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Comment Quick, post a 15 step workaround on reddit (Score 2) 353

Find a 15 step workaround on reddit
Find the downvoted comment that has a 16th step that is vital and left out, but got democracied down by fools.
Perform all the steps
Test with wireshark to be sure it worked
Discover a 17th step
Perform that, post it as reply so randos can downvote it

Or maybe just install an OS that doesn't fucking hate you.

Comment Better headline (Score 1) 85

Popular Wireless Keyboards From HP, Toshiba and Others Don't Use Wire, Can Be Easily Snooped On

I know it's a popular joke, but it's absolutely real. If you are mildly concerned, wire beats crypto wireless, because you can implement crypto wrong a million ways, and implementing a wire wrong is not that common. Meanwhile, versus adversaries that can read the wire somehow, you'd want a wired crypto keyboard, which I'm not aware of existing.

Comment Is there really a need for this? (Score 1) 98

I think this will be a hard sell for movie theaters. Many spent a lot of money on the polarized 3D tech, and that's pretty much just a really expensive projection solution. Some viewers (like me) love 3D, and will pay a premium. But some do not, and cannot watch 3D because they get headaches. Mostly when you see a movie with these folks you just see the 2D one, but in some cases they will just go ahead and rig up special glasses (two left or two right lenses).

With some solution like this, they will definitely be ill unless they wear like an eyepatch. That's absolutely silly.

Are there a bunch of people for whom the 3D polarized glasses are specifically an issue? Those deliver a very compelling 3D experience to anyone.

I think this tech would be way cooler on a monitor or television, I dunno.

Comment Re:TFA is not terribly clear... (Score 1) 230

Whenever this gets brought up on the "social" media, it gets downvoted or otherwise silenced. The convenience of the fingerprint seems to blind people to the fact that it is fundamentally terrible at security. A password or passphrase is the way to go.

I mean, if a bad guy has access to you and your phone, he doesn't need your permission or even your life to unlock a phone with the fingerprint. The fact that it is also more secure against governments should not be surprising, because it is more secure to use a password against ANY adversary.

Comment Isn't the internet in Latvia good too? (Score 1) 104

I don't really believe they are a real business. I mean, in the sense that, if you live in those places, you can get amazing fiber, and then everyone else suddenly shifts to compete, sure. It's real.

But I don't live there. I *do* live in suburbs just outside of a city, a major metropolitan area. But no google fiber. Because their total deploy is so damned low, my area could reasonably be next (so in the next couple years) or very far out (long enough not to matter).

So to me, no, they aren't real. No one I talk to in real life has google fiber. It may as well be a European nation with good internet- it's got about the same level of meaning to me.

Comment Re:Unforseen? (Score 1) 108

I mean, it depends on what's on the screen of the headset. But in general, you are correct. More importantly, they are completely different. VR will have use in gaming, experience-based scenarios, and design. AR will have applications in daily life, and possibly in industry.

Comment Re:XBox 1: jumped shark, shark ate it (Score 1) 108

So if that's your restriction, then you're obviously not interested in online gaming on the console. You don't NEED to talk to the net for most (any?) single player games. But the process doesn't change much: you still have to patch the OS with an OS patch included on the disk, etc. The big advantage is that you can leave the console around for a year and it will work immediately when you turn it on, without it begging for new ads or whatever.

Comment Re:XBox 1: jumped shark, shark ate it (Score 3, Insightful) 108

> you can actually play a game when you stick a disk in

This x1000.

You have to give ALL THE FUCKS to get a current gen console working. Playing a modern console game is as much or more drama as playing a modern PC game.

First, hook up the box, plug it in.
Second, turn it on. You probably need to configure it.
Third, tell it how to talk to your wifi, using the wifi password.
Fourth, create or login with some console specific account, with a console specific user name and password. You'll probably need email access. You may need a credit card here too, depending.
Fifth, ensure that the console has all the current advertisements to show you. It won't work unless it can download all the fresh advertisements, so this is hundreds of megabytes. There may also be a code update in here that makes it incompatible with something, hey, who knows. If you lose power during this mandatory step, be sure to RMA your brick. After five to nine business days you'll get another one that you can repeat this whole process for ALL of your games.
Sixth, insert the disk.
Seventh, install some portions of the disk to the hard drive.
Eighth, patch the disk derived program with whatever the hell is needed for it, which is also a lot of data. Some of it may also be ads.
Ninth, you can now play. Until any of these things change, of course, in which case you'll have to adjust your credit card information, your login password, your wifi password, or more likely download another OS patch or Application patch. Or if the servers are down because the game is more than three years old, just go ahead and stop worrying about ever playing it again.
Oh, and tenth, be sure to carefully monitor disk usage! You'll run out quickly unless you bought the biggest dude or don't play a lot of games. If you are close on space, you can probably get away with a USB drive or something, so be sure to plug that fucker in too.

This is about as much drama as maintaining a computer, for something far more transient. I get that the gameplay experience of online play is great, but holy moly what a bunch of junk. And remember- most of this is true of fully single player games too. If you are playing, say, just Super Mario, you get to skip steps three and eight only. Step five, the OS patch needed to play the game, still happens, it just happens AFTER you put the disk in. It's still totally absurd. The only time you can boot up a console and have a game come up within three minutes is if you like, just played it yesterday.

Feels so bad.

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