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Comment Re:Find'm, KIll'm (Score 1) 46

You know, it's kinda funny that there's not yet a service where someone who knows that kind of trash would grab them, hang them from their toes and sell viewing rights to see them being tortured for a few hours.

Send 1 bitcoin and watch the ransomware asshole being sliced millimeter by millimeter, starting at the soles of their feet...

Comment Re:Google's reply? (Score 1) 116

The EU could declare it discriminitory to exclude those sites and impose fines or whatever else is necessary.

Which should get overturned as not wanting to pay for something you don't want can hardly be called discriminatory. In other words, it is not discrimination, in the evil sense, to decline services because you don't wanna pay their fee.

Comment Re:Google's reply? (Score 1) 116

A search engine could provide links to a news item without showing any of the content. Of course, that will heavily devalue the news item in question, but if the EU insists on trying to destroy any notion of fair use, there will be inevitable casualties.

Maybe Google could just pay for the rights to access AP, Reuters and the other news wires, and then just say "Fuck it" to the news publishers, much of their content coming from exactly the same sources.

Comment Re:I think Google would walk here (Score 1) 116

In reality, there is not. You can keep your news outlets within the EU. You just don't ask for the fee you will be entitled to if this becomes law. About half of the german news outlets did so, when the german version of the law was introduced, and the other news outlets which asked for a fee, caved within some months because of their visitor numbers plummeting.

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 1) 141

I would tread lightly on the whole Ghostbusters blunder if I tried to argue FOR the SJW side. Remind me, who was it again that labeled (or "libeled" rather) everyone who dared to not think this turd is going to be Oscar material a misogynist or worse? Just for disagreeing.

There were very valid, well worded and well argued points that were brought against this movie, with Jones' portrait of the black ghetto mama from da hood as a racist stereotype being not even the worst offense against good taste this movie had to offer, which prompted the director (no less) to go into full rant mode on how people who dare to disagree with his "vision" of the movie to be misogynist bastards.

So if you want to choose a topic to portrait SJWs in a good light, anything surrounding the Ghostbusters 2016 movie is probably not the best start.

Comment Re:Nope, and missing the point (Score 1) 61

Tips build goodwill.

I get my pizza as the first delivery from the shop, before they go on to deliver the other pizzas in the car.
I don't get battered pizzas.
I get delivery on days they have no delivery staff.
I didn't pay extra the time I ordered a pizza, fell unconscious, woke up, rang to ask where my pizza was, found out it was three hours later, and had a new one made and delivered to me.

It's the little things. They add up. Anyway, pizza, garlic bread and a tip still come to less than Dominos charge for a pizza, and I get a far nicer pizza too.

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