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Comment Re:Dangerous Denial Of Brutality (Score 1) 295

Well put, girlintraining. Use a camera, and put the officer's face and actions in front of people who can personally shame him (or her) into remorse.

My small vow: The next time I see someone stopped by numerous police cars, I am going to stop and take a few pictures. The police try to keep us from seeing their actions, on the street, but we can look. Be the mindful observer.

WEIRD FACT ABOUT PICTURES: I have often seen, in a picture or video, brutality that was happening right under my nose...because it's often quick and quiet. TAKE A PICTURE. It will show more than the eye can see.

Comment Dangerous Denial Of Brutality (Score 5, Insightful) 295

Police are supposed to be trained officers. They are being provoked by taunts? Throw those goddamn police out of their jobs, with a black mark on their records. What you say is (trolling?) bullshit. I have seen numerous videos of peaceful people blindsided by police with pepper spray and bludgeons. Overwhelming force, yet the police are provoked by taunts? You live in a world of hypocrisy and denial, previous poster.

Comment If you don't like Google, walk your feet to Blekko (Score 4, Interesting) 321

If you want a "user experience" with someone second-guessing you and tossing extra keywords into every search, pfft, google it.

I occasionally try new search engines ( Google remained my favorite ) yet recently switched, due to proof that one is better... for me. I'm a scientist. I was convinced by the results of the game, Three Engine Monte, over at http://blekko.com/

" search term /monte "

I was impressed by how often I picked the Blekko search results link. Most often, the more relevant listing was unearthed by Blekko. I found better information with Blekko. I was mightily impressed, and switched. Unless you want local listings every search on a movie title, (which still seems intrusive to me), in which case stick with the big brother who gives you priority paid listings.

Grasshopper, if you are not trying new search engines, regularly, you are <strike>eating search results pablum</strike> missing out on some awesome information.

The Military

Submission + - The New Transparency of War and Lethality of Hatre

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Robert Wright writes that if you had asked him a few days ago, before news broke that American soldiers had urinated on Taliban corpses if such a thing were possible he would have said "probably." After all if you send "young people into combat, people whose job is to kill the enemy and who watch as their friends are killed and maimed by the enemy, [.] the chances are that signs of disrespect for the enemy will surface — and that every once in a while those signs will assume grotesque form." War, presumably, has always been like that but something has changed that amounts to a powerful new argument against starting wars in the first place. First, there's the new transparency of war as battlefield details get recorded, and everyone has the tools to broadcast these details so "it's just a matter of time before some outrageous image goes viral — pictures from Abu Ghraib, video from Afghanistan" that will make you and your soldiers more hated by the enemy than ever. The second big change is that hatred is now a more dangerous thing. "New information technologies make it easier for people who share a hatred to organize around it," writes Wright. "And once hateful groups are organized, they stand a better chance than a few decades ago of getting their hands on massively lethal technologies." It used to be that national security consisted of making sure all foreign governments either liked you or feared you; now it requires that as few people as possible hate you. "I think we should reflect on that before we start another war.""

Comment Focus On Finances Troubling (Score 1) 289

Amazing paid travel and meeting of fine minds, the freedom to know first hand the world Dr. Hawking lives in, the ability to say whatever you think to whoever you want -- ZOUNDS! all this and money, too?

Focus on finances :: troubling.

I would take this job in a heartbeat, and figure out the wires, hardware, and software interface as I go. It's obviously custom, and I m able to pickup where the former person left off. Credentials--Scientist who is comfortable setting up complicated lab equiment, learning to run and troubleshoot HPLC and PCR (piece of cake) and microarras, surf along the growing information network, as new replaces old. Experienced coder on-the-fly Perl and Java Python concatanations.

Better question is this, "Sir: Is there a person leaving who will train me?"

Forget about the money. Take the job.

Comment Personality profile written by an IT manager? Con (Score 1) 1

The author of the original article had "once overseen an IT department as a former dean of the College of Psychology and Human Services."

Right there at the top of the linked article is the reason IT is perceived as having a personality problem. IT is managed by people incompetent to manage IT. Being aloof is the only way to fend off uneducated management.

