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Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 7

So you want the whole country to do the equivalent of cutting off your nose to spite your face?

I figured if I were elected president, I would have removed all sanctions against Russia and given them most favored nation status - we do it with worse governments, such as Saudi Arabia, and it's in everyone's best interests that Russia succeed as a country. With domestic success, there's less need to divert the people from economic hardship with foreign wars, where even the winners lose.

We need a counter-weight to Chinese expansionism. The USSR was a solid ally for decades. They can be again.

User Journal

Journal Journal: And the gay community fucks over straight transsexuals yet again. 1

For the longest time, the gay community has encouraged confusion between cross-dressers and transsexuals - even many of them say that transsexual women are just gay men in dresses.

That's bad enough - but so many in the "transgender community", including LGB transsexuals, have bought into a similar line - that straight transsexual women were all just repressed gay men.

Comment Re:Now how about... (Score 1) 109

The environment is deteriorating, and the population is growing, at a rate that will never allow India to actually go from "emerging economy" to modern economy. They can be an industrial nation, but not what we would consider a modern one, with all the benefits. There's just too many people, too high a growth rate, and a huge baby boom in the making which will result in even more poverty, because most of those people having kids don't have even an outdoor toilet to shit in.

They already have 18% of the human race living on just over 2% of the land. They will pass China as the most populous country in the world in 2022 - that's 5 years. And unlike China, they will continue to increase in population.

It's simple math - the rest of the world cannot create enough consumer demand to lift the rest of the globe out of poverty. You want to increase your market share, you have to lower your selling price - and your profits, ensuring you stay poor. And there are far too many other countries with over-abundant labour ready to take your place the moment you raise your prices.

And next, throw in robotics and AI, and it really won't matter how cheap you go, the machines can always go lower.

They will solve their problem the same way humans have always solved this problem in the past - famine, war, disease, death. Nothing new under the sun there, and it's stupid to deny it, and the associated risks for everyone else.

Comment Re:Good but... (Score 1) 109

Thing is they're working for companies in your country.

So what. It makes no difference if they're working for a local company - it's still illegal. Which is why CBC Marketplace strung along some of those "marketing firms" to book appointments., then nailed the people who showed up for illegal telemarketing calls. Didn't matter that the call was made from Pakistan. Still illegal, same as if someone booked a hitman to kill you through a Pakistani call center. The person ordering the hit is still liable for soliciting a murder.

Comment Re:Social gender values (Score 1) 144

Saying something is true based on facts is not a non-response, asswipe.

Aptly titled “My eyes are up here,” lead researcher Sarah Gervais’ study found that men like looking at women’s large breasts. For extended periods of time. Although, in dudes’ defense, “women also seem to view other women as objects.”

A total of 29 women and 36 men outfitted in eye tracking gear were asked to look at pictures of models manipulated to have different body types. Both men and women looked at breasts and waists longer than faces. Furthermore, women with hourglass figures received more substantial stares and were rated as having better personalities. Because boobs.

But if you were a woman you'd already know this because you would have experienced it first hand. And please note - the lead researcher was a woman.

Comment Re:Caveat emptor (Score 1) 61

EEG is too coarse-grained to let you "read minds." Besides, it's easier to tell what a dog is thinking just by observing them. They want you to give them something, the will look at it then at you, then back at it. They also can train you to take them for a walk, using negative reinforcement via the "oops - too late, I told you I needed to go for a walk" stratagem. And that they want your food by drooling on it so you don't want it any more anyway. And that they don't want you to leave by shedding on your clothes so you have to stay longer to get the fur off.

And if you don't know what they're thinking when they're humping your leg, well ... maybe you need an EEG or a CT scan.

Comment Re:Child labor law (Score 1) 492

I didn't worry about grades by grade 10. I already had early acceptance to uni based on my crazy SAT scores - and that was with spending much of my time daydreaming and reading stuff I liked, and as little as possible on homework - unless the teacher p*ssed me off. Like the one in grade 9 who asked everyone what grade they thought they deserved. I took my "lucky nickel" - not really lucky, but it had a rabbit on the obverse, which was neat, said "Heads, an A, tails an F", and it came out heads. She was not amused, so in retaliation, when she asked for a 3 page book report on Lord of the Flies, I gave her close to 40 pages of single-space analysis. Hey, I deserved an A, even if I would have been happy with anything over an F because I really didn't care.

Comment Re:Child labor law (Score 1) 492

You just talked to the local distributor, who was someone with a van who dumped the papers off in bundles on the different routes. No talking to parents, but the newspaper companies also actively solicited teenagers - nobody even thought of asking for permission back then.

I remember when we had the 1970 FLQ October crisis, with the military deployed on the streets. Didn't stop me from going to the library at night in the dark. Why would I ask to go to the library when I was 14? It was only 3/4 of an hour's walk away.

Interesting factoid - I wasn't even considering delivering newspapers until the kid who eventually killed his father offered to sell me his route. Strange how these things just tend to spiral out of control in my life ... who could have predicted that 2 years later he'd be forcing me to kill his father?

Comment Re:I call BS yet again (Score 1) 109

At least you're not in Canada

Actually, I am, and I remember when they brought in the GST on commercial rents, the politicians exempted their riding offices. Then again, most politicians are fools. Before they voted in free trade, I went to Ottawa to point out how much we were giving up ... couldn't find a single politician who had read it. "Oh, how can it be bad, it has the word 'free' in it?" I sh*t you not.

Comment Re:Now how about... (Score 1) 109

You won't have to worry about that soon. India is a shithole with enough people without even an outdoor toilet that they could stand in line from here to the moon, and there is no way to get from that to everyone having indoor plumbing, because there are just not enough consumers (individual and business) outside the country to fully address the problem. So the "solution" will be war with Pakistan, probably with nukes at some point. Most countries with cultures that keep much of the population in permanent poverty end up doing so.

Even the general population treats much of the country as one large shit hole - the majority go out early in the morning to look for a place where they won't be seen and take a dump.

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