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Comment Re:Not really a call center. (Score 1) 13

I'm currently wondering how come every call center I call lately seems like I'm calling Mars. Ever called an airline to change a plane ticket? Then you know what I'm talking about. There's no point having a call center if all you can afford is a 4KHz connection and no one can hear each other. Skype or god forbid Teamspeak/Mumble/Discord sound like an audiophile's wet dream compared to say, KLM whom I called recently. I thought Amazon might be trying to solve this, but sadly not. /rant

Comment Re:I Do Call Center Work (Score 1) 13

If you're of average intelligence (and yes for argument's sake lets assume that average = median for a moment although I know this is not necessarily true) just consider that half the people in the world are dumber than you. Now imagine what it's like to live on the right side of the Gauss curve. No matter how hard you try to design something that will work for the "average person" there will always be a mind numbing number of complete idiots who will always get it wrong. This is why toothpicks come with instructions. It should be pretty obvious that "DO NOT POKE IN EYE" is part and parcel of normal toothpick operation. But it's not.

Comment Exactly that (Score 5, Insightful) 305

I'm out of mod points or I'd mod you up.

My two cents - we have an open office plan where I work. So I like to stay after hours and work. Why? Because the lights are off, I don't have to listen to people milling around me all the time having conversations about the weather or last Sunday's game. Just me and the work I have to do. No distractions. It's blissful.

I can get more done in 2 hours like that than the previous 8.

Comment Re:Massive presumption (Score 1) 286

> it's actually a magnet for a lot of great acting talent.

Understood, but it seems that the vast majority of wannabe actors move to L.A., do several years of demeaning low-paid jobs while going to endless casting auditions with never a positive result, then eventually get a clue, go back home and finally start working on a real career instead.

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