I worked in the industry, as She who understood enough IT to talk respectfully to IT. You should not tell them what to do You describe a problem-and listen to solutions brainstorming. Unfortunately, it is an inevitable case of management not-knowing-what-they-don't-know, and perceiving the perfectly reasonable behavior of IT as these ridiculous (I'm sorry, but they are) ridiculous personality profiles.

IT gentlemen and ladies are fun-loving, overworked, camaraderie-driven people. They are not ! aloof (perhaps a trace shy, or apt to speak Jargon) except when aloof is needed to prevent management from not-knowing all over the place.

Personality profile written by an IT manager? Conflict. Bias.

Submission + - IT managers are aloof, insular, says psychologist (computerworld.com) 1

dcblogs writes: IT managers see themselves as "reigning supreme," in an organization, and are seen by non-IT workers as difficult to get along with, says organizational psychologist Billie Blair. If IT managers changed their ways, they could have a major impact in an organization. “So much of their life is hidden under a bushel because they don't discuss things, they don't divulge what they know, and the innovation that comes from that process doesn't happen, therefore, in the organization,” says Blair.

Comment Wasting Long Chain Hydrocarbons, s/he says. (Score 1) 272

I never thought of that! MightyMartian has a valid point that valuable, difficult-to-manufacture long chain hydrocarbons are being squandered to produce combustion.

That's the same way I feel about sequestering gold. This non-tarnish metal is an extremely valuable manufacturing commodity. And diamonds, the hardest substance known to man, are another stupidly sequestered resource.

Homo sapiens are dingbat dumb.

Comment Inspiration. The suicide of one's online self. (Score 0) 89

This baffling story is raw inspiration. The suicide of one's online self is a serious event. Do you suppose, if Mark began again, he would create another space of vision and beauty? Of course. A new vision.

He was (?) singularly poised at a wrinkle-in-time to become Our Voice. Yet, our wins are our losses. We lose the ability to hear the muse. Sometimes one cannot even see the new task, when there is clamor (hands vibrate and wave) loud eddies that distract from the quiet voice of curiosity.

Mark will find the muse again, find his new task, and may each of us ( me least of all ) seek a location where we can hear the muse most clearly.

Love, attention, bliss.


Comment Re:read negative ones? (Score 1) 122

"Anyone with an IQ over 100 can filter stuff."

That's not true: We have inherent unconscious bias (M.Gladwell, et. al.) and it's powerful enough to make us eat more food, buy more products, etc., because the "game" of selling to you capitalizes on your blindness, yes you (yourself) will have a subset of the human traits that make you a sheep to some marketing campaigns. Moo.

# (: There are two kinds of people in this world: You, who think youre immune from the science about human behavior ("Duh I filter all that stuff out") and me, who thinks that immunity lies in accepting my gullible side and avoiding the "marketing matrix."

Howto: Framing Your Thoughts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5f9R9MtkpqM&feature=player_detailpage#t=222s

Submission + - SPAM: FOX News is dead. 1

Web Goddess writes: OK this is as short as I can make it.

ONE SINGLE 'hairy eyeball' flash of white-eye will turn someone into a hating droid of the person who flashed it at him. I am the proof. Please, darlings, find that microexpression and demonstrate on a podcast that it will, indeed, cause someone to become a hypnotized anger-bot.

I am soooo tired. It just seems like if you could please just post that to one or two news outlets it would be, you know, 100% convincing.

I AM ENTIRELY AGAINST using this hairy eyeball trick to turn the liberal party into a droid-robot-slave system. Just publish it. The rest will take care of itself.

[spam URL stripped]


Comment Re:Police and Microexpression Analysis Software (Score 1) 4

Please add back in my "vexillate.livejournal.com" link and do not edit a single word of this story, if I may be so bold as to request.

And dude, kindly, can you stop making me preview each and every post? In that noxious window you've invented? I read my post, I know what I'm doing, and if I hit the "submit" button too soon, what;s the harm.

If I were goddess, anyway, that's what I'd ask for.

