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Comment Oh good, software! (Score 1) 268

I'm so glad these guns will need software to work. As someone who works with computers every day, I'm very impressed at how software always does exactly what I expect it to every time. So much so that I'm really hoping that something that my life could depend on could also rely on software.

Oh, and radio signals. That's another thing that always works for me in every circumstance.

Oh, and batteries. I have a 100% success rate with batteries, they have never failed on me or anyone else in any circumstance.

Oh, and fingerprint recognition. That always works the first time. I never need to reposition my finger repeatedly, and I have never had it just refuse to read based on temperature of the sensor, more or less blood in my hand, or gods only know what astral plane bullshit affects it. None of that ever happens.

Also none of these things are disturbable by hostile actors in any way. Software has security, so no one ever gains access in an unauthorized fashion, and it is impossible to disrupt legitimate access via any manner of denial of service. Software is immune to this. Likewise, radio can never be jammed, spoofed, or otherwise screwed with. Just as when seconds count the police are only minutes away, when someone has a twelve dollar Chinese jammer than blocks your communication with your gun, the FCC is only weeks away from sending a fine to the perpetrator, or perhaps days if there are local ham volunteers. And there's definitely no problem with having an RF signal that is detectable at some distance, especially if your life depends on your hiding. That's definitely not a problem.

I say, lets bundle up the software, with the radio, and the battery, and then mandate that everyone use it to defend their lives. Nothing can go wrong!

In fact, New Jersey has already mandated the exclusive use of these as-yet nonexistent weapons, the moment they actually exist:

Such a great idea! For you, at least. I mean, I'm sure the police and military will stick with old fashioned weapons. They are so traditional like that!

Comment Re: Equal amounts? (Score 2) 307

> And honestly, I think Bernie would have been too good for that. I think he'd have been too nice to Trump, and not given Trump the reason to prove what his natural temperament was.

Right, but without thirty years of accusation and baggage, without a ton of awful shit on his record, Bernie wouldn't have had to try to turn Trump into some demon in order to prevail. We wouldn't have a bunch of stuff on the record of Bernie cheating Hillary out of the nomination, for instance. This election would have a totally different character, possibly without massive damage to the national psyche. It's not really fair to compare them, but I'm still of the opinion that Bernie would have a better chance of defeating Trump than Clinton does, and, win or lose, the USA would be in a much better spot after a Trump/Sanders election than a Trump/Clinton one.

Comment Re: Wikileaks is a toxic organisation. (Score 3, Informative) 307

Politifact is run by the Tampa Bay Times, which has endorsed Hillary Clinton. Right wing sites throw around its somewhat loose ties to Clinton Foundation donors, which you may or may not find compelling (I don't). There's also a whole (right wing) site devoted to calling out stuff politifact does, . Those claims at least can be accepted or rejected on a case-by-case basis.

When a site claims to be neutral or know facts, even if it is launched and initially operated with the BEST of intentions, there's a big chance it will become biased via some method or other, soon enough.

Comment Re: Wikileaks is a toxic organisation. (Score 4, Informative) 307

> It's morphed into Breitbart.

It's morphed into Jill Stein, not breitbart. Republicans don't like their nominee being called a "pied piper candidate", for instance, which Wikileaks absolutely called him (the quote is from a Democrat email, of course). The Green party is absolutely calling out the Democratic party too, remember.

Also note that Assange spoke at Jill Stein's nomination. He didn't endorse anyone (neither did Wikileaks), but when asked whether he prefers Clinton or Trump his quote was "you are asking if I prefer cholera or gonorrhea".

Comment Re:Ruling Party (Score 1) 307

The party of the president is the ruling party when it comes to something that is handled by the executive branch, such as a great deal of military actions (these days, everything except open war). Make no mistake, the president could not oppose a fully or nearly united congress- but that would normally take a president who is wildly out of touch or tyrannical. Even veto overrides on generally popular legislation are pretty rare (though we just had one).

Comment Re:The three debates (Score 2) 171

Not sure what your experience is in debating, but Trump lost all three massively because he failed to construct an argument at any point.

Hint: These aren't debates in the usual sense of the word. These are Reality TV infomercials for the D & R candidates. A real debate would ask both candidates what they believe on question 1. Candidate A would give their answer, and Candidate B would give their answer. If they disagreed, Candidate A would get a response, followed by Candidate B. Next question would start with question 2 starting with Candidate B, and so on. You'd have questions about policy issues, not "Have you stopped beating your wife?" gotchas. Instead what we get are pissing wars where everyone gets wet. I think Trump is a doofus, that doesn't mean that he didn't perform better in these Reality TV episodes.

Submission + - John McAfee: 'Iran Hacked The DNC, And North Korea Hacked DYN' (

XxtraLarGe writes: Former Libertarian Candidate John McAfee claims that Iran hacked the DNC. FTA:

Who breached the DNC? This seems to be the $50,000 question I as an IT expert have posed as I personally don’t believe it to be Russia, as I have discussed prior, the evidence is circumstantial at best. And it seems Cybersecurity Legend John McAfee, whom I have interviewed prior, is inclined to agree as well. According to an email exchange and phone calls with Steve Morgan of CSO, says sources within the Dark Web suggest it was Iran. I have personally met McAfee prior and as a fellow expert in the IT industry I am inclined to agree, especially when we recall some of the “fun” Iranians have had messing with US corporations and government entities.

Comment Re:I don't agree that these are "conservative" vie (Score 3, Interesting) 218

Arguing a federal judge cannot fairly adjudicate a case before him because of his ethnicity is the very definition of racism. The textbook definition mind you of what Racism is.

Correction: He argued a federal judge cannot fairly adjudicate a case before him because of his parents' nationality. Mexicans are not necessarily Hispanic, just as Americans are not necessarily European, African or Asian. And even *if* he had made a racist statement, that still doesn't mean all of his supporters are racist. That's a hasty generalization. It just floors me when liberals are for free speech *except* when it's speech they disagree with...

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