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Comment Re:Biometric Gun Safe (Score 1) 153

I looked at those gun safes and rejected them for exactly the reasons you stated. I bought one that uses a quick entry combo. The downside, it requires a battery so it needs to be checked every now and then. Not really an issue since I take it out almost every weekend for a trip to the range.

Comment Re:I have one of those watches (Score 1) 153

They are not complex, but they are precision - tolerances are tiny fractions of a millimeter. On parts that can wear down over time, or corrode, or get coated in dust. This is why responsible gun owners recognize the importance of maintaining their gun. If you buy a gun for self-defense and just leave it sitting by the bed for ten years, when someone really does come to rob your house it may well just jam. Or explode and take your fingers off.

Comment Re:No they won't. (Score 1) 153

It goes both ways. The gun rights lobby opposes any and all forms of regulation, even the most common-sense, because they fear exactly the scenario you describe: If the government is allowed any power to regulate guns, that power could be deliberately mis-applied to restrict access.

This is why there has been intense opposition to things like restrictions on high-capacity magazines, or requiring less environmentally-damaging alternatives to lead shot.

The situation is paralleled in abortion, and has a similar effect: It forces political pressure groups to the extremes. Either prohibit entirely, or allow without restriction, both of which are not what the public in general desires.

Comment Re:Fuck Off McAfee! (Score 1) 92

Item 1 is likely never going to fly, and I question the legitimacy of it anyways. If voters in a district or state like their representative, why shouldn't they be able to run for an open ended number of terms? There are some decent reasons for limiting the President's terms, but none of those really apply to Representatives or Senators. It's like declaring "All engineers and doctors must retire after ten years!" Beyond that, I doubt there would ever be enough approval among the states to get it through.

Item 2 is silly. You can't say what needs may come in the future. Mindless freezes won't do anybody any good.

Item 3 is the same kind of idiotic item 2 is. Why should there be some upper limit of regulations? There's no real coherent philosophy here at all.

So while some policies might make some sense, others are just stupid, and item 1 at least is almost certainly never going to happen. And considering Trump's long history of pretty dubious deals, what makes you think he's the man to do any of it, when even his own tax plan would both increase the debt and largely only help people like Donald Trump, which means he'd simply be adding to the kinds of policies that screw over the average person.

But you've also left out some items:

Item 7 - Abuse his position of head of the executive branch to pursue his political opponent.
Item 8 - Sue the women claiming he sexually assaulted him. This one is particularly stupid because, of course, suing them means they in turn get to delve into his sexual history via discovery, which could lead to both civil and criminal charges against him. This is what I'd call the Oscar Wilde Blunder; mainly because it resembles what Wilde did when he was openly accused of homosexual acts by the father of his lover; the Marquess Queensbury. Wilde decided to sue the Marquess, and of course, the trial inevitably lead to Wilde being outed, and then charged and convicted of moral turpitude. So if I were Donald Trump, win or lose, i'd probably stay away from civil trials over his alleged sexual escapades.

Comment Re:Raised bar will be bypassed (Score 1) 98

The watermarking will just be removed and life will go on.

Hint: "real time". Can you identify the watermark without comparing your stream to someone else's stream? Can you do that while streaming your copy to a pirate repeater? Can you do that before sending out the first unique marker that identifies your stream?

I mean, if you can, you are indeed l33t. If not, the banhammer, she swings for you.

Comment Re:Cui Bono? (Score 2) 92

Yes, I'm sure the Republicans will waste lots of time on conspiracy theories that produce nothing, egged on Breitbarts and Trump TV. And it won't amount to anything at all. This is just Birther Scandal Part 2.

It's a pity the Republicans didn't pick someone like Rubio, but they didn't, they picked Trump, a man so ridiculous that even many of those who can't stand Clinton cannot abide the thought of him winning.

Comment Re:Showmanship (Howard Stern, Lady Gaga) vs sociop (Score 1) 92

So what are your qualifications to diagnose psychiatric conditions, and how many times have you met with Clinton to confirm your observations? I mean, you wouldn't just be some asshole on the Internet googling up WebMD and then simply forcefitting your personal beliefs on Clinton into what really is a very general description from an online site, would you?

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