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Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 920

What did he do wrong? Are you serious? He showed the video on his channel and incidentally earned another few million dollars with it. Who in his right mind would think that he can show a video with the 'fun' message "death to all jews" and keep being sponsored by Disney[*]?

[*] To be fair, Walt Disney has built up a reputation of having been anti-semite, although this matter is controversial. So maybe he thought Disney would like to continue this tradition? Well, then I guess he was wrong.

Comment Re:Has he been invited to the white house? (Score 2, Informative) 920

I agree with you, have never heard of that guy before either. Then I clicked a link on youtube out of interest to a video in which he's whining for almost 20 minutes about how unfair he was treated because some maker of comics and movies for children and Youtube (which has no age restriction) did not like his 'joke' video about how to pay some guys to tell the world that all jews should be killed. This guy has made many millions of dollars with uninteresting, stupid, and uninspiring youtube videos - it's never quality that wins on a global 5-minute attention span market - and now he's complaining that he cannot make 'joke' videos about killing jews and keep being sponsored by Disney!

O tempora o mores, I guess.

Comment Re:I'll never vote over the net (Score 1) 117

Absolutely. Any machine complex enough to have an operating system and some software on it can be hacked. I'd be surprised if there are any military networks that haven't been infiltrated at one time or another, and they are much more secure than voting machines. In fact, voting machines have again and again been shown to be insecure by various security researchers and white or grey hat hackers like the German CCC.

A country that primarily uses electronic voting machine does not have a trustworthy democracy.

Comment Not that I care (Score 2, Insightful) 39

On my Windows 7 machine, every cumulative security update since last October has failed anyway. I was told that it might have to do with the fact that it's a dual boot system. Be that as it may, since I use Linux for main work it doesn't matter that much, I will just make sure that I never use Windows for any payments or passwords and let Windows slowly 'phase out'. (Unfortunately, I cannot give it up entirely, because I'm using a lot of commercial Windows-only audio software.)

Comment Re:Casio ToughSolar Pathfinder (Score 1) 232

Seconded. I'm using the Tough Solar Protrek, steel version. It doesn't have moon phases, sunrise/sunset and atomic clock radion reception, but it's water proof to 200m (important for me, since I like to swim without getting my watch stolen), analog/digital and has all the sensors. It's a great watch, I can only recommend it! (On a side note, as a European I bought it over Ebay from a NY watch store, which even after import taxes was still way cheaper than any shop in Europe!)

I'd love to get my hands on the Titanium version of this watch, but unfortunately that was and still is above my budget.

Comment Re:Not that all the science is wrong. Gore made $1 (Score 2) 110

The opposite is the case. Large rant follows.

The whole pseudo-debate about the validity of climate science research is instigated, paid for, and kept alive by lobby groups of the petrochemical industry. A whole bunch of fake scientists and lobbyists have made a career in various conservative think-tanks and fake 'institutes' in the US whose sole purpose is to spread doubt about scientific results that have been established world-wide and by independent research organizations, institutions and countries. The only reason why this topic has been politicized so much in the US is that the petrochemical industry is traditionally linked and intertwined with the Republican party more than with the Democrats.

Nowhere else is the scientific consensus debated, the debate elsewhere is a fairly rational debate about the means to counter global warming and about how dangerous it may be for the respective country and its economy (how much to err on the side of caution, how much money to spend, etc.). This whole whole pseudo-debate is confined to the US only. No serious people outside the US have any reason to doubt the opinion of the vast majority of scientists world-wide, because elsewhere less lobbyist money has been spent and conservatives have no problems with accepting current scientific consensus. You have no idea how outright bizarre and batshit crazy this whole US pseudo-debate appears to the rest of the world, and if you're a conservative American, you should definitely start asking yourself whether mixing up values and facts in this anti-scientific way is really worth the damage in reputation. It is perfectly feasible to be conservative and accept the current state of the art of science (whether it later turns out to be wrong or right, that's a completely different question), in fact, I'm inclined to believe that many people with such views send mankind to the moon.

The saddest thing is that most of the people who continue to politicize this purely scientific topic and 'debate' it as if it where a matter of deciding which values to defend do not even realize that they are just tools for the US oil lobby and for some Republican politicians who ran out of topics to distinguish themselves from no less conservative Democrats. They think they are discussing in a world-wide debate, whereas in reality they are lost in a homegrown disinformation campaign.

Why don't you discuss quantum theory or relativity theory instead? Or how about particle physics? I'm sure you can cast doubt on particle physics, too, after all it's pretty clear that all of the areas of physics I've just mentioned are wrong somewhere and at some point. The standard model cannot be all there is, right. Maybe you can come up with some big conspiracy here as well, from the comfortable chair in your home and without doing some real work, and find some crackpot complaints that CERN doesn't release all their raw data on the Internet or has used some 'smoothing' to 'fake results'. I'll tell why you don't do that, though. Because there is no big industry with a huge lobby apparatus that would benefit from spreading doubts about current research in particle physics.

Comment Re:Propaganda (Score 1) 119

Finally someone who knows what he's talking about. Russian trolls are also very active on German forums. It has been nothing more than a nuisance at first (who takes comments 'I like Putin because he's a strong man and a good leader' seriously), but they've become more sophisticated and are trying to undermine our elections. The best way of countering them is to close their sockpuppet accounts and very actively destroy their botnets.

Comment Re:I can think of bigger central problems (Score 0) 157

The ongoing islamisation of the population

That's a nonexistent pseudo-problem that has been exaggerated out of all proportions by the hysterical mass medias. The percentage of muslims in the US is about 1% and in the EU is about 6%. Even with massive migration (way more than we see now in e.g. Sweden and Germany), these percentages would stay far below any significant threshold and muslims would stay a small minority. The EU could easily deal with with twice or four times the percentage with an overall negligible impact on society as a whole, and even more so for the US.

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