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Submission + - AFACT loses piracy case against iiNet

afaik_ianal writes: In a ruling that will have profound implications for internet users and ISPs in Australia, the Federal Court ruled in favour if iiNet. The summary of the decision states that despite iiNet being aware of infringements and not acting to stop them, their actions did not qualify as "authorisation". This ruling effectively prevents AFACT from forcing ISPs to be their personal police force.

Submission + - Man caught watching porn in public library

afaik_ianal writes: A man was recently caught browsing hardcore pornography in a library on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, Australia. The local council is now considering a number of options to prevent the practise in future, including requiring swipe-card access to the computers that log users' browsing history.

Most Slashdot users appear to be opposed to internet filtering and tracking, but where do people stand when it is being used to curb inappropriate behaviour in a public area, using an entirely publicly funded internet connection?

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