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Comment Re:Doesn't matter even if the publishers win... (Score 1) 699

And when they do, you can hover over said ad, right click it, and select 'hide element' from the ABP menu. And when they circumnavigate that, we'll click something else and it'll go away, and they'll avoid that so we'll click this other thing. It's a war that cannot be won by either side. I'll keep fighting though!

Comment Re:Doesn't matter even if the publishers win... (Score 2) 699

While in principle you're correct, I find blocking the ads actually slows them down. They'll keep repeatedly sending reqs for the page and many will lock up if they can't get them. At the very least, you have to wait for every one of them to time out. It's easily observable how voracious they are if you'll look at connections being block in Peer Block, if you use it. The page will hammer one URL twenty times and when it times out, it'll switch to another affiliate network and repeat until it ultimately gives up. I find the porn sites are the worst offenders of the affiliate networks crap and the refusal to give up, but news sites are no angels either. I do still block the shit out of em though. Surfing internet porn without a condom is a sure way to get digital herpes.

Comment iBlocklist (Score 1) 699

Something like maybe, iBlocklist, the providers to Peer Guardian/Peer Block. They work well, when they work, but that's the issue- they are just as extortive as everyone else. If you want daily updates or anything requiring heavy traffic, you gotta pay. I understand that, and I'm not decrying the process, but mainly trying to point out that there are no saints on the internet.

Comment Re:Don't laugh (Score 1) 197

Look guy, there is no winning the Internet no matter how much people may claim otherwise. As such, I speak my mind. I mean, what the hell ARE you gonna do about it? Not a fucking thing! You got insulted, grandpa, because you sounded like a crotchety old bastard, and I call em like I see em. Now, however, you're whining like a prepubescent tween and throwing a fit. Talk about crying and "needing" to have the last word. You replied to an AC to justify and support your non-existent position of being a pretentious electronics snob. You threw out an insulting holier than thou post and I called you on it. What else do you expect when you post on /.? I bet you think you have some kind of "right" to just spout your nonsense and never have not one person argue with you about it. Like your OP, you're just wrong. You are currently at the point now that you may want to give me the last word, shut the fuck up, and go build something useful with your MOSFETs because I am on-shift for TEN more hours tonight (paid for by YOU btw, THAT is the best part!) so I can troll you all night. If you wanna dance, we can dance.

Comment Re:Don't laugh (Score 1) 197

Hey, fucker, I'm a grandpa too. I agree with AC below, you need to stay away from every impressionable young person alive. Not only because you'd probably run them away from the electronics field, but there'd be a significant chance you'd pass on your assholery and that is something the world doesn't need. Now get the fuck off my lawn!

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