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Comment Re:Hit Job on Google? (Score 1) 127

No, News Corp has been doing this for years. The reason is Murdoch thinks Google and Google News specifically is killing the news industry, and that the iPad will save it (or at least he thought that a few years ago). It's pure inter-corporate warfare being played out through manipulation of public opinion. The WSJ in particular are experts at it.

Comment Re:Alternative media. (Score 1) 127

Here's an interesting article:

'Free speech' has become a mantra for bullying the people whose opinion is that there are things they don't like and don't want to see; but that in itself becomes a kind of censorship. Not by the government, but by other groups - and it is extremely easy to bombard websites with updates that drown out opinions that you as a person or group don't like.

Ideally, if all people were honest and genuinely played by the rules of good citizenship etc, free speech would be truly free, but it only takes a small minority of bullies to take that away. Governments in democratic countries don't actually want to limit people's freedom of speech, because when people feel they can let off steam, they are less likely to want to upset things too much. It is the different bullying groups, the extremists, religious or otherwise, who talk the loudest about "freedom" and constitutional right, and they are also the ones who are working the hardest to take that away from the general public.

Comment Re:And masterfully so (Score 1) 368

He said he had a plan to defeat them within 30 days. No conditionals such as budgets included. And be honest, new spending takes time to work its way through the system - any weapons systems approved in the next budget won't see the light of day for years - and take even longer before they're actually deployable. Stupidity like this - a naval gun ship that can't actually fire shells because they would cost too much. A 22.5 billion dollar weapons system with no bullets. Oops.

Comment Re:Symbolism (Score 1) 6

Well, it snowed again yesterday, so heat is definitely on the "nice to have" list. If everyone stopped heating for an hour and then all suddenly turned their heating back on, the power company would not be all that happy with the surge in demand.

Comment Re: Trump has a plan to fix it quicker and more p (Score 1) 53

To say that they were started about the same time was factually REALLY incorrect. It betrays the ignorance of the poster of a basic fact. It's like the people who claim that Muslims have been killing people for thousands of years - physically impossible. Or saying that java and javascript are about the same because "java".

Comment Re:And masterfully so (Score 1) 368

Health care costs money. You have an aging population and increasingly expensive treatments. Every single payer healthcare system in the world is having to deal with this - and the US has the additional problem of insurance companies skimming their cut. First step is to, as Shakespeare wrote, is to kill all the lawyers (of the insurance companies). Get rid of the insurance company lobbyists, and go to full public single-payer healthcare. The money that's currently going into insurance company profits could save your life.

Comment Re: Uhm... (Score 1) 368

Actually, the brown people already in the US scare him even more. Or did you miss the judgments against him for racism to black tenants, and his comments about how he hates it that black people are in HIS casinos counting HIS money when it should be counted by jews? Look it up - the truth is out there.

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