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Comment Re:DSL is my only option (Score 1) 139

Have you ever dealt with Comcast? I have DirecTV and DSL. If I have DSL problems, I call the phone company and say there's noise on the line. Since they have to respond within a certain amount of time for voice line issues, that means the line gets fixed in a timely manner. I could be wrong, but I don't believe that Comcast has any such requirement. They roll a truck when they feel like it. Worse, if you're only getting Internet, they cap your speed lower than if you were getting TV as well. Not to mention that when I considered going Internet only with them, they insisted on a two year contract but wouldn't say the price for the second year. I'm not entering a contract with someone if they refuse to disclose the terms of the contract. I don't even understand how that's legal. Plus they wanted to charge per foot for a line to the house even though I could just about reach the phone pole from the house. Then they wanted me to buy a modem, whereas the phone company provided a modem with wifi and hard wired ports for free, without a contract, and costing half as much.

They sent people door to door in my area last year. There's a dish on nearly every building still, I doubt it was worth the effort of knocking on doors. How bad does a company have to be to send people to your door to beg?

Comment Re:Spoofing should work by whitelist (Score 2) 110

Poorly. Verizon used to give us pseudo-ANIs so they could bill for calls coming out of our telephony switches. They were "pseudo" in that there was no actual subscriber line that matched that ANI. Except there often was. Some poor SOB would end up with a bill for all our call traffic that used that pseudo-ANI that month, refuse to pay, then Verizon would kill the ANI and our switch would basically fall over dead since it couldn't send traffic out anymore. The best part is that we were providing carrier services for Verizon. It just kept happening over and over again. I saw variations of this with most of the major US regional-Bells. If you're running the right kind of equipment, you can supply whatever ANI you want.

Comment Re: Sombrero party time (Score 1) 242

It absolutely was a matter of support. He was fed to the social justice wolves. He could absolutely do the job. Mozilla is one of the organizations that should regard a free and open Internet as a priority, but instead let their leader burn for donating to a cause that the majority supported at the time (including Obama). What about standing up for free speech? That circus had nothing to do with his performance as CEO, it was the social justice crowd sensing that they could take someone prominent down. I'd say him stepping down was actually harmful for Mozilla because many now feel that their products can't be trusted. Do you want a browser that's run by vindictive people that would do anything to destroy someone for the opinions they have? Your browser knows everything about you.

As for at-will, sure those things can happen. I doubt the business would stay in business for very long. It's not easy to recruit people, it'd be insane to go out of your way as an employer to make it even more difficult to find talent. Even in an at-will state, there are anti-stalker laws. If that type of thing started happening regularly there would be a push for better privacy rights. I think that would likely be done outside of the at-will laws since they could apply to more than just employer-employee relationships.

Comment Re: Sombrero party time (Score 1) 242

What, like the ex-CEO of Mozilla? Not too many people here seemed to care that he got fired (forced to resign, same thing really) for something he supported outside of the workplace.

For the grunts, I doubt most employers have the time or the motivation to monitor what their individual workers are doing when they're not at work. If anyone could ever connect those dots, there'd be good cause to go after them for stalking.

Comment Re:Good thing you have a choice (Score 1) 537

It doesn't matter if I'm okay with it. What matters is that if something bad happens because those radios don't work and investigators discover that this guy intentionally set the place up to block radio signals. He'll probably have a liability problem in court. What if there's a fire and the firemen inside can't hear the order to evacuate? Well, you know.. I wanted people off their phones while they drank and you know, some buildings have metal roofs and stuff. Not a great defense if someone has been seriously injured or even killed. Makes me wonder too if the insurer knows about it.

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