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Comment Re:you mean capitalism works? (Score 1) 372

That's not what it's for. If you ever take first aid training, they tell you explicitly that you're not supposed to do that. You can kill someone epinephrine. Besides which, unless you're wearing the thing around your neck, how would they know you have one? It's for use by the person with allergies to give them enough time to call 911 and wait for rescue. Kids absolutely shouldn't be messing with medication unless it's their own and they've been taught very well on when it's appropriate to use. Even then it doesn't sound like a good idea.

Comment Re:you mean capitalism works? (Score 1) 372

They did a lot of things with needles in the 80s.

I haven't seen one of those before. That doesn't look like a typical syringe, so even if someone could get a script for one, I don't know if they could actually find a pharmacy to fulfill the order. If you guys think auto-injectors are over-kill, you'd love the Auvi-q that actually plays prerecorded audio instructing you on how to use it. My allergist wasn't impressed when I said that it was a pointless feature that I didn't want that probably only existed to drive up the cost of the gadget.

Comment Re:you mean capitalism works? (Score 2) 372

So you've missed the countless news stories about consumers complaining about Mylan not to mention the government hearings and investigations. Sure looks to me that people are pushing it and yet you're still calling them "incredibly lazy". The only thing more they could do is get elected to the legislature to pass a bill themselves. Asswipe. I bet you're the anonymous twat that pisses on the toilet seat and leaves it for the next guy.

Comment Re:you mean capitalism works? (Score 1) 372

You're blaming the people that need it for what you now call a legislative issue. You're a jackass. What, people should spend a few hours to become a legislator so they can push a bill to make this possible? In what version of reality is it the patient's fault that your magic low cost alternative isn't available?

I'm an asshole for not working with you? Try posting as something other than AC then. Or do people down-mod you all the time because they too see that you're a jackass?

You're not trying to solve anything. You're being a dick.

Besides which, your preloaded syringe probably wouldn't work. I don't think syringes are designed to hold their contents over a long period of time. Not normal ones anyway. That's why I mentioned a vial. Plus if it's not sealed somehow there's danger of contamination or spoilage. Even the Epipens can go bad, that's why the have the window on the side to let you see the contents.

Even this new thing that CVS is selling is way overpriced for what it is, but it's still a better option than the other stuff that's actually on the market.

Comment Re:One more thing to charge (Score 1) 252

No idea where you got "one type" from. Never said anything like that.

No one mentioned "traditional exercise gear" or polyester.

As for sweat, I reflected on my own experience with a bit of sarcasm. But no, I don't miss cotton absorbing sweat and becoming uncomfortable. Maybe some people like that, I don't. Clothing shouldn't act like a sponge, it should act more like skin.

As for chafing, bloody nipples anyone? That's not because of a "mismatch between appropriate layers" unless you're considering skin to be a layer.

All that aside though, earbuds will likely go flying. Someone is going to come up with an innovation for wireless earbuds.. a tether, much like a cable. Or we could just keep the headphone port and keep using the cable we already have. I suspect Android sales will increase due to Apple's "courage", much like Dell's laptop sales increased after the new Macbook lost most of its ports. I hear Surface sales are up too.

Comment Re:One more thing to charge (Score 1) 252

Yea, it's horrible to wear things designed for the activity you're doing. I miss chafing and having my manhood flopping around and wearing clothes that were soaked in sweat because the material absorbed rather than breathed. But hey, maybe you run naked. So there's that. Don't use sun screen either because the cavemen didn't.

Comment Re:Getting sick.. (Score 1) 68

It's a fair point. I wouldn't be surprised if they make it somewhat difficult because they believe most people would filter out the 3rd party sellers. Their goal is to sell stuff, whether it's them directly or not. I know you can get to a filter where you can select Amazon, but it's even less obvious than the Prime filter.

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