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Comment Re:Money stores value (Score 1) 112

The American Revolution is proof that you are wrong, as they won the war using only paper money.

Might want to brush up on your history a bit. They won despite the paper money, which was a major hindrance. Google for the phrase "not worth a continental". When the constitution was written, the memory of America's first hyperinflation was very fresh in their minds, which is why the gold and silver clause in the constitution forbids fiat currency.


Comment Re:Back in the 1990's, you only needed 4GB... (Score 1) 89

My phone as 6GB Ram. It rarely uses more than 4, occasionally 5. But phones are funny, they prelaunch apps you use, until most of the RAM is used. Because it is less battery bringing app to the foreground, than launching it from storage. I suspect that if you had more RAM, your RAM usage would go up.

Comment Re:BETRAYAL (Score 1, Troll) 354

US secret services know more about this than has been revealed

You trust the same secret services that lied to us about spying on Americans ... repeatedly? If you believe anything they say, you're the idiot. Until someone OTHER than Secret Services (and gets their info from them) says so, I won't believe anything they say. Because they have already lied, under oath, about spying on Americans. And this appears to be another case of that, except that nobody really cares about our Government spying on us, Soviet KGB style ... on steroids.

The political statists (both D and R) are flat out ignoring the repeated claims that our government is who hacked the election, literally, and figuratively, and everything in between.

And as for the Russians, their "hacking" of the DNC, Hillary Campaign and various other people related to HRC, if anything, is proof that the Email server scandal is probably worse than what we believe. You think that Hillary could secure her top level secrets, when she couldn't secure her own campaign? AND people wanted her in office in spite of being completely idiotic with security? Not to mention Uranium One Deal, quid pro quo Bill Speaking fees to Russia, and deposits into the Clinton Foundation?

Politics makes people stupid. The truth is, it is more likely it was Seth Rich that leaked most of what WikiLeaks release. But he is dead, from mugging where nothing was taken. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Comment Re:BETRAYAL (Score 2) 354

TBH, I didn't vote for Trump either, but I would like to point out that a large part of the people who did vote for him, were sick and tired of being called "troglodyte haters". Hillary's "Basket of Deplorables" comment was just another symptom of the stupid elitism of the useful idiots of the left. And they are idiots, because they continue the same tired name calling, and repeating debunked claims. It is as if they are completely devoid of any other means of communication.


Luckily for them, most of the Republicans are inept stooges who are more concerned with "tightening their grip, while systems slip through their fingers"

Many Americans are tired of the two existing parties and have completely given up politics as a solution to any real problem.

Comment Re:Microsoft...why couldn't they do this? (Score 1) 218

> They also never advertised that it would work on all future computer hardware

Conveniently, I actually have the Windows 7 box and disc that I purchased right in front of me!
The top requirement is: "1 GHz or faster 32 bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64) processor".

But even if I didn't have a stupid box, and even if I had one of the licenses that is sold with physical hardware like some kind of savage, failing to issue SECURITY UPDATES to processors that are FULLY BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE is totally ludicrous, and completely unprecedented in industry. When Intel releases a new processor, no one asks "will it be backwards compatible with Microsoft Word?", because ensuring that is the case is ENTIRE POINT of Intel's business model. There's NO justification for Microsoft's actions where it polls the processor and tries to search for an exact match: in fact, I bet a few motherboard guys right now are poking around with a firmware setting just in case this trend takes off, to force a chip to identify as another chip. The CPUID instruction isn't implemented by Intel and AMD for the purpose of breaking the ability of customers to upgrade, nor does it exist to help Microsoft's bottom line. It's unprecedented, irrational, and unreasonable, and it shits on everyone else in tech, from the kid opening up a new laptop as a gift to the CEO of Intel.

> Microsoft's job is to make money for their shareholders

That's every company's job, but notice how plenty of them manage to do that without taking actions that are "just barely legal" or non-monopolist in nature.

Also, none of the OSes you describe are "ancient" or "obsolete". Both of them are supported right now. Both of them are generally superior than Windows 10 for a variety of tasks.

There's no apologizing for Microsoft here. This is a dick move, and just on the edge of what is allowed. At the end of the day, a lot more people need to be punishing Microsoft instead of feebly trying to apologize for them. Sadly, Windows users appear to be willing to put up with anything, because the cost of switching to anything else can be so unreasonable. Even this overtly consumer-hostile set of policies has only pushed Apple percent by a few, and while it has nearly doubled Linux usage, it is still a drop in the bucket as a Windows desktop replacement.

Comment Re:Not what I expected (Score 1) 349

grow up to be schizotypical wingnuts who eventually try to get into Congress with a backpack full of hand grenades to save us from the Liberal Muslim FEMA Conspiracy.

You know, I was interested in reading what you had to say until you were compelled to go take a thread about a medical condition and somehow manage to interject bullshit partisan political stereotypes into it.

Comment Re:More Propagandists Claiming to Be Non-Partisan (Score 1) 261

People lose the ability to recognize that they are on an extreme end of a spectrum

I know that my views are way outside of "mainstream" in a lot of cases. Extremism isn't really a problem until people use "emotionalism" and force their views on others. I am an Extreme Libertarian, but my views are that as one of an extreme, I should be able to win my argument using logic and reason, not vain emotionalism. I recognize that my views are on the extreme end of someone else's spectrum, it is what powers me to try to be effective at communicating WHY my views should be compelling.

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