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Comment Re:"...disabled by default." (Score 3, Interesting) 246

This feature is on by default on the Mac. It's one of the first things I turn off when I set up my account on a new Mac, but it is great for everyone else in my life. My folks & in-laws have Macs, so I'm their defacto support guy. I administer their computers, and they can't install any software except from the Mac App Store. My mom wanted to install a solitaire game from some dubious website, and this prevented it from being installed. I found her a legit solitaire game on the App store for free. As a CIS teacher & hobbyist programmer though, it can be a pain in the neck, since a lot of open source software, such as GIMP aren't already available.

Comment Re:installed by a contract third-party IT speciali (Score 2) 45

I used to do the same. I don't any more. After being thrown under the bus for doing EXACTLY what the customer said, against my recommendations(documented no less), no thank you.

WHICH happens to be a great way to make your point even stronger. Telling a customer "no, I won't" gets them to think, perhaps a little. I've had a couple people ask me why I won't, and basically say, "When the shit hits the fan, I don't want to be involved, don't want to clean the mess up, and don't want to take the fall for anyone but me".

I now use a phrase that sums up everything perfectly. "Good IT is expensive, bad IT is costly".

Comment Re:And the mic? (Score 1) 48

I have a 6s as does my wife and son, and an iPhone 5 before that, and we've never had these issues.

I have a 6+ (over 2 years now), and an iPhone 4 before that. I haven't had any of the oft reported issues on either, such as "antennagate", "bendgate", or random shutdowns. Not sure if I'm lucky, or if some users are doing weird stuff with their phones.

Comment Re: Fake News (Score 2) 276

Natural Diamonds and Artificial Diamonds are indistinguishable, except for the fact that an Artificial one is technically superior in just about every way one could judge a diamond. They are also VERY easy to produce, and in VERY large sizes that are nearly impossible to find naturally. This makes the whole Natural vs Artificial argument really stupid.

A diamond is a diamond. It takes special tools to find imperfections in the natural diamonds for even "experts" to tell the difference.

Comment Re:Stop the presses! Someone in IT fucked up! (Score 1) 133

Yes, they do provide birth control. I never said they didn't. You can even get condoms there, does that mean they can claim they are a male health care provider like they claim they are a "women's healthcare provider" because they perform abortions and give out birth control?

To me, a woman's health center would be more concerned about actual health of women. Abortion is very hard on a woman's body, and there is plenty of documented studies that show this. Not that PP would ever tell you the long term risks of abortion on women.

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