film that, when stuck onto a surface, convers it into a multitouch touchscreen with up to 16 contact points. The article states that "if all goes well, the first Displax-enabled wares will start shipping this July"."

Submission + - Neurons created directly from skin cells (

alx5000 writes: "The Times is running a story about a neurologic breakthrough that could revolutionise treatments for conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s: Neurons have been created directly from skin cells for the first time. Quoting neurobiologist Professor Jack Price, 'This suggests that there are no great rules — you can reprogramme anything into anything else.' The article also points out that this method could work around the ethical issues surrounding embryonic stem-cell research."

Submission + - Individual neurons shown to work indenpendently (

alx5000 writes: "A group of neuroscientists from Rutgers University have shown that the commonly accepted idea that there's a correlation among the spikes of neighboring neurons when fed shared input may be wrong (Google translation from Spanish). From the (paywalled) abstract: 'Near-zero mean correlations were seen experimentally in recordings from rodent neocortex in vivo. Our results suggest a reexamination of the sources underlying observed correlations and their functional consequences for information processing.'"

Submission + - Best business antivirus software?

alx5000 writes: "I work for a small government organization with around 30 users, and for some time now we've been having doubts about TrendMicro OfficeScan's efficiency. The last straw was a couple of trojan droppers appearing on one of the IT trainees' computer yesterday, with no warning whatsoever from the real-time protection agent. From your own experience, which antivirus software would you recommend, based on real-time detection ability, response time for new viruses and price?"

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