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Comment Re:32% would vote clinton (Score 1) 151

Look at how she keeps blatantly lying under oath and being caught out about the email server thing and totally getting away with it when literally anybody else trying that would already be in prison for a long stretch right now. Look at what the rewards coming to the GA and Comey are then tell me they aren't complicit as hell. Have you even taken a look at where the hundreds of millions of dollars going through the Clinton Foundation are coming from (and why) and going to?, or the number of people that around the Clintons that cross them in some way and keep mysteriously dying?
I know it all might sound totally paranoid, but trust me, just do your own research.

Comment Re:32% would vote clinton (Score 1) 151

Interesting point. It does seem that Americans now just automatically assume all these people are corrupt (which to be fair is probably a quite realistic assessment), but the problem is they have also become so complacent that they just allow people like Hilary to blatantly get away with it.

Comment Re:It depends. (Score 1) 151

> First-past-the-post demands strategic voting.

Bad bad bad.

Decades of Americans voting against who they most dont want, instead of voting for who they actually want, is exactly what has inevitably led to the current situation of having to choose between the 2 worst possible people in the whole USA.

Comment Re:32% would vote clinton (Score 3, Interesting) 151

Clinton, obviously.
Trump is clearly a patriot, even if he is a buffoon, and as far as I know, he hasn;t had anyone killed or started a war for personal gain.
I guess Trump might have pulled a few questionable business moves in his time but Hilary has taken large-scale corruption and selling out the US to a whole other level.

Comment Re:The Theater Experience (Score 1) 266

A lot of people live in apartments where even if you have room for a nice setup, there's little or no opportunity to put it to good use without being a complete asshole to your neighbors. Also, unless you're sitting remarkably close to your remarkably large television, the screen in a theater is going to present a larger viewing angle. Some people don't like that, but for those who do, it's a more immersive experience.

Comment Re:32% would vote clinton (Score 3, Insightful) 151

You can attempt to rationalise it all you like, but what she did and continues to do is wrong on EVERY level.
There should NEVER be a different set of laws just because your'e rich.
The last time a country tried that, they rightly had a revolution and invented the Guillotine to deal with those fuckers.

Comment Re:The Theater Experience (Score 1) 266

Attendance has been steadily declining over the past 15 years, even as sales have been increasing. This means fewer people are paying more. Where I live, more cinemas than not have full bars, prepared food, and comfy, reclining seats. Eventually, with the possible exception of less population-dense areas, this is what the theater experience will be going forward, and cell-phone using, popcorn-gobbling, soda-swilling teeny boppers will be relegated to watching movies at home on their XBox Two (or on a phone, at school probably).

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