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Comment Re:Ignore it. It's not a WiFi patent. (Score 1) 347

In order to be found in violation of this patent, your violation must satisfy all the claims listed on the patent

I'm pretty sure that's not right (but see my nick).

The claims are each enforceable in their own right, but typically get chained together ("Claim 2: The method in claim 1, further ...").

If one claim is not relevant, then only those claims depending on it are irrelevant.

Comment Re:Apple is spending its patent portfolio (Score 3, Informative) 111

I think you might be misreading it.

"their" refers to Samsung. So she's saying since Sasmsung's experts testified that there was prior art, she's assuming they genuinely believed the prior art to be valid. The jury disagreed, but without other evidence she has assumed the experts genuinely believed there to be prior art.

Comment Re:Hide your PhD (Score 3, Insightful) 232

Most places I've worked would instantly toss resumes that explicitly mentioned anything like that - DOB, marital status, religion, even a photo.

Having a policy of rejecting anyone who volunteers information that could be used as grounds for a discrimination claim is apparently the safest approach.

Comment Re:You're assuming it's a burglar (Score 1) 1719

Sure, if that actually happened, I'd fight tooth and nail to protect my family. Home invasion rape are incredibly rare - it's not something I lose any sleep over, and it's not worth culling 0.01% of your population annually "just in case".

I strongly suspect a gun owner is considerably more likely to accidentally shoot themselves or a member of their family than they are to successfully ward off a rapist.

Comment Re:100 more will die today (Score 1) 1719

Wait - what?

Japan's murder rate is 0.3 per 100,000.
China dominates that at 1.0.
UK comes in even higher at 1.2.

The US? No single US state comes in lower than Japan. Iowa, Vermont, and New Hapshire are the only states/territories that come in lower than the UK. The average across the US? 4.2.

Make no mistake - murder rates in the US are unacceptably high.

Comment Re:*confused (Score 2) 1719

At that rate, you are more likely to die in an airline catastrophe.

That suggests the figures you took from the previous poster are extremely flawed. Over 30,000 americans die from gunshots every (not to mention the 75,000 who are injured). Air crash deaths are extremely rare - there have been a number of years recently with no air crash deaths in the US.

Comment Re:100 more will die today (Score 5, Insightful) 1719

The catch-22 is that your relative value on human life makes you an incredibly inappropriate person for making those life-and-death decisions.

There are a million and one reasons why someone might be in your house (or why you might think someone's in your house).

I'm not suggesting being robbed isn't most likely explanation, but it's just stuff. Your stuff is not worth extrajudicial killing someone over.

Comment Re:100 more will die today (Score 4, Insightful) 1719

What an absolute load of clap trap.

Why do people get modded up as insightful for spouting the same old NRA propaganda? Analysing the statistics for violent crime, suicide and accidental deaths is a complicated area of research. Finding localised peaks in violent crime figures does not negate the massive drops in gun incidents we saw in Australia following the effective banning of firearms almost 20 years ago.

And what's with this view that being able to shoot someone who wrongs you is better than the tiny risk of being robbed? Seriously? People with that view are exactly who I don't want having weapons anywhere near me.

Comment Re:multiple control points (Score 2) 96

The valve is the easy bit (if you don't mind manually switching a tap on in response to an alert).

The sensor is not so simple. Even if digital hydrometers were cheap and easily available, you'd need to find a way of mounting it inside the fermenter such that you're not going to create a haven for bacteria (hint: any kind of non-smooth surface inside the fermentation vessel is a haven for bacteria).

I've heard of people using ultrasonic transducers for measuring the gravity of fluid in a pipe, but it sounds like a lot of work.

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