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Comment Re:Hmm... interesting. (Score 1) 180

Not really. A single major incident could cost them a million or more in liability. If there are only 100,000 (of the 5M manufactured) in the wild, and they continue to have problems at the original 1/200000 per month, that's 6 potential liability claims a year on a product with no revenue. They're offering a full refund, token refunds of accessories, and $25 in "we're sorry" cash. Aside from being a stubborn asshole, there's no real reason to keep them.

Comment Re:They are not reimbursing costs (Score 1) 180

You can't link a single carrier in the US who is was not refunding the full price, plus tax, and alloing you to cancel your contract following the recall. ALL of them are offering full refunds on the phone.

Better yet - tell Samsung you bought if off of Craig's List and they'll refund you the full retail price plus $25 per accessory you bought with it, plus $$25 on top of that for your inconvenience. Then simply terminate your contract with the carrier, pay the ETF (usu ~$350) and pocket the extraI say pocket the extra because there were no subsidized Note 7s selling for more than $500, so you will come out ahead.

Comment The Math, aka Big Freaking Deal (Score 1) 37

We have this:

AT&T To Cough Up $88 Million For 'Cramming' Mobile Customer Bills

And this:

Through the FTC's refund program, nearly 2.5 million current ATT customers will receive a credit on their bill within the next 75 days, and more than 300,000 former customers will receive a check.

So, $88000000/(2500000+300000) = $31.43. Thanks guys, I'll try not to spend it all in one place.

Comment Re:Preempting Apple (Score 1) 104

Wait...trying to preempt? Apple is about the last company to incorporate new tech into phones. Now, they are usually pretty good about making sure it works instead of being first out the gate, but "early adopter" is not in Apple's lexicon. They still don't have wireless charging. They just added water resistance this year. They're two years behind Samsung on edge to edge screens (and about 3 years behind everyone on resolution). They've lost any claim they might have once had to the best phone camera. Even haptic feedback was tried on phones 3-4 years ago (albeit with limited success due to poor/inconsistent OS support).

Apple rumors have had dual screens, edge screens, 4k screens, iris scanning, and personal blowjobs on their "rumor" lists for years. You may as well look through the last 50 years of science fiction for ideas - as they'll all be on the rumor sites at one time or another.

Comment Re:Isn't this what caused the Note7 disaster? (Score -1, Troll) 104

I see you've been duped by the backyard engineers who claim - with zero evidence - that it's the battery compartment geometry. I'm guessing that you also believe 3 million illegal aliens voted in the last US presidential election in California because some idiot tweeted it.

Comment Re:Cult of personality (Score 1) 134

By now, anyone still falling for such cheap PR stunts and gimmicks?

Yep. Pretty much everyone is. It's like the Cons haven't figured out that their chicken-little politics isn't working anymore. Keep it cooky cons, and get comfy in opposition. :)

Liberals hold on to honeymoon gains in national polls
Justin Trudeau's Liberals continue to enjoy more support today than they did in the 2015 federal election and have yet to see their poll numbers take a negative turn.
The Conservatives are down almost uniformly in most parts of Canada since the election. They have slipped 3.1 points in Alberta, 3.5 points in both Ontario and Quebec, 3.6 points in B.C. and 4.4 points in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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