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Comment Re:Sounds like they already answered this (Score 1) 339

They fight the policies because the policies are forced on them by IT people that have no clue what engineers need. Every request to deviate from "the policy" is met with people like you proclaiming they're "fighting" the corporate IT policies. They just want to get their jobs done, which is what IT traditionally was there for, to help people get work done.

Comment Re:Sounds like they already answered this (Score 1) 339

They don't need to be security experts to know that they shouldn't run unencrypted drives on portable systems, the importance of good passwords, not running executables sent via email, etc. What do you think is going on with their dev environments that's so critical you need to have a security team to manage it? What you propose leads to a nightmare of locked down IT approved setups that are practically useless for getting development work done, and then you have a separate set of systems and network for doing the real work that is not IT encumbered. It doesn't achieve anything. IT generally refuses to acknowledge the needs of engineering and does nothing put but roadblocks in their way. That's not the role of that organization. You'll end up with very secure systems that will be sold for cheap at auction after the company is bankrupt and out of business.

Comment Re:Good Setup (Score 1) 339

I'm using nvidia's nView right now, dividing the screen into quadrants that windows can snap to, but also lets me use it as one giant display if I don't let the window snap. Works nicely. I keep the upper two quads a little smaller vertically, notes on one side and reference material on the other, then I usually stretch the IDE across the bottom quads with two or three source windows side-by-side. It's great.

Comment Re:Sounds like they already answered this (Score 1) 339

What you call a nightmare, I call an effective R&D organization. IT is a barrier to engineers being successful. Forced compliance with no input from engineering means that engineers will spend a lot of their time trying to find work-arounds for things they need to do but have had roadblocks put in place. Any decent developer knows the value of strong passwords and encryption. If you have numb-nuts that don't understand that, they shouldn't be in your codebase. They're incompetent. Yes, developers tend to postpone updates. I'm an offender there. Why? Context switching costs time which costs money. Once the system resets there's a cost associated with getting back to the previous point, looking at whatever code, docs, tests, remote systems, etc. It's a balancing act. The wrong solution is forcing updates and rebooting systems in the middle of presentations or some tricky debugging. Again, there's a cost there. IT has no place in engineering unless they're specifically requested.

Comment Re:Sounds like they already answered this (Score 1) 339

Hardly. You can get self-encrypting drives (SEDs) if you're that concerned, or let the CPU cores that normally go underutilized do something useful. Even my Android phone has encryption. If a phone can do it without killing the user experience or the battery, there's no reason a PC can't.

Comment Re:VMWARE is the future? (Score 2) 339

You learn more about your dev environment by actually installing and configuring the tools. If you have it done for you, you've missed out on some potentially useful knowledge. I'd rather take a very slight hit in productivity by maintaining my own system and not having to worry that the machines we're timesharing on are going to end up overloaded and lag like crazy (which they do). It's even worse if the VMs aren't hosted in the same facility. The WAN has a hiccup and next thing you know, productivity turns to crap.

Comment Re:Sounds like they already answered this (Score 1) 339

They only have the hardware if the drive is encrypted and the user is using a decent password. You'd want the drive encrypted anyway since there's likely to be sensitive material stored locally by the user in addition to what IT knows about. This isn't a valid reason to force developers to use VMs, IMO.

Comment Sounds like they already answered this (Score 4, Insightful) 339

If they want to pick their own tools, let them. I don't understand this fear of giving developers admin access to their machines. What do you think is going to happen if they get this supremely powerful level of access? If some are happy with VMs, let them use VMs. If some want to install, configure, and update their tools manually, let them. If it becomes a problem for a specific developer, steer them towards a VM instead. If you can't trust developers to maintain their system then you probably shouldn't be trusting them to write your company's code either.

It seems like our uber powerful dev machines are turning into expensive terminals and the ESX cloud is our new time sharing mainframe. Everything old is new again.

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 1) 298

That might be an age thing. I tend to stick with "he" because that's how I was taught and that's what the style guides said at the time. I still remember a pair of professors that would call this out specifically. They were both women too, strange that they didn't think it was improper.

Comment Nonsense (Score 4, Insightful) 298

This is nonsense. "He" has always been the default in English when the gender is unknown or not relevant.

French using "on" is no different than referring to an unknown person as "one" in English. We don't use "one" that way very often because it doesn't sound right because we're used to using "he" instead. Of course it sounds impersonal, it's not using "he" or "she". It's meant to be impersonal!

Comment Re:Plutocracy (Score 1) 403

They refer people to other facilities that provide gyno services. For the most part, abortion is their business. Yes, they do some STD scans and hand out condoms, but like I said elsewhere, they're far from the sole provider of those services. If abortion wasn't so much of their purpose, they would have walked away from it.

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