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Comment Re:Huh... (Score 1) 157

It's pretty much exactly the same thing as using Google Hangouts on Android, which can also be installed on OSX, iOS, in a browser, etc..

My personal phone is Android, work phone is iOS, personal laptop is a Macbook, work laptop is a PC. Hangouts works everywhere, and so I actively encourage friends and coworkers to use something that isn't vendor locked.

That's why it is a failing of iMessage. It's a pain in the ass having contacts who still use it.

Comment Re:I don't understand technology anymore (Score 1) 75

Every manufacturer seems to be doing it now at least in the higher end models. Lennox has iComfort, Trane has this POS from the topic, Carrier has Infinity. The thermostats are connected to the furnace with 4 wires. R = 24v, C = Common, "i+", and "i-". There's those same terminals at the Air Conditioner. The gas valve has Tx and Rx blinky lights, the blower motor too. The thermostat reads the outdoor temp from the air conditioner's thermistor through the bus, all sorts of sensors in the furnace are readable in the thermostat, CFM of the blower, pressure in the ductwork, supply and return temperatures, etc..

Comment Re:IOT isn't as easy as it sounds. (Score 1) 75

The problem isn't the switch to ECM. It's that they didn't make replacements for when they broke. So repairing a broken ECM inducer motor requires me to replace almost every electronic component in the furnace along with the associated labour costs to do it, even though I'm fully capable of doing it myself. They will not sell them to me.

Comment Re:IOT isn't as easy as it sounds. (Score 1) 75

I'm sure there's a cool factor that means something to somebody. But when you live in a climate that is -40 degrees (celsius and fahrenheit) at times, having your thermostat email you when the furnace has failed is definitely more than cool, it can save you thousands of dollars.

Comment Re:IOT isn't as easy as it sounds. (Score 1) 75

Even on boards without those terminals, you could if you wanted use relays to switch speeds powered by the EAC terminal which is powered any time the fan is on. Except the circuit board is so "smart", that it cant tell how fast the blower motor is spinning anymore and assumes it has failed.

Comment Re:IOT isn't as easy as it sounds. (Score 1) 75

Also.. Everything except the actual motor is made out of plastic. You cannot remove the impeller from the shaft of the motor without breaking it. Once it's broken it cannot be repaired to work reliably at 3000RPM. Even if you could replace it with an equivalent PSC motor and relays, the circuit board communicates with the inducer motor which is no longer there so it will never light the burner even though the pressure switch is closed.

Comment Re:I don't understand technology anymore (Score 3, Informative) 75

No its not. "Legacy" thermostats were essentially a few relays and some operator controls. 24VAC is fed to the thermostat terminal "R" from the furnace or air handler. When it wants the fan to run, it switches 24V to its terminal "G", when it wants heat it puts 24V on terminal "W", Cooling is terminal "Y".

These new "communicating" thermostats are a CANBUS network similar but much more poorly documented than the OBD one in your car. However it does things like send you an email when the furnace is failing, or when the temperature in your house has fallen to where you might have to worry about freezing pipes etc. It can tell you that it failed to ignite several times so you might want to book service before it fails completely.

I wish there was some online presence for people hacking these things. Inside my Lennox iComfort thermostat I found an SD card containing an OS called "MQX RTOS", and a i.MX287 processor.

Comment Re:IOT isn't as easy as it sounds. (Score 3, Interesting) 75

Over engineered crap. It definitely is worse than most other manufacturers. I learned this when the inducer motor went on my furnace. They sold a furnace with an ECM inducer motor (for efficiency sake?), then stopped making them. So now in order to replace the inducer motor you need a new circuit board, a standard less efficient than what was advertised PSC motor, and someone to completely rewire the furnace with the new wiring harness. Then you need to pay someone labour and parts markup to install the $1400 in parts which they wont sell to you because you're not "Trained in Trane".

Fuck you Trane. I hope you get hit by a Train.

Comment Re:Nexus aren't satisfactory (Score 1) 180

I think he's talking about "Adaptable Storage Devices", not RAM.

For users, âoeAdaptable Storage Devicesâ entails that they can move an appâ(TM)s code plus its private data to external storage without having to turn to third-party tools or OEM hacks. Looking at a technical aspect, the setup will format the external storage to be in league with the internal one and will wrap it in a layer of specific encryption. So to Android, it becomes a part of a greater storage layout. In laymanâ(TM)s terms, Android M will treat an external storage device like an SD card as if it were internal storage, letting users move apps and other data between storage devices.

Android M Offers Support for External Storage Devices

Comment Re:Afraid you don't grok Canada (Score 2) 69

They specifically said they would not repeal C-51 actually. You're thinking of the NDP maybe? "Repeal C-51" doesn't even make any sense. Does it mean scrapping the legislation that it created and leave us with no anti terror legislation? Or does it mean bringing back the 3 pieces of legislation that it replaced? The repealers would never answer that question so nobody trusted them.

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