Submission + - FOX News is dead. (livejournal.com)

Web Goddess writes: "Thanks for your love! I am 47 years old woman with a beautiful face, according to every friend and lover. Yet, that dittohead microexpression that induces unreasoning hatred? "It's in my loving face." A lifetime of "Wendy gave me the hairy eyeball." A lifetime of horrendous encounters with police, from skinned knee to reporting a serious crime, due to a lack of "trust me" and "respectful fear" and other subtle facial expressions that drove them, subliminally, into rage and crime against ME.

No more! This interesting "beneficial mutation" is completely invisible to the naked eye, but on film, or in groups where I am shifting my gaze rapidly between people, it causes you to THINK I am insane or on drugs. That mismatch of what I was saying, and how you reacted, drove every bit of hatred and lack of understanding out of my body as I tried to love you despite your angry actions, yet again, my bestest of friends. I love you all.

I love you because I finally realized that there was nothing I could do about it. Do I act weird to you? Not a single motion I made — not a sinngle word I said — made any difference once you caught sight of I don't know what. And neither do you. Scratch my nose, excuse myself from the table, give you a compliment, every single thing was misinterpreted by somebody under the course of my life.

I do what I want. I'd like to do more. I'd like to dance naked in my own backkyard. I'd like for my neightbor to stop cutting my beautiful trellis plants, sowing noxious weed seeds, and seething gossip about me. I love you Liz. I always have.

I had no idea that I was crippled with a dislocated shoulder and various serious injuries by the time Joe found me. You thought I was healthy. You think you are healty! You are not healthy. Not even most Yoga enthusiasts. You are regimenting your bodies like recalcitrant children.

I have a beautiful face but literally 30% of the people I met as a child reacted to me with horror and loathing. 10% today. This has to end. There is nothing wrong with my face. Stop operating on me and trying to force whatever the fuck you think is important onto my face.

I am rescuing us from the (sadly inevitable) abuse at the hands of our loved ones, due to an involutary and needless misunderstanding.

I have an amazing mutation, one that lets the muscles of emotional expression connect individually and uniquely to the face, neck, and shoulders. This lets you know at a glance what kind of movements I like to make. Am I a computer person? A hoop dancer? A cripple happily healing from your imaginary anger?

Stop. I have no emotional or interpersonal problems, other than those caused by you reacting like a lunatic when I glanced upwards. In fact, now I remember that exact movement which I have tried to suppress all my life. I wonder if I will lose a new friend tomorrow. Today I have no friends.

Not even poor Greg, my dearest, who lounged on his bed as I described the fact that I could be stopped for a traffic ticket on the way home, and straightjacketed, and dragged into a nightmare which ended in death. I love you Greg. Finally, today, I realized you simply and really couldn't help it.

NO. Autism should not be "cured" by a feedback loop. They are banging their heads on the wall because you won't stop terrifying them with your faces and anger at their lack of response. Knock it off. You meant no harm, but it must end.

NO. Tourette's syndrome, so-called facial recognition disorder, these are not disorders. Crissy knows exactly who you are, as soon as you interact. That's great! Stop trying to figure out what's wrong with her because the word doesn't pop out. It matters not. She loves you. Doesn't it look like she loves you? She loves everyone. She just focuses about a foot in front of her face. It's cutesy.

47 years trying to suppress my goddess-given talent for making cutesy faces. 47 years pleading with the authorities that I am seriously trying to report a crime ring operating in medical fraud, that has taken my loving Papa into custody with the most abusive of care.

47 years of learning what makes each of you tick. 47 years of reflecting your own deepest fears back at you. 47 years culminating in a miracle.

I'm not crazy.

Fuckwits. Fuck all that microexpression analysis stuff. It doesn't matter. I'm me, you're you, and that's okay.

Oh, addendums to come, many many more."

Comment Police and Microexpression Analysis Software (Score 1) 4

Please remove my "vexillate.livejournal.com" link from any posted story. Also:

"The U.S. military developed the technology to marry microexpression-recognition software with state-of-the-art systems capable of making instant interpretations."

My birth defect - blepharophimosis ptosis - makes microexpression analysis exceedingly dangerous to me, particularly since I appear guilty to anyone who "looks" for guilt in my face. Microexpression analysis of crowds is dangerous to me.

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